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For a year now I have been thinking of titling my book ‘Artist’. Now I am thinking about using this title for the QUIBI ideas I have. I look at so much history, and find an artist in the middle of it, or, an artist has done the portraits of the historic people – and events! We have rendered all the royals, and overheard – all their intrigues!

In the case of Matthew Jouette, he makes history by escaping the Resin Massacre, then, does a series of painting in order to rise money for the militia pay that was stolen by – the savages in this case – who would not let my kinfolk near their dead in order to bury them. They watched wild hogs carry off arms and legs of the victims. I am tempted to send an e-mail to Nancy Pelosi…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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