White Christians Love Lies and Liars

Black Democrats put all these restrictions on white Democrats, that they can not put on white Republicans, and demand they be different. How so -different? White people are very divided – because they have to be? Will white people ever be united in America?

Eric Richardson’s Tribe Wins Rigged Election
Posted on November 27, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

Ten months ago I stood before the Springfield City Council, and a group soliciting ideas for Franklin Street, and suggested a name change.


The City of Eugene called for INDIVIDUAL citizens to submit names for three new streets. The call did not bid ORGANIZED GROUPS to submit names! Eric is the head of the NAACP. He belongs to many groups because he is one of the few black activists. All he, and his tribal leaders, had to do, is announce there is a racial contest going on, and, here is another chance for people of color, and Native Americans, to sock it to the White Man. On October 3rd. the city site crashed. Was he at a public school rally?

I demand an investigation! There already is the Mim’s house, and a plaque to Wiley – thanks to Eric – who I have known for years. He snubbed several suggestions I had on diversity. It has to come from a black man, for a change. I pointed out Ovington White, and he choked! This dude needs racists in order to erect his tiny dynasty! He feeds on them! He refused to debate me! I hate sneaky people. He does not want more black people to move to Eugene – because he can’t stand the competition! This is why a investigation is needed.


Eric is a political animal, bent on furthering his race! I wrote on how his ambition, and the attitude of some black voters, put Trump in the White House. Why are Eric’s people wearing masks? Is that one anonymous radical wearing a Trump hat? There are swing voters who are going to read about this unfair and rigged election, and put their X next to Trump – just to get even! Eric is why most Republicans ignore facts and truths. Aggressive People – are winners! Winning is everything!


President Obama warned us about this tribalism, and just promised to oppose Bernie Sanders – blaming his voters for the Trump victory! White people are afraid to speak out about this kind of tactic, so, they act out in a voting booth! I blame black people like Eric, who were swayed by the Russians. This is cyber warfare!

“Hillary is using black voters!”

The Mayor folded when she counted hundreds of votes for Mimm. Demand to see the tally! She creates a tribal contest when she announces the twelve finalists. I demand to see bow many votes each finalist has received! I think she made up her mind already – because she was intimidated! The winners do not fit the criteria! But, Eric got the goat of all the peckerwoods who drive down Annie Mim’s Way that will be about fifty yards long. Was it worth it?

If I was a citizen of Eugene I would have entered Harry Lane. Jessie Street. Miller’s Road. I’m surprised Richardson Road wasn’t an entry. I see a new game. Will Mims mimic Sims?

Look at the very costly works of art made by commercial artists in order to get the tax payer behind this spendy project. Do you see any beggars, drifters, homeless folks, or, people of color? They may have smudged in a black man. What the vast majority of Eugene Citizens want, is, to carry on the Liberal Hippie Tradions of their parents and grandparents, who marched with King, voted for Bobby, and went to Woodstock on a colorful bus. Being a King wanna-be, Eric insists on seeing all whites as Cracker Children, born in Alabama. We just want to go down to the river and practice our tribal traditions.

John Presco


Eric Richardson (2013-2019)
Starting as President in 2013, NAACP President Eric Richardson has been busy stepping up the programmatic aspects of the local unit. He took a personal interest in enhancing the overall infrastructure of the organization. This facilitates an increase in capacity to serve more youth and enhance services. In partnership with Willie Mims Richardson has placed the historic Mims house now the local NAACP office at the center of social activism for African Americans in Eugene . Developing an African centered library and hosting workshops Richardson hopes to help in the development of culturally inclusive curriculum and pedagogy in Oregon school districts. Richardson has built on the legacy of the past leadership by advancing the mission of the NAACP in Oregon.

“Redevelopment of the Downtown Riverfront has been part of the community’s vision for decades,” the City said Thursday, “and this is another opportunity to ensure our new neighborhood reflects Eugene and its community members as the vision starts taking shape.”

Ideas can be submitted through September 13.

But before you get too excited about Boaty McBoatface Boulevard, there are some guidelines …

“To be considered, street names will need to follow practical guidelines and meet themed categories that will make them relevant to Eugene and the new Downtown Riverfront neighborhood,” the City says.

