Clash On Harlow

It is 2:07 P.M. I just got back from shopping at Wal-Mart next to Harlow Rd where I saw about 20 cops and ambulances.

I saw three women walking off the overpass. I asked them what was going on, and, pressed for more details. One was wearing a “Jesus For Trump” t-shirt that I asked about. They told me they had joined the larger group. They asked me why I was asking so many questions. I told them I own a newspaper. All of a sudden they did not want to talk.

“We don’t talk to the liberal press.”

I asked them why Christians are for a man who lied 10,000 times. They said this was a lie. I asked about the Access Hollywood tape. A dude came over and asked the three women if I was bothering them. I took a step forward and said they could call a cop if I was. There must have been 30 of them within a hundred yards. I assumed he was one of them. He defended Jesus and the End Times. He thought I was the Register Guard, who were on the overpass. He called the free press liars.  He too did not want to hear my side of things, and, this is what is scary. The Trumpites are encouraging their FOLLOWERS to vote their faith, which means, don’t listen to anyone but them. This is worse than Secular Fascism. Rather than be for a state religion, Hitler went after a religious group.

The Kimites came after me because they did not want a religious opinion to exist in McKenzie Meadows, but their own. Like the Jews – who rejected Jesus – I needed to be locked up – and shut up! My neighbors had to be warned about me. I asked one of the women protestors if I could have a pamphlet so I could get a good look at their site. She went to get one in her car, and another Thug Hog Woman, said;

“Don’t give him one!”

“There is it. The free press is not worthy to receive any of their good news. The enemy press will distort the truth. I told them Trump lied 10,000 times, and they shrieked!

I conclude that on this day, Trump became a Religious Dictator.

Seer Jon

Eugene police are asking people to avoid the area around Harlow Road bridge over Interstate 5 Sunday afternoon after two groups clashed during a rally.

At 12:19 p.m. Sunday, Springfield Police Department called for the assistance of Eugene police at the Harlow Road bridge overpass as a group holding a rally and counter protestors clashed.

Apparently a group called America First is waving American flags and holding up signs for the highway traffic. A group of counter protestors waving their own flags and signs are situated next to them on the bridge. At 1:45 p.m. Sunday there were about 50 America First protestors and about 100 counter protestors.

The Harlow Bridge over I-5 has been closed for the time being, Eugene police said in the advisory.

Travelers are asked to avoid the Harlow Road Area near the I-5 highway.

This story is developing and will be updated.


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