Nike’s Turn On Ugly Street

I need my art college!

Rosamond Press

Hey! Wasn’t I already on Phil Knight’s case a couple of months ago?

Seer John

The other shoe has dropped in the federal college basketball scandal. And it contains a swoosh.

Tweets from alleged felon Michael Avenatti, who is accused of extorting Nike, have rocked the sport for the past 36 hours. The accusations cast a shadow over Nike, two of its flagship basketball programs – Arizona and Oregon – and have left everyone wondering what else the high-profile attorney may say next.

The Age of Man Dies on Ugly Street

I am a sucker for brainstorming! So are others. The chance to do so drew a hundred citizens of Eugene together, and, one resident of Springfield, myself. I tried to get my camera to focus on the screen, but, it remained fuzzy. I took this as a – sign!


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