Adopting Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor

Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Copyright 2021

I own a registered newspaper in Lane County. Royal Rosamond Press is titled “A newspaper for the arts.”. I made an incredible discovery about my cousin, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, that I was going to save for my autobiography, but, because of pressing world events, this book may never get done – never be done. I discovered Liz Taylor was a Zionist and made personal trips to the Middle East to search for Peace. She even offered herself as a hostage? This puts us the same Spiritual Path that does not end with death. As a Nazarite I consider myself a convert to Judaism. I went to the Hillel Center in Eugene and talked to a Rabbi. I consider my late cousin my ally on many levels.

I had a harrowing ride with my therapist as I rested Christine from the outsiders who claimed in their book members of my family looted the house of a famous artist after her funeral. This was Vicki Presco’s way of blessing the sale of my families’ artistic legacy, and in turn Stacey Pierrot gave her silent partner her share of the family partnership prints that our sister refused to return to her.

I compared our ride to a Spookhouse ride in cars that abruptly zig-zag back and forth exposing you to one screeching witch and skeleton, after another. It was the Toad’s Wild Ride. I tell Barbara I called Christine when I came to town, and her new husband told me I had to make an appointment. Barbara’s jaw dropped. I warned her our session was going to be like a Fellini movie. I did not disappoint. Both of us were in the audience – eating popcorn.

“He was the bartender at the Balboa Lounge and got Rosemary and Lillian shit-faced drunk all the time. Rick Partlow heard all the inside stuff. He was an out of work actor. Rosemary warned him about me – the real artist! They set me up!”

I come home form therapy and I am being attacked on one of the Taylor Facebook groups by a guy who suggests I am deluded and insane after I posted on Thor and Tolkien. I made it clear to him that Elizabeth saw herself as a member of a artistic family, and that was more important to her than being a famous actress. Facebook has become Ambush City – with Sanity Trial.

With the discovery that Philippe Henri Noyer did Taylor’s portrait, it all comes together for me. Noyer is a Pre-Rosamond Artist, as is Phillip Boileau, our kin. The work of the Keanes is added to the Art Show my newspaper has put together. Add to this the work of Fanny Corey, who encouraged Royal Rosamond to become a writer, and you have a set and established style that begs a name………ROSAMONDISH!

To the annoyance of some, I have been playing Paper Rosamond Dolls with my famous cousin who I described as being lonely at the core of her soul because she had become DETACHED from her people, her roots, her Irish People……Her Clan Rosamond! I will establish such a clan in America – a first! I will do Liz and Christine’s portrait.

I have been having visions, about who Liz would love the most of the Four Rosamond Sisters. Let’s start with Bonnie Bigalow whose husband owned Sam’s Anchor Cafe and Crushons in Berkeley where I saw a original Keene on the wall. I see Liz and Bonnie having lunch at Sams where Herb Caen had a reserved stool. I see Herb coming over and asking to be seated.

Here is a photo of Bonnie and June is riding boots. Bonnie and Jim are turning in their graves at being included in the slander our family was not fit to bury our dead. That is Bonnie on the left. If she were alive she would not be bragging on her niece employing Tom Snyder’s book. I see her lifting her phone to dial her attorney. Bonnie is eight years older than Liz, and would take her under her wing and show her the California Ropes. Bonnie was a Tough Dame! Like most sisters, they would – posthumously come to one another’s defense!

What confounded Barbara and I, was, why Stacey Pierrot and her ghost writer create Posthumous Artificial Drama to sell art, and a movie. As if Christine’s life was not dramatic enough! There had to be a decision made, between two people;

“We need more drama. Let’s make stuff up! To make sure they make a movie!”

This make-believe puts the actress Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor firmly in my camp, because thespians have long been victims of The National Enquirer. How about artists?






24 X 48 INCHES

NOYER, Philippe 1917-1985Philippe Henri Noyer was born on June 28, 1917 in Lyons, France. After a traditional education at the elite Ecole des Roches, Noyer enrolled in the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Lyon. Next he moved to Paris, where he worked in decorative arts and advertising. It was during this time, he discovered his talent for oil painting, officially starting his painting career in 1943.That same year, Noyer met the famed Parisian art deal, Emmanuel David, who would promote his work and career. Noyer produced many portraits, for which he quickly gained an international reputation, but he also painted dream figures in rural or maritime settings, compositions that were classical in technique but surreal in concept. In 1947, Noyer held his first one-man show at the prestigious Drouant-David Gallery in Paris.In 1949 the gallery consigned twenty of Noyer’s paintings to an American art dealer who had agreed to organize an exhibition of them in the United States. However the American dealer sold the paintings at cost, in order cover a gambling debt, to Robert Goldstein, the former President of the 20th Century Fox movie company. Goldstein was so pleased with his purchase, that he distributed the art to his friends, including Samuel Goldwyn, who, in turn, made Philippe Noyer’s name known on the West Coast. These events led to a lifelong friendship between Noyer and Goldstein.In the years that followed, Noyer was commissioned to paint portraits of many celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor, Dinah Shore, and Jean Wallace. In the sixties, Noyer put aside portraiture in favor of painting delicately stylized, sophisticated, slim, long-limbed ladies who were his favorite subject.Throughout his career, Philippe Noyer’s art has always remained quite unique. He seems to have experienced every kind of modern art without being influenced by any of them, almost lazily accepting traditional disciplines. Modernist yet slightly Surrealist, he compensated for the rigor of his method by the remarkable freedom of his subjects. The elements Noyer uses in his paintings – the women, the monuments, the animals and the flowers – come alive under the brush which translates them in strictly realist terms in compositions that are the fruits of his fantasy and intellectual or literary reminiscences.Paul Guth was inspired to write a series of prose poems about his work, which was published in 1951 together with a study of the artist.

