Hateful Christian Co-Terrorists and Traitors

Saw it coming.

Rosamond Press

I was going to post on this HATE GROUP this morning. Parasitical Haters uses Jesus to target minority groups so they can get funding and power. They hunt for things and people to be AGAINST, then attach themselves their prey – in the name of Jesus! The Christian-right’s entry into American Politics, was/is an act of religious and political terrorism. Christian leaders knew of the long history of Christian Terrorism, such as the Saint Bartholomew Massacre.

Jesus did not invent “family values”. Such a thing has been around for a long time. Romans loved their families and did the pagan tribes. How the  Chinese and the Hindus? To put themselves on the cross, and cry they are being crucified by homosexuals, is mentally ill, and devious! To insight violence against gay people is the act of deviants.

Saint Paul was against marriage and does not mention borning children, because he…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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