Dark Mark Presco

My brother is my enemy. The talk about rebooting James Bond includes the need for the ultimate villain. Mark Presco worked in the aerospace industry, and built a robot in his garage. He was the brother-in-law of Mary Ann Tharaldsen, who was the lover of Thomas Pynchon.

Enter – The Mark – Of Cain

Posted on August 9, 2013 by Royal Rosamond Press

Mark 1998 Drew 3
Mark 1999

I title my brother Mr. D as in Death. He made top-secret killing toys for Hughes Aircraft. He designed the computer system for the Space Shuttle. He was part of America’s aerospace program and put men in Space. He bid me to go find a place in Oregon, and build the Presco End of the World Bunker as a video from work played in the background showing tank gas warfare.

“We are men building killer toys, and one day we are going to use them!”

Mark lurked in the background beginning the day our sister drowned. He controlled much of the family artistic legacy. He is the other Phantom of the Rosy Opera – the Evil One. He helped lure my sixteen year old daughter away from me with promises of stardom. Heather is a singer. He did not tell me my father was dead, my mother was dying, and my daughter was going to have a child. He excommunicated me for not apologising to our aunt Lillian after I called her a “cunt” – after she admitted to me she gave interviews to the rival biographer – after I recorded five hours of our conversation.

Mark wanted me to put some of his evil, racist blog in my book. I refused.

Michael Dundon told me about the time Mark dropped LSD with his sister Vicki, and her husband, Jin Dundon.
He walked about carrying a large rock. He said nothing.

“He was looking for me, his brother – Able! We had unfinished business.”

“Am I my brother’s keeper?”

Mark built a robot in his garage, he in want of some kind of slave who would work for free. He had the same Top Secret clearance as the President. How high was Ian Easton’s clearance – in America?

D also stands for Darth Vader, who Mark looks like – unmasked! Not my father – but my brother!

“Hmm! Hmm! Hmm!” Says Lena. “How that peckerwood loved to hate folks – especially women – while hiding behind one of dem Rosamomd masks!”

Every good hero flick, has to have a real bad villain. So do Soap Operas. I wonder if Rena owns the guts to come to my rescue?

Hmm! If you place that Corinthian helmet on Rena, she will turn into – Dorothy Vader – she once the Creative Muse, now captured and turned into a beautiful weapon of mass destruction.

My brother was supported by our Tax Dollars. He was given a million or to make Scary Doomsday Devices that were never used. What a waste of Tax Payer’s money. Is my brother a Parasite on Society, or, a Deadly Extortionist? Why not – both!

The last time I saw my large painting I did of Rena as the High Priestess, was in Mark’s garage.

Like I said, the gods on high love a good story!

P.S. Mark was seen as the Sane One, and I the Insane One, because it was too scary to behold the truth. I am the Presco Family Scapegoat.


P.S.S. I provided my reader with Dark and Hateful Music to read Mark’s blogs by. Enjoy! If this music makes you feel like dancing, or, doing the goosestep, how can I stop you?





My brother bases his racial superiority on the idea white folks are rugged individualists whose core ambition is to amass wealth they reluctantly share with no one, because having money makes white people unique. One need only look at Nazi films to see Mark Presco is full of shit.

Being a individualist made you an enemy of the Nazi Race. Good Germans did not stand out, march to a different drummer. As for White Money Earning Power, you could go look for a job – after you kick the crap out of the Commies!

As for sex in the military – bend over!

A Good Killing Nazi was expected to get his wife or girlfriend pregnant while on leave, his children becoming a ward of the state that needed more soldiers, whose duty is to obey orders and have no will or mind or their own.

Mark identifies tribal people as the breeders of parasites. This is why the right-wingers label hippies parastites. When you are not in love with the Almighty Dollar and White Power, one tends to share in a tribal manner, sit around a fire playing guitars, or, beating on a drum.

Australia-France Spat Takes Ugly Turn With Leaked Text Messages, Warning to World Leaders (msn.com)

Family tree of Stan RICE – Geneastar

Stan Rice – Wikipedia

Mark Presco My Moriarty | Rosamond Press

Mark Presco My Moriarty

Posted on January 22, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

My brother believes he owns a Big Brain. He knows, stuff, but is not original. He uses his mental gifts to depict himself as superior – even a god! He loathes the truth we shared the same womb, and came out of the same Mommy Uterus. Michael’ Dundon told me Mark had visions while on LSD. He asked me to include some of his racist rants in my autobiography. I refused. Several years later he read the rough draft of Tom Snyder’s evil biography of our sister. With the attack on our Capitol by Mark’s Orc Goons, the focus of my life story will fall upon these two brothers who are opposites.

John Presco

Professor Moriarty – Wikipedia

Pynchon, Oswald, Aerospace Cases

Posted on August 15, 2014 by Royal Rosamond Press

Rosemary 1943 Herman & Dog 1
Rosemary 1955 at Company Party 2
Rosemary 1955 at Company Party 4
Rosemary 1959 as Can Can Girl
Rosemary 1959 as Flapper

Sometimes information comes to me in dreams. I get huge downloads of information while I sleep. Last night, I was on the Papal and Pynchon Trail at the same time. (Why me?) I was led to a woman’s name. I told Pynchon we have to stop playing games because the Pope has called for a Holy Crusade against ISIS, and I need to blog on this. Tom gave me her name, that I could not quite make out. I tried to focus in and get it. This caused me to wake up…..with this conscious thought;

“Lee Harvard Oswald worked for Boeing, for NASA. So did Mary Ann, and….

“In the early 1960s, Phyllis was a Spanish teacher in Seattle, married to Fred Gebauer, a mechanical engineer doing work at Boeing he couldn’t discuss. At a party celebrating a mutual friend’s new piano, the two met Pynchon, a technical writer working for another part of Boeing.”

