La La Irene

I was seventeen when I rented my first abode a half block from Santa Monica Beach. Of course I tought of living here with Irene (Rena) the moment I lay eyes on her.

“You have no place to stay. You can crash at my pad!”

My aunt gave me her 1958 Ford Fairlane that you see in the black and white. I was torn between two worlds. I was born and raised in Oakland. When we moved to LA when I was sixteen, Christine and I went through an identity crisis. After she became famous, overnight, she offered to teach me her style so I could be rich and famous, too. She wanted me to move to LA. Here I am in my mother’s pool with Cindy Blake who I knew since she as born. She and her father put makeup on Johnny Carson. That’s my brother’s son and wife. Patty was a good friend of the actress, Sue Lyon, who played Lolita. Mark drover Sue to Santa Monica City College. Liz was not happy with Richard flirting with Sue in the water.

I had no idea Daniel Craig played in LA, but, I have James Bond move in next door to the group Love. Of course he lives here. This is where all the Beautiful Players live. Craig bought a brownstone in Brooklyn. When I read Rena had married an Admiral thirty years her senior, and had two children, I wondered what movie was going on in her head. She is now……A Player! Her luxurious days of being a cowboy’s wife, is over. The sad tale of they needing hip surgery, or, their ranch fails, is over. No more getting Deputy Dan Mayland to pick me off at the pass, for here comes riding a bonified Bond Author.

But, here’s the real heat of the matter…Rena and I were destined to be Dance Stars. When I read she danced in the Royal Ballet and taught modern dance in Bozeman, my heart danced all over my being. I was a choreographer since I was thirteen. We would have been a dance team in 1970. We would have had a dance studio on Wilshire a block from the beach. We would go to the Hollywood clubs, and put on a show.

For fifty days, everything we did, and everywhere we go….was a dance. We had no T.V. or radio. We had each other, every morning and evening. We played with the sunsets, and parted the crowds when we went to town. Irena Maserati, and I.

John Presco

I can visualize our dance routine to this song that can be extended. Play both videos at same time, turning the sound down on the second.

In the morning we arise and
Start the day the same old way
As yesterday the day before and
All in all it’s just a day like
All the rest so do your best with
Chewing gum and it is oh so
Waiting on the sun

Down on Go-stop Boulevard it
Never fails to bring me down
The sirens and the accidents and
For a laugh there’s Plastic Nancy
She’s real fancy with her children
They’ll go far, she
Buys them toys to
Keep in practice
Waiting on the war

I feel shivers in my spine
When the iceman, yes his ice is melting
Won’t be there on time
Hope he finds a rhyme
For his little mind

I can see you
With no (hands) (face)
Eyes I need you
You’re my (heart) (face)
Look we’re going round and round

La Flame – Omaha Beach | Rosamond Press

Living On Santa Monica Beach

Posted on February 13, 2015 by Royal Rosamond Press

      When I came back to California after living in Greenwhich Village for eight months, I got a job at May Company and moved into a studio at the back of a house on Ocean Park Blvd. The year was 1964. I was seventeen. I bought a hawk, and drove the 1958 For Fairlane my uncle Vinnie gave me. I explored Venice that was a mile down the beach but do not recall if I went into the Gas Light.

The house I lived in is the second from the end of the street. My Fairlane was dark and light green like the one on the lower left. This was the life. My boss was going to make me the manager of four art supply stores. Then my ex-girlfriend showed up and bid me to come back to the Bay Area because there was something wonderful going on. She hung with the Beats in Venice when she was sixteen.

LA Bond – Live And Let Live

Posted on June 28, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press



John Presco

It is rumored 007 influenced Arthur Lee to write two songs for Love’s ‘Forever Changes’.

At 12:42 P.M. James Bond was out by the pool throwing tomahawks at a log, when Arthur Lee stuck his head out the window, and shouted;

“Knock it off! Some people are trying to sleep!”

,Bond looked up and saw a angry, disheveled black man.

“Look chap! I’m a firm believer in ‘live and let live’, but it’s past noon. Normal people have long been up and about.”

“Well, I’m not normal people. I’m a rock musician. and I work till 2:00 A.M. and then party and jam with my my – mates – afterwards. You’re from England. Do me a favor. Can you throw your tomohawk in the evening. I don’t get out of bed till around four!”

James went over and pulled his weapons out of the block.

“You got it. Now, go catch some more shut-eye!”

By the way….what’s your name?”

“Bond….James Bond. What’s your’s?”

“Lee….Arthur Lee!”

Arthur Lee, a founder of the group Love, lay in bed trying to fall back asleep. He assessed if he was justified in yelling at the new neighbor. Would he cause trouble. He ended up composing a song that he wanted on the new album. ‘Live and Let Live’ was about the British Invasion, and, the people who were already here. The base in this song is played by Carol Kaye who would go on a date with James, who ended up on the wrong side of the Hell’s Angels who befriended Michael MacLure, whose nose he bloodied at the Whisky A Go Go.

Love – Live And Let Live – YouTube

At the party, Lee worked on another song about Bond, he recognizing him as another Alpha Male who moved in on Carol like a big dog. This member of Spector’s ‘Wrecking Crew’ had deflected many smooth moves from the smoothest men in the business were she was known as the best bass player – ever!

“I see that we are the adults in the room. You appear to be alert and into getting to the point. Let’s spend the night together.”

When I discovered Carol played the base in The Daily Planet I knew I had found the genius behind the Forever Changes album, that I want in LA Bond – if it becomes a movie.

