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On this day, October 17, 2021, I found ‘Royal Rosamond Writers and Illustrators. It has been made manifest that I am the Heir to work of several Black Mask authors, and, the work of Edgar and John Burroughs, who are my kin. The artists who illustrated Pulp Fiction will be honored. The Burrough family were keen on creating propaganda as I am. My Bond people actually take on our enemies. On November 2, 2018 I have Baron von Bond take on the evangelical crazies like the kind that joined the insurrectionists who stormed our Capitol. I got – guts!

“Jon Rosamond Bond is the progenitor of my second Bond book. He is portly, an eccentric senior, and a world-renowned Atlantis buff. Evangelical Rapture Rats demonstrate in front of his palace 24-7 because he threatens to inform the Antichrist what is in store for him. He is prone to have his chauffeur bring his Rolls Royce to a stop next to them, and as the Bobbies hold the mob back;”

There was a fight over MY NAME hours after I was born. My mother wanted it to be spelled JON. A nurse put an H in JON – and JOHN was born! Rosemary refused to call me JOHN and called me GREGORY. my middle name. To learn (on 10-16-21) Edgar was into the name JOHN – blows my mind! I will explain in my autobiography what I think this means.

For those who are having a problem with Victoria and Miriam being Lovers, consider this. One of them may not – exist.

At a reading at the Berkley Psychic Institute it was suggested my two science fiction books were being dictated to me by an entity who roams the universe coming to the aid of planet in dire distress. Does she dwell on Mars? I was also told I died, when I was twenty. June Rice considered me her son. She never had a child.

It is suggested James Bond was born in Berlin.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

James Bond: Born in Germany? | Books | DW | 01.02.2019

John Coleman Burroughs – Wikipedia

John Coleman Burroughs was born in Chicago, Illinois on February 28, 1913 — just at the time that his father’s famous creation, Tarzan, was beginning to catch on. February was same month in which his father, Edgar Rice Burroughs, decided to make a full-time career of writing. In fact, ERB dedicated the first novel he wrote, A Princess of Mars, to young John. “John” was obviously a favourite name of ERB’s — as well as giving the name to his youngest son, he also christened his two best-known heroes with the name, and even used it once as a pseudonym: John Tyler McCulloch. The ancestor of whom Ed was most proud was Virginia settler, John Coleman. Coleman was also Ed’s brother’s name. JCB (Jack) and his older sister and brother – Joan (pronounced Jo-Anne) and Hulbert (Hully) – were all brought up on Tarzan stories and were encouraged to develop a great appreciation for the outdoors and nature.  By all accounts ERB was an excellent father and his most prolific and artistic writing period coincided with the period of time when his three children were probably most demanding. He had said, “Were I literary and afflicted with temperament I should have a devil of a time writing stories…”

ERBzine 0335: John Coleman Burroughs


In June 2003, Danton Burroughs opened a storage locker that had been sealed since his father’s death in 1979. The room was packed with items that John Coleman Burroughs had amassed throughout his very productive life: personal effects, letters, documents, books, photos, sketches, clothing, paintings, charcoals, artwork done for major Hollywood film studios, World War II propaganda art and handbook illustrations for Douglas Aircraft Company, etc.

There were also a great many items passed on from Jack’s father, Edgar Rice Burroughs, including the latter’s military hat, favorite chair, film projector, a mold for creating a bust of Edgar Rice Burroughs, photo albums, business documents, journals, favorite books, etc. Photos of many of these items were taken as they were retrieved from the storage room. Danton has released material deemed of interest to Edgar Rice Burroughs fans on the Website.

On May 1, 2008, Danton Burroughs died of a heart attack following a fire in the family home in Tarzana, which destroyed a room containing memorabilia of his father John Coleman Burroughs and grandfather Edgar Rice Burroughs. The cause of the fire is unknown.[3]

Carl Bernstein calls for investigation into supporters of ‘psychopath’ Trump (

During a recent interview on CNN, Bernstein warned there is “a kind of civil war in this country ignited by Donald Trump,” who may yet run again for the White House in 2024, and he argued a “coup attempt” took place on Jan. 6 that was propped up on lies about a stolen election in 2020 that a large number of Republicans continue to believe in.