Then it hit me, how similar Thomas Pynchon is to Lee Harvey Oswald. They have been on a parelel path living a double life. These INFAMOUS LONERS are famous for their SECRETS, their covert activity. Some of the best detective minds have failed to discover WHO Lee was. Consider all the cult-like literary guesses about these two men, that if stacked up, would reach to the ceiling!

Has Tom made the Oswald connection? I had read about the Reily Coffee Company a year ago when I blogged extensively about the Kennedy assassination that some blame on the failed Bay of Pigs CIA operation. I googled ‘Oswald’ and ‘Aerospace’ and found this article and this name

“I then noticed that Alfred Claude, who hired Oswald for Reily, had also gone to work for the Chrysler Aerospace Division.”

Your CIA boss would be a real pig for information. Was Tom working on an assignment for the CIA? Did Mary Ann Thararldsen get him a job working for the CIA at Boeing? What were these eggheads doing in Mexico? What was Oswald doing in Mexico? Tom had to know folks around him could not talk about what they did for money and country. The Mailman has been corrupted. No one gets close the truth.

As I came fully awake, I thought about my mother’s job at Rucker, a company that made hydrolics for the Space Industry in Emeryville California. Rosemary would tell her children she helps some of the brightest minds in the country get their act together. They were eggheads. CIA material.

“Your mother helps put men in space.”

Once a year Rosemary would throw an office party. She was in charge of entertainment. There was a Jazz band that practiced at our home. My mother had these Space Men dress like Can-Can Girls. My father hated all the attention she was getting. Then she met Big Bones Remmer in the Key Club, a legal gambling joint in Emeryville.

Rosemary Rosamond, the ex-mother-in-law of Mary Ann Tharaldsen, scored the second highest score in the history of WAVES (Navy) when they gave her a IQ test. She was put to work spying on the Russians in Seattle where they intercepted radio chatter and deciphered it.

My brother worked on the Space Shuttles at Hughes Aircraft. He told me he had same TOP SECURITY clearance as the President. He designed War Toys. Mark’s wife was Sue Lyon’s good friend. My brother would drive Sue to Santa Monica College. Sue starred in the movie ‘Lolita’.

My reclusive brother disappeared himself. In 1987 he showed me a video of his top secret work. They were making tanks impervious to gas warfare. He said;

“We are like boys with new toys. We will play with them one day. This is why I want you to find some land in Oregon and build our family a bunker.”

In Boris Kachka’s article on Pynchon, he speaks of the dislusionment Tom suffered after being admitted into a inner circle at Boeing. He speaks of a “death-wish” he acquired there. Mary Ann was a part of that circle. Consider the “death-wish” in her apocalyptic paintings. Lee Harvey Oswald seems to have the same world-view, he not able to find himself after being introduced to the ‘World of Spooks’. No one is who they say they are! This is key!

Pynchon wrote the Minuteman Field Service News when he worked at Boeing that made the Minuteman ICBM missile. Did he want to own more math so he could actually build a missle, and get paid more money? He carried around fireworks and rockets that he would set-off. How many bright college kid’s brain and identities were buried in those secret silos hidden the cornfields of Kansas? During the Cuban Missle Crisis Rosemary told her kids;

“We were considering invading Russia at the end of the war.”

Rosemary also announced;

“I know who killed Kennedy.”
“Who?” her four children asked.
“I can’t tell you.”

Investigate British Aerospace

Posted on August 30, 2013 by Royal Rosamond Press


Write your Representative and demand an investigation of British Aerospace. Remove all U.S. funding and publish a list of American Investors. Let’s put some faces on public view of the British Allies that won’t be backing up our President.

Let’s put the faces of the children who were killed by chemical weapons alongside the brave British Warrior with all those cotes of arms and titles that suggest they are brave knights.

Time for the spirit of my Patriotic Kindred to step forth and shout……….

“Fuck the British!”

Jon Presco

Here is a Lord asking why Britain needs a military. Why does the U.S.

There have been allegations that the Al Yamamah contracts were a result of bribes (“douceurs”) to members of the Saudi royal family and government officials. Some allegations suggested that the former Prime Minister’s son Mark Thatcher may have been involved; he has strongly denied receiving payments or exploiting his mother’s connections in his business dealings

British Aerospace plc (BAe) was a British aircraft, munitions and defence-systems manufacturer. Its head office was in the Warwick House in the Farnborough Aerospace Centre in Farnborough, Hampshire.[1] In 1999 it purchased Marconi Electronic Systems, the defence electronics and naval shipbuilding subsidiary of the General Electric Company plc, to form BAE Systems.

P.I.L.G.R.I.M.$. by Charles Savoie

Posted on August 30, 2013 by Royal Rosamond Press


It’s the people with money against the rest of us. The Queen of England is the dollar sign. It is her scepter. When she taps you with it, you are elevated into a upper money class. This is where Rena Christensen went when she married Sir Ian Easton. She must have had a clue from her older sisters.

Did our American Beauty attend a horse race in one of them ten gallon hats the Queen’s Beauties are bid to wear? That’s the Farishs at the Kentucky Derby with their Queen.

If you own the feeling someone close to you is looking down their nose at you – they probably are. The Queen is ‘The Beast of Temptation in the Wilderness’.

Jon Presco

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    I have been in therapy for a couple of years and had a breakthrough about my brother on Thanksgiving. Mark was a Nazi when young. He got me into it when I was twelve. My best friend’s father was a Jew. When I became good friends with Bill Arnold, he talked me out of being a Nazi. I was twelve. I grew up. It is scary as all fuck to know Donald Trump was not an adult when he was the President. And, will not grow up if he wins four more years. Donald is determined to be the No.1 Enemy f the People. Huis followers were convicted o “SEDITION”!

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