Mille Fleurs

Harry and Meghan will be living in this estate called ‘Mille Fleur’….a “thousand flowers”. Here is my visionary home.


Kingdom of Nova Albion

John Sutter did not complete the payment to the Russians for Fort Ross, and thus I claim it in the name of Harry and Meaghen Markel. This land discovered by a Russian explorer, was called New Albion, as was the land Sir Francis Drake discovered and claimed in the name of Queen Elizabeth.

After five hours of research, I found this alternative history site that came to the same conclusions that I did, but, did not know Harry would remove his family from the influence of the Windsor’s. Harry  carries the DNA of the Romanovs. We are talking about a Russian Romanov Kingdom in California. Alexandra of Prussia was married to Nicholas 1. Was she the source of the Prussian plan to purchase Alta Norte, Northern California? How much land was offered to Sutter that he could not afford?

Alexandra’s cottage could be built at Fort Ross and used as a part time residence for……The King and Queen De Nova Albion? They can live on the top floor. There would be a museum on the bottom floor, and a meeting room. Weddings could be held here.

John Presco

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