“Let’s say that perhaps we have a sociopath, or a psychopath, who has been the president of the United States and seeks perhaps to be the next president of the United States and has ignited this movement,” Bernstein said, riffing off of host Anderson Cooper’s statement that “psychopaths” are able to run wild because they openly wear down everyone around them.

Carl Bernstein calls for investigation into supporters of ‘psychopath’ Trump (

During a recent interview on CNN, Bernstein warned there is “a kind of civil war in this country ignited by Donald Trump,” who may yet run again for the White House in 2024, and he argued a “coup attempt” took place on Jan. 6 that was propped up on lies about a stolen election in 2020 that a large number of Republicans continue to believe in.

“Let’s say that perhaps we have a sociopath, or a psychopath, who has been the president of the United States and seeks perhaps to be the next president of the United States and has ignited this movement,” Bernstein said, riffing off of host Anderson Cooper’s statement that “psychopaths” are able to run wild because they openly wear down everyone around them.

The Bum’s Rush | Rosamond Press

John & John

Posted on June 15, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

John & John

Idea For Netflix


John Presco

Ms. Jean Katrina Easton liked to meet strange men who wanted to see her, out in her potato field. She could tell a man’s character by how he made his way through the uneven ground, there always a stray spud to trip you up. When she saw John-John coming her way, she took the straw out between her teeth, because from here….she wanted to give him – such a kiss. She was told he was a big spud grower, but, she took him for another wanna-be Spud King. Now, by the way his narrow hips kept an even-keel while his long legs instinctively found good ground – like a horse in a creek full of boulders – this tuber dude made her stomach flinch. Was he the breeder she had been looking for – aching to get her long legs around – for all these years?

James Bond warned John-John about not getting into any esoteric conversations with this very volitile woman. Her mother tried to kill Richard Wagner. She blamed him for the death of her sister, Natalia Wood. Ekatirina did not follow in her sister’s footsteps, she claiming Hollywood had ruined and destroyed everything she loved. She ran away with a leftist radical from Berkeley and lived in Cuba where they hung with Che Guevera. From there they went to Mother Russia. It was while in London she ran into Admiral Ian Easton of the British Defence Staff. And, she had to have him, and give him – such a kiss! In three days, they got married.

When Jean came to town (Bozeman) she liked to wear a cape. She had a collection. In the photograph above she is wearing her satin summer cape with sheer see-trough body-suit perfect for the hot Montana evenings. Jean loved Boho Fashion. She got goosebumps when fake cowgirls insulted her – told her she had no family values, and, was a traitor to her country. She grinned ear to ear as she swore at them in perfect Russian.

“What did you just call me you friggen vampire?”

Jean knew ancient Russian kick-boxing that the Verangian Guards developed when they guarded the Caesars. Like her mother, she kept to herself. When Jean and Ekaterina came to town together, folks cowered, and slunk away. There was some superior genetics at play. As John-John got closer. Jean whispered under her breath…

“I’m going to marry that man!”

-In three days they were honeymooning at the Saint Francis Hotel. While in bed drinking champagne, John-John made a confession.

“I’m bored silly growing patatos. I want to open a Private Detective firm. I love Sam Spade.”

“Me too! I got a whole collection of Pulp Detective magazines and dime novels. Let’s get a office in the old downtown!”

And, that’s how John&John Private Eye got started.

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The Vincent Rice Trust

Posted on August 23, 2011 by Royal Rosamond Press

My uncle Vincent Rice became my art patron when I was sixteen. I had given him a seascape I had done, that he had framed and proudly hung over his mantle. Later, he would save a painting I did when I was thirteen, and frame it. I worked at Vinnie’s warehouse one summer, and he gave me his car, the 1957 Ford Fairlane in the photo above.

