I Am Jehan

Some say James Bond was born in Berlin. Others say he was born in the Vaud. My fathers grandfathers came from Berlin, and my mother’s people are said to come from Rougemont – located in the Vaud!

Last night I declared – Checkmate – because I had won a literary game. But, the dark game is not over! The Domonique of the Cross of Rougemont has sequestered the mystery of the Shroud of Turin and the Rougemont Templars….to a safe place!

I am…..The Red Rock Sailor!



“But the links between 007 and Switzerland go deeper than the odd actress or director. Bond is, after all, half-Swiss: his mother, Monique Delacroix, came from canton Vaud (before dying in a climbing accident in Chamonix).

“One story says Fleming had a girlfriend in Geneva – he spent some time in Switzerland and Austria where he learnt to ski – and this was then worked into his novels,” said Daniel Haberthür, president of the James Bond Club Switzerland.

James Bond: half-Swiss, totally profitable – SWI swissinfo.ch


Rougemont is first mentioned in 1115 as Rubeus Mons and Rogemot.[3] The name of the village also appears in various forms in medieval chronicles: RubeimontisRogemontRubeo monteRogo mons, and Rojomont. The name stems from the red rock outcroppings north of the village. The site was probably first settled by a religious order coming from Cluny in France, which had received the land in 1080 from the Count of Gruyère. In 1569, the priory was replaced by the château of Rougemont, which became the residence of the bailiffs of Bern, who succeeded the Count of Gruyère. The area became part of the canton of Vaud in 1798.

Diana, Princess of Wales lived for some time at the city, in the late 1970s while a student at the Institut Alpin Videmanette.

Rougemont, Switzerland – Wikipedia

He juggles tarnishes it and continues to pursue his hatred n g De Rougemont family rations. Found so both in the hot streets of Paris in the ann es thirty on the canals of Venice during the great plague which vast d Europe.

The last of the De Rougemont will end the evil diction gr this box l gu by its very CNA?

Kergan vampire, enemy jur de Rougemont, tracking of g n ration in g n ration members of this family of vampire hunters.

In this 3 me episode, it lies face Armand de Rougemont, Commissioner of the people during the revolution fran r easy. Calvin thus a blink of an eye the s series Dampierre pursued as sc screenwriter with Eric then Pierre Legein.

“You have certainly more blood on their hands than I could swallow in a key if” proclaims the vampire his victim. Subsequently, we find Armand de Rougemont, 1930s to the ann, the other thread of this exciting saga that revisits the myth of Dracula.

This is the opportunity for the author of d write a Paris people through by limousines to epoch. Finally, there is Elise, the fianc e of Armand, another challenge of the struggle between Kergan and the latter.

the Hunter is tomb. He who, however, was persuaded to finally have limin prey…

Vincent Rougemont has had beautiful explain that he had been defeat a vampire, his pr presence at the scene of a crime just his cart mind of the police to a suspect, or even a guilty…

Rosamond Press

I Am Jehan


John Presco

Copyright 2021

Are the End of Days upon us? Am I…..the End Time Elijah…..after John the Baptist?

A great witch has born the son of a Black Panther, and lay down with the brother of the world famous woman artist ‘Rosamond’ so she can own the Rosy Seed!

For the first time in the history of literature, several stories will merge into one. James Bond in Nebraska comes in contact with Czech descendants who allegedly fought vampires in Bohemia who began a plague they put an end to now. James can not believe the rumors that said vampires have come to America to sabotage the efforts of the President of the United States to vaccinate all the American people, and the citizens of Albion.

Bond of Nebraska | Rosamond Press


Auriol: or, The Elixir of Lifeis a novel by British historical novelist

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