Close Your Big Eyes – Bitch!

Posted on September 24, 2017 by Royal Rosamond Press

When You Close Your Eyes’ was published in September of 2000. The hit movie ‘Big Eyes’ came out fourteen years later. Our aunt and uncle were good friends of Walter and Margaret Keene. Jim Bigalow owned ‘Sam’s Anchor Cafe’ in Tiberon located in Marine County, thus my DNA is entrenched in Beryl Buck’s Blessed County, where no worthy poor person can be found in order to receive a smiggen of the $1,700,000,000 billion dollars of the Trust that Robert Brevoort established. It’s a Cinderella’s Slipper kind of thing. Bob’s Boys go about the land with this image in their wallet.

Sydney Morris of the law firm of Heisinger, Morris, Rose, and Buck said in a legal document he did not object to a biography and movie being made by Stacey Pierrot in the hope there would be a renewed interest in the general public purchasing Rosamond prints that my two nieces, and my daughter own. Today, you can’t give these images away. No one wants them. What I suggest, is, there exist a Breach of Verbal Contract because this movie should have been made. It is never too late!

The motive Morris owned, via his odd creative permission, was to discourage me from publishing my autobiography, or, raising monies to make my movie! In writing an artists biography it is common to mention other artists that are germain to the artistic identity of the protagonist, such as Margaret and Walter Keane, who Tom Snyder missed. ‘Big Eyes’ was the most important movie made about an artist – in many years! It was a success! This success should have been exploited by members of my family who own Rosamond prints. This of course might invite readers and viewers to own a negative opinion of the cunning business folks who surrounded my late sister and abused her psychologically. Is there any evidence of this? Yes! I believe it is my right to produce and use this evidence without honoring Tom Snyder’s copyright. There exist a dream, within a dream, within a dream. Just look into the Magical Rosamond Mirror, and see what you will see. Do you see the light at the end of dark alley? Is this a harbinger of things to come?

Here is Non-Artist, Jacci Belford, who called me a month after Christine died and told me she made an offer to purchase the entire estate, and pay off the creditors. Who did she make this offer to? The probate was having trouble getting underway, because Jacci and Vicki Presco, refused to serve as named Executors. Can Bob Buck tell Rosamond’s fans how uncommon this is? Non-Artist, Vicki, came to own a shit-load of Rosamond’s – before she dropped out as No.1 Executor, and nominated Ex-Husband, Garth Benton to be Special Executor, as did Sharp Business Woman, Sassy Jacci. Are those movie lights on the horizon? Or, is that Artist Garth coming back into the Rosamond Gallery, he cast in an angelic light, now, in order to make it all work for Jacci&Friends?

“Having all these gallery and family problems coming down on her was a lot for her to deal with. And giving my persepective on things – good, bad, or indifferent – could have had a lot to do with the end of her marriage to Garth. At the same time, it was the best thing that could have happened. It seemed to me he wanted her to have no involvement in her own business while he ran everything in a way that seemed best to him.”

You just read real Art&Movie History -folks!

Above is a photo of Bijan and the man who exposed him, a Rosamond Imitator, who signed his big-eyed prints ‘Sara Moon’. It  never occurred to Sydney Morris to find a Facsimile to crank out more CASH on the Rosy Money Making Machine. Instead, we get the Legal Art Report. Giving me a woman’s name, then hiding me behind the curtain of Oz, was not a option for some strange reason. I can only fail!

“If you loved Rosamond, you are going to love her long lost sister ‘Violet’.

When I got my lost daughter back into my life, I made her an offer she could not refuse. We would render computer aided images of beautiful women – in the Rosamond style. My genetic material could sign her work ‘Heather’ as in the flower. This would include an image of Rosemary and Lillian taken by her great grandfather. She took this to her drunken aunt Linda, and Linda’s drunken attorney husband, and they told her she is guaranteed ten million, at least, and – she doesn’t have to do jack-shit! Was there talk about starring in Bob Buck’s movie?

What I suggest is, Bob fund – my movie – that can be made for $50,000 dollars. ‘Close Your Big Eyes – Bitch’ will be filmed entirely in the infamous closet Julie Lynch talks about. It is February 3, 1994, two months BEFORE the killer rogue wave took this world famous woman out to sea, and deposited her in Never Neverland!