Vincent married Roy Reuben Rosamond’s oldest daughter, June. They had no children, and tried to make the Presco children their surrogate children, with little success. Vincent did his best to help us, he letting us live on the house on Glendon, for little, or, no rent. When he died, he left a good chunk of money to my siblings and I, and our cousin. I immediately made plans to acquire a scanner and new computer so I could publish historic letters and photographs on the internet.

Above are two photos that were on file at the University of Arkansas that I sent for. They appeared in the Otto Rayburn collection. Otto also was a good friend of my grandfather. Otto was a good friend of the artist, Thomas Hart Benton, the cousin of Garth Benton, who married Christine, Rosamond Presco, and born, Drew Benton. The Hand of Fate is at work here. Above are two letters from Rayburn that I will donate to the UofA. In 1998 I donated Rosamond’s ‘At Martha Healey’s Grave’ a small book I republished under my registered newspaper, Royal Rosamond Press Co.

The `Back to the Earth Movement’ was not invented by Hippie. In the 1930s many Americans were seeking a return to the Arcadian lifestyle
that was disappearing fast. My grandfather, Royal Rosamond, was at the vanguard of that movement, he leaving his beautiful wife and
four daughters to go live in the Ozarks where he was born where he would write four novels about the Billy Boys. He was good friends of
Otto Rayburn who bid him to find Californian poets who would contribute to his Magazine `Arcadian Life’.

The log cabin on the cover of this issue was built by Royal on his forty acres in Arkansas where he established a fishing retreat for
poets. Royal played the fiddle and collected quilts. He taught poetry in his attic studio in Oklahoma City where he died estranged
from his daughters. His wife, Mary Magdalene Rosamond, thought her husband quite the irresponsible Fool, and bid Royal not to come
home, she more capable then he of raising their children. One can say my grandfather dropped out of society. Five years ago I located
his unmarked grave and put a marker there. He was son of two roses, Rosamond, and Ida Louisiana Rose.

Lillian told me of the time she and her father went the dunes in Ventura where lived a colony of people in humble shacks. I am
wondering if this is not a splinter group of “The Dunites” that made a colony of Seekers in Oceana near San Louis Obispo. Royal called these people “his people” and visited them frequently. There was a Scotsman who played the fiddle for Lillian.

Professor Ernest Wood was a Theosophist working at the Theosophical Society in Madras, to whom Baba gave an explanation as to what he
meant by spirituality. Lillian said women from the Theosophical society befriended her mother Mary, and she thinks they contributed
to her independent nature.

It is important to understand we did not invent the core aspects of Hippiedom, so that we can establish a legitimate history that will
carry forth our best attributes. It is my plan to restructure the Family Creative Unity so it may last many lifetimes, and be enjoyed by all members of our family.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2011

Baron Jon Bond

Posted on November 2, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

Jon Rosamond Bond is the progenitor of my second Bond book. He is portly, an eccentric senior, and a world-renowned Atlantis buff. Evangelical Rapture Rats demonstrate in front of his palace 24-7 because he threatens to inform the Antichrist what is in store for him. He is prone to have his chauffeur bring his Rolls Royce to a stop next to them, and as the Bobbies hold the mob back;

“I’m going to suggest to the Antichrist, when I see him, that it will spell his doom to go into the new temple and declare himself God!”

“Fook you, you fat-ass succubus!”

“I hope you choke on your mutton – and die before he appears! You evil traitor!”

“You better keep your mouth shut if you know what’s good for you – asshole!”

“Fink! Fat fooken fink!”


“Why do you insist everyone be way more stupid than you! If he’s supposed to be the most clever human being ever born, he’s going to figure out what you have in store for him. All he has to do – is google one of your fantastic videos on Youtube!

“Why you………..!” cried Cecil P. Fenwick cried, he all puffed up in his powder-blue church suit. “You – Judas!”