Love – The Daily Planet – YouTube

Carol Kaye – Wikipedia

Yes I’ve seen you sitting on the couch
I recognize your artillery
I have seen you many times before
Once when I was an Indian
And I was on my land

Why can’t you understand

Jon Presco

James Bond In La La Land?

Posted on July 13, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

The home where Elizabeth Taylor lived in the 1950s with then-husband Michael Wilding has hit the market in Beverly Hills. 

Coldwell Banker Global Luxury has confirmed the new listing — the first time in 21 years the property has been up for sale — at 1375 Beverly Estates Dr. for $15.9 million. According to the real estate broker, the couple purchased the 2.01 acre property as their private L.A. retreat in 1954, shortly after it was built in 1953. According to reports, Taylor and Wilding made the decision to buy the property after scaling a fence to check out the grounds. Taylor and Wilding married in 1952 and divorced in 1957.

What if no film company buys my Victoria Bond idea? Well, I got a back up. Just in case folks think I am fixating on Lara Roozemond, even stalking her, I am willing to let her go for The Almighty Dollar. Consider this My Giant Cop-out!

James Bond In La La Land

A Movie Script


John (Jon) Gregory Presco

Shortly after the death of his beloved wife, Teresa Bond, James has a total mental breakdown. He is sent to see a crack team of psychiatrist who tell him it is time to retire. They suggest he move to Los Angeles California, where he can blend in. Having won a small fortune playing cards in Monaco, he asks The Team Real Estate Agents, if they know of a house. They tell him a house designed by George McLean has just come on the market. There is another buyer who made an offer, but, it could be made to look like they lost a bidding war.

“Who is getting bumped?”

“Oh, just a has-been Hollywood couple whose latest movie was a big flop. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burton.”

“What about the neighbors? I don’t want to be disturbed. I’m not in the best of shape.”

“Let’s see. There’s Joe Spine on your right, and a rock band called ‘Love’ on your left. Joe is a right-wing T.V. talk personality, your typical American asshole.”

“What about noise?”

“L.A. is a noisy place. There’s an acid rock band every square mile.”

“Maybe I could jam with them. I play a mean Scottish flute.”

“You got one more neighbor, Mr. Natural, who lives illegally in a treehouse up the canyon. He’s harmless. He’ll actually give you money if you let him graze on your lawn.”

“What about women. Do they got pretty women in L.A.?”

“James. You act like you never heard of Los Angeles a place famous for beautiful women. You will have a pool. There will be pool parties, and, just women who like to hang.”

“O.K. Sounds like my cup of tea! Let’s close the deal. Are you sure the Burtons won’t be upset?”

Phone rings.

“Hello Liz. I was wondering when you would get wind of this. I’ll ask him.”

“What the fook. They know who I am?”

“Calm down James. They just know you aced them out. You see, there is this Hollywood Network thing. They want you over for dinner to let you know there are no had feelings. If you refuse, they will make sure things go badly for you in THEIR town.”

“What the fook? I thought I was ordered to stay out of trouble, and relax! My pappy always said “Sometimes when you aren’t looking for trouble, trouble is looking for you!”

Let me pre-warn my movie goers. I plan to shoot the greatest Acid Trip – ever! If I go before this is done – there goes the sixties!  Cary Grant took LSD. He would have made a great James Bond. I don’t want to give it away, but, James has his martini spiked with LSD. Who did it?

Mr. Natural – Joe Spine – Liz – a Getty – Love

After his major freak-out James takes up bowling and joins a team that turns out to be Korean Vets who are suffering from PTSD. They are a bad bunch. A bond is made. They conclude bowling isn’t cutting it. James suggests they go over to the dark side and form a motorcycle club. They chose one bike. Here are your choices…….

I prefer the Norton.

Turns out they were prisoners of war. They choose a name……..


They all know Jiu Jitsu – Marine style. No one fucks with them, but the Burtons. They just can’t let it go. It’s like a bad dream, worse than acid! On a run, they stumble upon the hidden vortex, that spawned Charlie Manson. The Candidates wear tall boots and a red loin clothes like they wore when they were prisoners. I think Trump thinks he’s Bond. He has turned the world into his reality show. He lets go of Theresa’s hand, and she almost falls. He does not want a shot of them holding hands. How did my sister’s fake death get in Fonda’s movie. Who are those babes on black horses? Imagine what I could come up with if I got paid money? How much will they pay me just to keep my script off the Bond market? I think it is bullshit I need the permission of the Fleming family. Sue me! That will result in millions flocking to see James Bond In La La Land the second worst movie ever made. I can produce twenty hilarious scenes of the Burton’s at the home they begrudgingly settled for, coming up with another dirty trick to pull on that Limey Bastard S.O.B 007

Welcome to America! Wake me when it’s over.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2018

I just talked to Joanne in Prague Oklahoma where Meher Baba had a car accident. She told me 200 Baba Lovers from all around the world came to Prague for a Baba Accident Festival. Twenty minutes away, my grandfather had a auto accident in Saint Louis Oklahoma – in a Chevrolet. Did Baba and Royal listen to the same tunes on the car radio? It is said Baba became a big fan of Jim Reeves while crossing America. I would have liked to been in the car with God, at 3:00 AM, the glow of the car radio sweetly singing out brief moral and love tribulations. Country Western Music is huge in India.

Here are videos of the Fairlane Ford that belonged to Marijee and was shipped to India. I used to own one, my first car.

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