Lady Ada Antionette Erasmus

Today is Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving, June and Vincent Rice!

Your Son

Vincent Rosamond Rice

Author of: A Rose Amongst The Woodwose

Rosamond Press

1362 – 1437

CK 1298

I found this day The New Bohemian Puritan Church upon the union of Lady Erasmus, and Robert Wilson. The Evangelicals have launched a Catholic-like rebellion against a true Democracy that Pope Francis – must address! The Protestant Church of America is guilty of Popism, and must purge itself of Trumpism, the worst heresy ever to visit Christianity.

I have paid for the book on the descendants of John Wilson, my alleged great grandfather. John was the leader of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. I believe the Neo-Confederate Evangelical Traitors have put together a family tree that they want to rule America in the name of Jesus – with. I claim the history of all writers and artists that have had the name BOHEMIAN placed next to their name. Because my newspaper Royal Rosamond Press was founded in Eugene after the Miller Brothers, it is the foremost…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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