“Hail Atlantis!” shouted Bond to Cecil, as he gave his mob a Nazi salute!

“It’s him! The Antichrist!” some poor chap misspoke after worming his way to the front.

Jon Bond held his manicured nail down on the roll up window command, with a smile. Looking behind, he saw the mob turn on another novice who did not know, if one beheld the Antichrist, it meant you had been…….left behind.

“That bloke is going to get taxed, on top of getting a good beating!” the Baron’s chauffer-bodyguard offered.

“Indeed, he will.”

Bond’s battery of attorneys had just won another major victory over the religious locos. The City of London tried to hit him with the new Religious Provocation Tax imposed on those who provoke religious addicts to do bodily harm and destroy property. The cost of policing the Prayful, was bankrupting The City. With this tax the Lord Mayor expected to see the coffers overflowing. How brilliant!

“My client is a direct descendant of King Henry the second who suggested the Knight Templars do away with Becket who was stirring Henry’s subjects into a Papal Froth. The death of Becket was the birth of British Common Law.”

“Tax the bloody church is what I say!” Said Lord Bond.

“That will be enough out of you! One more outburst, and I will hold you in  contempt!”

Standing up, Baron Jon R. Bond turns to his believers seated in the balcony.

“I predict Atlantis will rise on November 25, the day of the American Thanksgiving. Then, alas, all this nonsense will be put to rest!”

Entering the drawing-room to read his mail, he gasped as he saw his wife lounging like a cat in his favorite overstuffed leather chair. Every now and then she would pop in to discuss business. Katherine spent most of her time at the Brevoort Buck Longevity Institute in Marin California. He married his young cousin for her money, and she for his money – and title! She wanted invites to royal weddings so she could push her famous lipstick………..Sacred Scar. Scar Red was a play on words. It was like a Heidelberg dueling scar to all the royal wanna-bes, with a hint of Mary Magdalene, the Scarlet friend of Jesus. Pope Francis could not keep still when Katherine made her infamous commercial….

“The Passionate Red Scar’”

She dare look down from her cross, and ask the centurion to freshen her lips.

“It is not finished, until I don The Red Scar!”

“Hello Katherine. You’re looking younger than ever!”

Always looking to outdo him, Katherine upstaged the Baron when she did not fight the Provocation Tax, but instead did penance on the stairs of the Royal Court of Justice. Wearing a red robe, she fell face down after baring her beautiful back. One of the hooded figures threw a bag of gold coins into the anti-chamber, while a woman wearing a hooded cape produced a real cat-of-nine-tails and whipped his wife, but good! By the time the Bobbies rushed in to stop this macabre scene, blood began to pour from the angry slashes.

In a week a new lipstick appear………Slash Red. Katherine now had a cult following. Husbands and Lovers were shocked to behold the real Sacred Scars on the backs of the True Believers. Radical Muslims, got out of their way. Kat was a billionaire. Some called her Saint Katherine ‘The Martyr’.

“Did you have any trouble at the gate?”

“Quite the contrary. They were tipped off I was coming. The crowd threw roses on the road before me.”

“I didn’t see any roses.”

“They must have cleaned up before you arrived.” The Baron’s ‘thorn in his side’ quipped, she enjoying this holy dig that got past the gate into his sanctuary.

Was she now……one with them?

“Oh. dear! What is that? I believe I see a hint of crows feet at your right eye. Shouldn’t you rush back to the Buck Institute before you turn into an old hag?”

“You should really get off this Atlantis kick. It’s very passé and out of fashion. It makes you look………..old……….used up!”

“Oh shut-up Kat! You are such a c…….!”

“Sorry. That was below the belt. Speaking of, do you have n Muse left?”

“Why yes. I just got a shipm………”

“Then, it’s true. You have found a new muse.”


“Who is she? Never mind. Now that your prostate cancer is in remission, Cecil said I must perform my wifely duties, and, you can have five wives, and five mistresses. He says the Lord has healed you, and is working with you.”

