Cry Macho! Please!

After slashing me every-which-way, with expert cuss words, Shanno (Shannon) began to cry, a cry so deep that I heard the weeping of her mother, and our mother, Rosemary, whose ghost I summoned when I told Casey my mother will be a ghost in my series ‘Lima Bean’. Very Spooky! Dead Women – do not die all the way! They leave a trail of tears behind for other women to hear, but, there was no woman to hear Shanno. So….I would have to do.

Uncle Greg

GIANT Grapes of Wrath and Fraud | Rosamond Press

Capturing the Lone Monterey Cypress | Rosamond Press

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An Obscured View

The Autobiography of John Presco

Copyright 2021

I’ve taken steps to see the world through my grandfather’s eyes, because Victor Hugo Presco remains – UNCORRUPTED! This could be the title of my autobiography. Victor Hugo was a professional gambler, a Man’s Man, and lived with his wife and son for about nine years in Oakland. He commuted to work in the Barbary Coast. He was gone for days, shacked up in a fleabag hotel in the Tenderloin where Melba Broderick came to visit him, with my father going along for the ride, across the bay in a ferry boat.

I was a Oakland Macho Man. How could I not be. I was raised to be the characters Jack London wrote about. My father admitted he used Wolf Larson as a model on how to raise his two sons seen in the photograph above taken in the Oakland…

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