The Conversion of My Enlightenment

For several days I have been wanting to put these two photographs together so I can gather all the stolen components of myself – and totally be be reborn as the enlightened being I am! My family has been chopped up, lest you see – the whole truth! Lest you see the enlightened and creative one that everyone was jealous of. Look at the size of my cranium!

Family History consists of Family Portraits where the whole family looks upon them and sees who looks like whom. Rosemary died not knowing I sired a child. I know she would rave and go crazy at the sight of her great grandson in the green grass. She would see – me! Rosemary would see herself in the top photograph of Tyler Hunt. In the pic below that you see my family watching me do what I did constantly! I am creating something from nothing. Because Mark was their favorite, my parents dare not buy me art supplies and other craft material. Do you see why? That’s Dark Mark the lil Momma’s Boy. He did not want me and Christine’s funeral, but, Vicki got him to change his mind. He did not call me to tell me Rosemary and Vicki were dead. He does not want me to know – if he is dead! He was delighted when my daughter disappeared. He helped Stacey and Jacci – convert my gifts and light. !

Christine was not a writer. She did not feel like a real artist. Royal Rosamond established a Literary Legacy that belonged to all members of my natal family, and thus the law firm of Morris and Buck had no right to sell this legacy to outsiders – without the agreement of all members of my family! Mark Presco helped in this conversion. Then there is my literary Copyright.

Sadly, Rosemary formed no bond with her eldest daughter, who was always by my side. I raised and nourished Christine. She gave me full credit for her success as an artist. She watched everything I did.

I will be doing a painting of ‘The Boy In The Grass’.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Conversion – The Basic Tort

Conversion is the deprivation of another’s right to use or possess personal property. Note that the property at issue is not “real property” which, in turn, is usually defined as land and attached improvements on land. All other property is generally considered “personal property” or “chattels.” Rights to creative property and artistic creations involves protection of “intellectual property” and is discussed in our articles on copyright. Conversion is often defined as other interference of a person’s right to property without the owner’s consent and without lawful justification. Stevenson v. Economy Bank of Ambridge, 413 Pa. 442 (Pa. 1964). A conversion occurs when a person without authority or permission intentionally takes the personal property of another or deprives another of possession of personal property. It is a tort which allows the injured party to seek legal relief.

This article shall discuss the basic law involving conversion.

The Essential Law:

Conversion is considered the civil side of larceny, namely the improper taking of non real property from another without due authority. Conversion is the civil wrong done while larceny is the criminal act. See our article on Criminal Law. Unlike embezzlement, there is not necessarily a breach of trust though normally if there is such a breach of trust, actions for both embezzlement and conversion are brought against the defendant. If one suffers from the wrongful taking of property of any kind, one can complain to the police and ask that criminal charges be brought and/or one can commence civil suit for damages predicated on the tort of conversion.

Conversion – The Basic Tort | Stimmel Law (

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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