“So, you are with Cecil – and his mission to bring the new heaven and earth? Can I assume he knows all there is to know about me – thanks to you?”

“You know the Roozemont family motto ‘Be True To Everyone But Yourself ‘. My branch of the Rosamond family has been selling cosmetics to all the great houses of Europe for 500 hundred years. We have to get along. Now that almost everyone is a Born Again Rapturist, who am I to fight City Hall?”

“I have cheated on you!”

“Well, that’s good start!”

“Doesn’t that disqualify me?”

“Heaven’s no. In the Bible women were made to be treated like chattel.”

“In Atlantis, women rule as all knowing Wise Women and Judges.”

John Presco

Copyright 2018

Home To Berlin Way

Posted on August 13, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

After the amazing star shower on October 8, 1946, I was bought home to the house that my grandfather, William Stuttmeister made. I am the Angel of Berlin. You have surrounded me, and still I retreated. You said I had no right to be.  And I became more of a nobody. You poked me with sharpened sticks, and humiliated me. And now – I am awake!


Back to Berlin Way

Posted on November 4, 2012by Royal Rosamond Press

On October 31, 2012, the California Department of Public Health mailed me a copy of my birth cirtificate. My mother and father were living on Berlin Way where William Stuttmesiter and his cousin, William Buyer built over over forty new homes on this street, and on Maple Street just around the corner.My father had a framed marriage cirtificate of Frederick William Stuttmeister to a women named Charlotte. Vicki Presco did not have this cirtificate as I hoped. Vic’s mother’s middle name was Charlotte. Some citation on the web have Charlottenburg as the meaning of the name Stuttmeister. No. 1 Berlin Way was the address on this cirtificate. This street was founded by a King of Prussia who was into the Arts, thus one finds several famous Art Colleges here.

Berlin Way appears to have been the Bohemian district. The theatre and early cinima was here, as was an amusement park named ‘Flora’. Consider Carl Janke’s theme park in Belmont. It appears my grandfathers were German Bohemians, perhaps related to the Prince of Orange and who was a Rosicruican. Consider Falcon art college and Godschalk Rosemondt. The House of Orange married into the Kings of Prussia. Here is the unseen Enlightentment. Here is the core of British Royalty, even its creative branch.

When I died I beheld my kindred, some who are buried in Berlin, and others in Colma where I took my daughter and my newborn grandson. This was the resurrection from the dead of the Artists of the World, and the Rose of the world. On my birth cirtificate is the name Rosemary Rosamond. My cousin, Dayrl Bulkley, said her father said the Stuttmeisters had another name. I believe that name was Chalottenburg. From this name sprang William and Mary.

When I died I behled the War of the Worlds. My Prussian ancestors were Teutonic Knights. Half of my kindred were Artists and Scholars, the other half, murderous warriors. Due to World War one and Two, the Bohemian Creative branch of my family got buried, never to see the light of day. Howevxer, I was born on October 8, 1946 at 6:10 P.M. (time not shown on cirtificate) eight minutes past sunset. My mother was too spent to go to the window where the nurses were being amazed by a start shower. My birth has everything to do with Revelations 12 ‘The Woman and the Dragon’.

I am the Angel with no Name. I have resurrected the Rose of the World. I am the Judge. I have washed your sins away so that what has been lost in the fall from grace can be refreshed. What is good in you, what is best, can now come to the forefront, and be in the light………..again.

Jon the Nazrite Judge

P.S. Note the black cat on the Stuttmeister tomb. Happy Holloween!

Esplanade, term from the French for a large space or forecourt.

Esplanade, term from the French for a large space or forecourt, as we can see it between rows of houses or fortifications and the associated city.

in 1874 the road was created by the landowner Stuttmeister (Charlottenburg), which probably belonged to this terrain. The route still without a name is drawn on the map from 1877. Originally should at the end of the Esplanade, a free place on a map of 1902 called Wilhelm Platz, built. On that map, runs the Esplanade also at right angles. That running to the North, as the Wilhelmplatz only projected piece, was however not the Esplanade annexed to, but was subsequently named Trienter road. The South side of the Esplanade ranks to Prenzlauer Berg, the northern side to Pankow.

