Women Who Gaslight Too Much

Christine Wandel and I talked for two hours Halloween Eve trying to solve the riddle of Hancock Street. I told her about my last post that has a photograph of her childhood home – WITH GASLIGHT! I told her she had been gaslighted most of her life.

We talked about the book her father gave her, and the crystal ball he owned. 


The Morning of the Magicians – Wikipedia

Gaslighting – Wikipedia

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Women Who Gaslight Too Much

Idea For Quibi Series


John Presco

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Yesterday I was attacked on facebook by a baldheaded woman in Roseberg who may be a Professional Gas lighter. The topic was about the homeless. In front of good citizens, she did her damnedest to make me look insane – and feel insane. I want her on my show. I want to be a strange Doctor Pill who eggs these women on and torments them into a froth. I want Paula Stiles on my show under the pretense we are going to talk about her books. Here is Ian Sinclair teaming up to do a Tandem Gaslighting. There will be another show;

Men Who Gaslight Too Much

Graham Hancock was a member of our group. He came off at the only Sane One. But, look at his finished product! He contends reality is not what we…

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