Shamus Dundon Is A Lying Cheat

There is a chance I am kin to Stan and Anne Rice.
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Rice, Stan – Porkopolis
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Shamus Dundon did not return the painting I did in 1961, as promised. He did not call me and tell me my sister was dying until after she had been dead for eleven days. He did not call me and tell me my mother was dying. I did not get to say goodbye. He did not call me and tell me my father was dying. I learned this from my cousin I never met, Donna Wilbur Presco, who was doing the Presco genealogy. She informed me Vic Presco had been dead for three years.

In doing a simple genealogy a few vital statistics are required. The date of birth, the date of death, and how old the family member was is given. Birth place, and place of death, is required. After I gave my sixty page report to the Sherriff and Coroner of Monterey County, he changed his report. Shamu’s…

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