Suggestions should fall in any of these 3 categories, the City says:

Community/Culture – From Kalapuyans to Bill Bowerman, choose a person, place, or thing that embodies Eugene.
Ecology/River – From our rivers to surrounding mountains and the valley we live in, ideas representing the ecology of Eugene are as abundant as our native plants.
Industry/Energy – There are major industries that are important to Eugene’s history and the energy of steam and water have played an important role at the riverfront site. While timber has historically been a large driver of our economy, agriculture and education have also played major roles, and the technology community is steadily growing.
Suggestions must also include a valid road type: Alley, Avenue, Boulevard, Lane, Place, Road, Street or Terrace.

Suggestions CANNOT include:

Punctuation (ex: St. Ives Pl, Be-ell Pl, or Hooton’s Corners Rd)
Numbers (ex: Bonners lane 1)
More than 20 characters
Road type within the road name (ex: Woodway Pl)
A name identical to an existing mailing or incorporated city in Lane County
Unusual or confusing spellings
The City will compile suggestions that meet the criteria and make them available for a public vote beginning at the Sunday Streets event on September 22.

Voting will end at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, October 11.

A final list of 6 finalists will be sent to Mayor Lucy Vinis to choose the final three street names.






EUGENE, Ore. – Eugene residents recommended 1,100 ideas for the names of 3 new streets to be created through redevelopment of the Willamette River waterfront.

That list has now been whittled down to 12 semi-finalists.

Neither Roady McRoadFace nor Streety McStreetFace made the cut.

Suggestions had to fit into one of three categories: Community/Culture; Ecology/River; or Industry/Energy.

“Additionally, names had to meet practical guidelines such as not exceeding 20 characters or being too similar to another street name in Lane County,” the City of Eugene said. “Names of people who are still living or already have a public space named after them were also removed.”

So which names made the cut?

Current: “Represents both water and electrical currents, relating to the site’s history with EWEB, the City’s publicly-owned water and electricity provider, and the site’s proximity to the Willamette River.”

Wiley Griffon: “Among Eugene’s earliest documented African American residents (c. 1893), Wiley Griffon drove Eugene’s first horse drawn streetcar system and later worked as a janitor at the University of Oregon. He remarkably owned a home near the Riverfront at what is presently E. 4th and Mill during a time when African American people were excluded by law from living not only in the city limits, but in the state of Oregon.”

Andíp: “Andip is the indigenous Kalapuya word for “the camas,” a flower that blooms throughout the Willamette Valley.”

Megawatt: “A unit of power equal to one million watts; a nod to the site’s history with EWEB, the City’s electric and water utility.”

Chifin: “The Chifin tribe was a specific group of the indigenous Kalapuya who occupied much of the area of Eugene.”

Electric: “Built in 1931, the Steam Plant provided standby electrical power to the pumps bringing river water in to the city’s original water treatment plant and starting in 1962 supplied heating to downtown businesses.”

Akawan: “Akawan is the indigenous Kalapuya word for ‘fish.’”

Track Town: “With a history of world class runners and its embrace of the running community, Eugene has long been known as Track Town, USA.”

Lotte: In honor of Lotte Streisinger (1927-2017) who “during an important period in Eugene’s growth she advocated for and administered the selection of much of our public art (at the Hult, the Airport, the University) and appeared weekly on KLCC hosting the Visible City program. She was the founder of the Eugene Saturday Market, which sprang from an annual art sale she founded. She was a fierce peace activist.”

Cannery: “Previously located near the riverfront, the cannery was one of the City’s largest industrial sites and employers, playing a key role in the growth of the region’s agricultural sector.”

Annie Mims/Mims: “Annie Mims and her husband C.B. Mims were the first African American family to own a home in Eugene at a time when African American’s were excluded from living in the city limits and redlining was rampant.”

NakNak: “Naknak is the indigenous Kalapuya word for ‘duck.’”

Online voting is open through October 18.

The voting results will be given to Mayor Lucy Vinis, who will help make the final decision.

Rosamond Press

Jesus said; “I am the way, the truth, and the light!” This is no longer applicable to all churches in America where Christianity is now dead. I warned you this day was coming.


President Trump had already been briefed about a whistleblower’s complaint concerning his July 25 call with the Ukrainian president when he released nearly $400 million of security aid to Ukraine, The New York Times reports. Lawyers from the White House counsel’s office reportedly told the president in late August about the whistleblower’s complaint—which raised concerns about Trump potentially dangling the aid while asking Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky to pursue politically advantageous investigations. The lawyers told Trump they were trying to determine whether they were legally obligated to give it to Congress, the Times reports. In early September, the president reportedly decided to release the $391 million in aid. An Office of Management and Budget official, Mark Sandy

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