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I just found this – posted on the eleventh – before I found out I am kin to Edgar Rice Burroughs who fixated on the name JOHN.


The Grand Masters of the Prieure de Sion by Mystic Realms (

The first Grand Master, the twelfth-century Norman knight Jean de Gisors, took the name Jean II and pose the question: ‘Who, then was Jean I?’ They offer a few suggestions – John the Baptist, John the Evangelist and John the Divine – before dropping the subject.” – Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince, Turin Shroud – In Whose Image? The Shocking Truth Unveiled


“This succession was clearly intended to imply an esoteric and Hermetic papacy based on John, in contrast (and perhaps opposition) to the exoteric one based on Peter.” – Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln, The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail


It has been alleged that Hughes de Payens, first Grand Master of the Knights Templar, had been inducted into the Johannites, a sect which chose John the Baptist as their prophet. According to the dossiers secrets, each of the alleged Grand Masters of the Prieure de Sion took the name Jean in succession (supposedly influencing the name chosen by Pope John XXIII). One of the Grand Masters on the list, Leonardo da Vinci, displayed a strong interest in John the Baptist. Another, Sir Isaac Newton, became preoccupied with the writings of the Apocalypse, then attributed to John the Evangelist.

Some say James Bond was born in Berlin. Others say he was born in the Vaud. My fathers grandfathers came from Berlin, and my mother’s people are said to come from Rougemont – located in the Vaud!

Last night I declared – Checkmate – because I had won a literary game. But, the dark game is not over! The Domonique of the Cross of Rougemont has sequestered the mystery of the Shroud of Turin and the Rougemont Templars….to a safe place!

I am…..The Red Rock Sailor!

“But the links between 007 and Switzerland go deeper than the odd actress or director. Bond is, after all, half-Swiss: his mother, Monique Delacroix, came from canton Vaud (before dying in a climbing accident in Chamonix).

“One story says Fleming had a girlfriend in Geneva – he spent some time in Switzerland and Austria where he learnt to ski – and this was then worked into his novels,” said Daniel Haberthür, president of the James Bond Club Switzerland.

James Bond: half-Swiss, totally profitable – SWI

Rosamond Press

On this day, October 17, 2021, I found ‘Royal Rosamond Writers and Illustrators. It has been made manifest that I am the Heir to work of several Black Mask authors, and, the work of Edgar and John Burroughs, who are my kin. The artists who illustrated Pulp Fiction will be honored. The Burrough family were keen on creating propaganda as I am. My Bond people actually take on our enemies. On November 2, 2018 I have Baron von Bond take on the evangelical crazies like the kind that joined the insurrectionists who stormed our Capitol. I got – guts!

“Jon Rosamond Bond is the progenitor of my second Bond book. He is portly, an eccentric senior, and a world-renowned Atlantis buff. Evangelical Rapture Rats demonstrate in front of his palace 24-7 because he threatens to inform the Antichrist what is in store for him. He is prone to have his…

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