Chaos On Harlow Road

Did the organizers of this event know there was going to be a attack on our Capitol? Jacob is going to jail. Who made the Trump signs – with what money?

ENE, Ore. — Police have shut down the Harlow Road bridge over Interstate 5 because of an “America First” rally.

Traffic piled up on both the Eugene and Springfield sides with police directing traffic around the bridge for nearly 2 hours.

About one hundred protesters took over the bridge as officers from both Eugene and Springfield police department stood firm in the middle.

“We need to have a border to protect ourselves. That’s reasonable. Most countries do have a border,” said Mike Cross. a protester on the “America First” side.

“When children don’t feel comfortable in their own community with that type of hate from our elected bucket of chicken, which is what he’s equivalent to…this is what happens,” said Jeffrey Pinney, a counter-protester.

Organizers from a group called “Oregon Women for Trump” said they originally organized what they called an “America First” rally and flag wave. They say they alerted police before they came to town.

An officer with the Eugene Police Department said one arrest was made, but it’s unclear why.

“It’s kind of back and forth,” said Eric Doncan, a Eugene resident passing by. “I see some peaceful sides of it, but then you have some people arguing and throwing slanders back and forth.”

Neighbors said this was inconvenient especially for those who rely on public transportation.

“Harlow is a deceptively active road,” said Patrick Folsom, a man who lives near the Harlow Bridge. “And the bus that goes from Harlow road to 12th is the main bus to the VA hospital.”

Organizers tell KEZI 9 News that one of the groups participating is called Oregon Women for Trump. Counter protesters are also on the scene and clashes have been reported.

Police say they were prepared ahead of time, due to their early knowledge that the “America First” protest would be happening.

The bridge opened up at 2:30 P.M.

Rosamond Press

Well! Well! Look what I found! That is the flag of the ex-Soviet Union, like the one I wear at my demonstrations. Didn’t I wonder if I would die today, on Cinco de Mayo?  I wonder if that guy who came up to me, had a gun in his car. Lucky this other dude came along and asked him about Obama giving billions to Iran.

I talked to the woman in pink.

All I did was go get me some groceries – with my walker! I will take my camera wherever I go from now on! The Devil has come to Springfield.

Seer Jon

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