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I have been in therapy for a couple of years and had a breakthrough about my brother on Thanksgiving. Mark was a Nazi when young. He got me into it when I was twelve. My best friend’s father was a Jew. When I became good friends with Bill Arnold, he talked me out of being a Nazi. I grew up.

It is scary as all hell to know Donald Trump was not an adult when he was the President. And, will not grow up if he wins four more years. Donald is determined to be the No.1 Enemy of the People. His followers were convicted of “SEDITION”! Add THE SWASTIKA to the bunch, and you get the BIG DARK PICTURE!

Mark did not tell me our mother was dying, and our sister, Vicki, was dead. I don’t know if he is alive – or dead. To see Ye in this video, is to wonder if Mark – has risen from the dead! We are looking at..


Whose Id are we talking about?

Mark changed his attitude towards the Jews because they are productive. He claims Blacks and Women are parasites. He is like Nick Fuentes.




Rosamond Press

My brother is my enemy. The talk about rebooting James Bond includes the need for the ultimate villain. Mark Presco worked in the aerospace industry, and built a robot in his garage. He was the brother-in-law of Mary Ann Tharaldsen, who was the lover of Thomas Pynchon.

Enter – The Mark – OfCain

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Mark 1998 Drew 3

Mark 1999

I title my brother Mr. D as in Death. He made top-secret killing toys for Hughes Aircraft. He designed the computer system for the Space Shuttle. He was part of America’s aerospace program and put men in Space. He bid me to go find a place in Oregon, and build the Presco End of the World Bunker as a video from work played in the background showing tank gas warfare.

“We are men building killer toys, and one day we are going to use them!”

Mark lurked in…

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