The Bloody End of Pilgrim BS

Rosamond Press

Ed Miliband

pilgrims9“said that the government defeat would strain the Anglo-American special relationship. Hammond told BBC Newsnight: “It is certainly going to place some strain on the special relationship.”

The British and American governments knew the attack on 911 was coming. So did the Primeminister of Austraila. Al-Queda was targeting a NUCLEAR PLANT during the summer Olympics in 2000 – two months before 911.

The Pilgrim Society wanted to go to was with Iraq. One reason was to make money for investors in Arms, such as General Electric who build nuclear plants.

The PM of Austrailian helped invent the YELLOW CAKE LIE! The Iraq Lie is why British Parlaiment stabbed America in the back. The Reagan-Bush-Thatcher Alliance has destroyed the tow great powers in the West. Our ability to fight terrorists has been nullified!

Meanwhile, so called Christian Crusaders are trying to take food that feeds hungry children, and medical help to…

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