Everything is important to Esplanade in Berlin, house number accurate information about PLZ, district, local powers, site profile, and more. Esplanade has the numbers 1-65, belongs to the districts Pankow and Prenzlauer Berg and has the postal code 13187. find something about the history or start an arbitrary search from here.

Recreational and residential area
In the late 18th century, Charlottenburg’s development did not depend only on the crown. The town became a recreational area for the expanding city of Berlin. Its first true inn opened in the 1770s, in the street then called Berliner Straße (now Otto-Suhr-Allee), and many other inns and beer gardens were to follow, popular for weekend parties especially. Berliners seeking leisure and entertainment came by boat, by carriage and later by horse-drawn trams, above all to a large amusement park at the shore of the Spree river called Flora, that went into bankruptcy in 1904.
From the 1860s on the wealthy Bourgeoisie of Berlin discovered Charlottenburg as a residential area, among the first were Gerson von Bleichröder and Ernst Werner von Siemens, who had a villa built in the Berliner Straße in 1862. At the same time industrial companies like Siemens & Halske and Schering erected large factories in the north-east, at the border with the Moabit district of Berlin. In 1877 Charlottenburg received town privileges and until World War I saw an enormous increase of population with 100,000 inhabitants as of 1893 and a population of 306,000 in 1920, being the second largest city within the Province of Brandenburg, after Berlin.


The Invalids’ Cemetery (German: Invalidenfriedhof) is one of the oldest cemeteries in

Lana Wood – Wikipedia

Wood was born Svetlana Gurdina[1] to Russian immigrant parents, Nikolai Stephanovich Zakharenko (1912–1980) and Maria Stepanovna Zakharenko (née Zudilova, 1908–1998).[a] They had each left Russia as child refugees with their parents following the Russian Civil War, and they grew up far from their homeland. Her father’s family left Vladivostok after her grandfather, a chocolate-factory worker who joined the anti-Bolshevik civilian forces, was killed in a street fight in 1918; they settled in Vancouver, British Columbia, with their relatives, then moved to San Francisco. Lana’s maternal grandfather owned soap and candle factories in Barnaul; he also left Russia with his family in 1918 after his eldest son was killed by the Red Army, and settled in a Russian community in Harbin, China.[6] Maria married there, and in 1928 with her first husband had a daughter, Olga Tatulova,[7] who died in May 2015.[8]

When Nikolai and Maria married, she brought her daughter Olga to the household. The couple had two daughters together; the first was Natalia, known as “Natasha”, the Russian diminutive. The family settled in Santa Monica, California, near Hollywood, and changed their surname to Gurdin. Svetlana, known as “Lana”, was born there.

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    I just found this – posted on the eleventh – before I found out I am kin to Edgar Rice Burroughs who fixated on the name JOHN. I Am Jehan
    Posted on October 11, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

    Some say James Bond was born in Berlin. Others say he was born in the Vaud. My fathers grandfathers came from Berlin, and my mother’s people are said to come from Rougemont – located in the Vaud!

    Last night I declared – Checkmate – because I had won a literary game. But, the dark game is not over! The Domonique of the Cross of Rougemont has sequestered the mystery of the Shroud of Turin and the Rougemont Templars….to a safe place!

    I am…..The Red Rock Sailor!

    “But the links between 007 and Switzerland go deeper than the odd actress or director. Bond is, after all, half-Swiss: his mother, Monique Delacroix, came from canton Vaud (before dying in a climbing accident in Chamonix).

    “One story says Fleming had a girlfriend in Geneva – he spent some time in Switzerland and Austria where he learnt to ski – and this was then worked into his novels,” said Daniel Haberthür, president of the James Bond Club Switzerland.

    James Bond: half-Swiss, totally profitable – SWI

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