The Worst Idea In The World

I was reluctant to salute Powell – who took responsivity for holding up that fake vile of anthrax that got us into the second Bush War with Iraq. How could such a bright and honest man be talked into doing something – REAL STUPID – is the historic study now!

For over a year I have been in therapy trying to find a solution for the Bullhead Blunder. I can only blame myself? I had a clue it was coming, the Beer Guzzler Olympics! But, I needed my daughter to sign legal papers and become my Trustee – after I received monies from the Vincent Rice Trust. I had to trust my daughter and tell her how vulnerable I was. She told this to her new lover – and her aunt – Linda Comstock. Flip was told about my Achilles Heal.

In the NEED to get our family-money in the hands of those who deserved it -the ones who had managed to do well in both alcoholic families – the loser-failure had to be done in while they had their chance! My authoring of The Family History was a great threat to Mark Presco and Linda Comstock. With the miracle of my sixteen year old daughter coming into my life – I WAS DANEROUS! Losers never win! They can’t win! We see the former millionaire president falling back on THIS TRUTH that has brought us to the brink of another Civil War – because THE REAL WINNERS have yet to go – BESERK!

“I can’t lose! I actually – WON!”

Alcohol Justice needs to do a REAL STUDY of a dysfunctional family and the role of those WHO DO WELL in this faulty system. It is is clear to them Morris&Buck made a HUGE BLUNDER, but, because they got money, they must be protected from a lawsuit – by a poor loser! The rich much never be culpable – unless you hold stock in PlumpJack and are Gavin Newsom!

Mark and Linda are millionaires! Did they ever converse? Did they want to get to know each other? Why didn’t they try to help me and Heather? Meet…..THE SVENGALIS! They love to lurk in the background and covertly manipulate family members – because they too feel out of control due to their abusive upbringing. Mark Presco took Drew Benton’s side against our niece, Shannon, after Christine died. Drew was nine and Shannon, twenty-four. This is child abuse! Heather took a photo of Flip toasting her son in a bar. Linda’s lover – refused to shake my hand. Flip is dead a year later of alcoholism, The Bullhead Boozer Olympics will go on – until we have a clear winner! That winner – could not be Christine Rosamond Benton – that’s for sure. Two books and two screenplays about a famous woman artist – make it clear to her fans – what a BIG LOSER SHE WAS!


Can Heather admit she made a – BIG MISTAKE – too?

To not back the creativity of the surviving artist in the family – while allowing Garth Benton to make a critical assessment of his ex-wife in her biography – has to be addressed in a court of law. I doubt one Rosamond Fan thought this was….A GREAT IDEA! How stupid can you be!

“But – Garth won! Rosamond – died. He won – by default! Doesn’t that count anymore? Why shouldn’t the winner of a vicious divorce be able to do a Victory Lap in the biography of THE FAMOUS ONE who in truth – IS A BIG LOSER! She lost her life – for Pete sakes! To the victor goes the spoils! So what the book and the movie scripts are a – BIG FLOP! So friggen what!”

“I’ll drink to that!”

John Presco

The Gold Digger and ‘The Toy’

Posted on July 23, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Copyright 2020

Patrice Hanson and Bogus Bobby looked for a way to exploit the child I did not know I had. David could attest to this.

I try to apply the fact Patrice is still a Stage Mother that has a sick relationship with my daughter that involves esteeming Heather all the time – for a Good Feeling Fee! Heather has had several surrogate fathers who were bid to worship my daughter – I did not know I had. When I did not fall in step with the Fake Fathers, Heather got confused. Why wasn’t I feeding her female ego and vanity? Why wasn’t I promoting her Country Western Singer Career? She didn’t have one. And, Pierrot was not going to get her her big break.  She did not even make her book. She would have a big role in my autobiography, but she and her mother sank it to the bottom of the abyss. Now, ten years later she has Flip in her corner. Linda bought him some sound equipment and he wants to make money producing records. Then – he drops dead of acute alcoholism.

Heather had signed a legal document and became my Trustee. But after Flip’s good friend called me a “parasite” and Patrice’s daughter agreed – I had to get out for my sanity. I might go back to drinking. Not once did Patrice’s daughter call me and ask how my radiation treatment for prostate cancer was going. My attorney bid me to get rid of her – and even sue her!  She sent me this, proof Patrice still wants to be in control of the Rosamond legacy. I suspect they got their book in the works.

E-mail from Heather Hanson:
I will agree to that if you agree to the following.
a. You will sign a notarized letter stating you will not defame me or anyone I am close to on the Internet or any other form of media. This includes me, Bill, Linda, Flip, my mom, Matt and Katie and Tyler (Internet defamation is illegal and I will not tolerate it)
b. You will remove anything you have published in which you have negated me and others in my life.
c. You apologize for all the horrible things you have said.
d. You get help for what ever condition you have that causes you to be so paranoid, irrational, and abusive.
I trusted you to be in my life. Let you know everything about me and those I am close to and some how, when you get angry, you find a way to twist information and make everyone out to be sick, evil, and abusive. That is not my reality and never has been.

Heather and Patrice have no empathy for Christine – or me! WE could have had a wonderful and miraculous story out in 2001, but, Patrice felt threatened. Instead, we got a book that demonizes a world famous artist and her parents. Is it just fine to say terrible things about a famous person, and not un-famous people? The Hansons have had a big problem for thirty-six years, they are not famous, never will be famous, yet a child of a famous family was born unto them. Being a blessing – was not good enough – for Patrice’s daughter.

Rosamond Press

“Please raise your glass of Coors Light in remembrance.”

Capturing Beauty

Chapter One

The Gold Digger and ‘The Toy’

No father wants to find evidence his daughter deceived him,  withheld vital information from him, and manipulated him with the help of hidden people behind the scenes, people the father does not know.

Three hours ago I found the name of Linda Comstock’s ex-husband. He owned a bank and was a corporate lawyer. He had many wealthy Democratic friends that he partied with – till he dropped. His obituary says he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, but, when I checked, I could not find Tom’s name.

When my seventeen year old daughter was disappeared from my life in 2000, I wondered if Thomas A. Comstock Jr. knew about this kidnapping. I wondered if he suggested Heather Hanson get with the money people, and away from ‘The Loser’. I was everything…

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