The Art Gods have brought us together, to hash it out, because they see much damage being done to The Art World – in the future! There will be a classic swinging lightbulb in this closet that sways back and forth, reminiscent of ‘The Picture of Dorian Grey’. This movie, and other movies about artists will be broadcast on the closet wall. The Closet of Art Despair will be located on the grounds of the Buck Institute Against All Aging – And The Idea of Eternal Life After Death! Where else!

Lillian’s son, Randy Molnar, will be hired to play one of the ‘Closet Caretakers’ along with Tylor Blake ‘A Key Holder’ and Admirer of Rosemary.

Trying to Legitimize Rosamond

Posted on August 20, 2013 by Royal Rosamond Press


While having dinner with Meredith, I got frustrated, and made this pronouncement.

“I forbid you to think of me as an artist, anymore. From now on – I am an Art Critic! This means you do not get to run my struggle as a real artist thru you voo-doo artist bullshit!”

Even though he wrote a dissertation on ‘The Creative Person’ Mark knows nothing about art and artists. He must have looked over some dudes shoulder at Harvard, He has me hang picture for him because he has no talent. Having a degree in psychology, I see his little wheels turning when I say things like;

“Christine was not a real artist. She was a fabrication. Smoke and mirrors were employed. She took up art because she was on welfare. Her style was dictated to her by her handler. I have spent years trying to legitimize her for the sake of my nieces, my daughter, my grandson, because the Rosamond Brand has value. I am the real artist in the family. I never made any money on my art. My Muse inspired Rosamond to take up art when she was twenty-four. The history of our family that I have put together will save the late Rosamond and our creative Family Legacy. The outsiders are liars and frauds. Their biographies are parasites who have committed crimes against the Art World.”

This is where Mark gets his two cents in. He chooses to see me as the worst case of sibling rivalry anyone has ever seen. I am a rabid dog who wants to collect and burn all the bad books that he thinks made Rosamond famous for starters! Mark’s solution is for me to forget all I know to be the truthful about the real Art World, and just pick up a brush and paint!

“Are you suggesting I return to my cell at the Funny Farm and commit myself to some serious basket weaving? How dare you! I suppose you believe the lie about the “rogue wave”‘

Five years after Christine Rosamond Benton was dragged into the Pacific Ocean by a “rogue wave”, I discovered the art work of Philip Boileu who was the nephew of Jessie Benton Fremont. I was floored. Christine, nor Garth knew Philip existed, or any of the fake biographers! I have read many books about artists. This is what you look for. You do a search of the artists peers, their family, their influences. You connect the dots. This is what makes artists famous. Here was the solution, the way to undo the Art Projector factor. For some weird reason Philip and Rosamond work is very similar. Why? Why is this important. BECAUSE, there can only be one explanation.

THIS IS THE WORK OF THE GREAT MUSE who transcends time and space. She appear to this one, and then that one. Her influence in the past effects the future, her influence in the future, affects the past.

Philip Boileau did thirty-four covers for the Saturday Evening Post. Artists throughout history are connected in ways that need to be studied by great minds. Get going. You can start with my mind. Hook me up to machines. Poke me and take my blood. Stop playing your fucking little games!

“Christine worked almost exclusively from photographs and
figures she cut from magazines like Vanity Fair and Vogue and
Glamour,” Garth recalls. “That’s why the women in her middle period
were so exquisite – the inspiration for them came from elegant
magazines that set the standard.”

After the Davinci Code came out, I told Mark;

“Dan and his wife eaves-dropped on my group and stole this rose line from me.”

I suspect Mark has given his peers a ongoing report.

“Wasn’t the rose line the Merridian Line?”

“No! That was Dan’s way of making other folks study, his own. He is a fiction writer stealing the idea there was HIDDEN BLOODLINE that famous artists eluded to in their art work. The key word is “hidden” Bad folks hid this line, and usurped it with their bullshit. They are all kindred. I can show you posts of the dude who was doing incredible work on Sacred Geometry. No, I can’t do that. I was evicted from that group. I have no acess to the sacred archives.”

“Oh! Really. Tell me about it. Let me go get my notepad. Now, what is the name of the mystery muse that you say may now be lurking in the back ground like some phantom? Why would she be doing that? Why hasn’t she come forth -to save you, back up what you say? (tee-hee)”

“Well. You see. She has to remain elusive, because she knows there are dudes like you that want to capture her, and have their way with her, just like demon-parasites do with her beloved artists.”

Jon Presco

Copyright 2013

Here is the opening narration of my movie, ‘Close Your Big Eyes – Bitch’

“Two creative siblings entered the Dark Closet of Eternal Fame, and, only one would emerge, a true immortal!”

“Those who rejoiced at the death of my famous sister, now wished I had died, instead. For Rosamond was the just the preview, the anti-chamber – to hell! No one could stop me from writing. Day after day, month after month, my fury and revenge rained down on them all. I swore I would outlive them. All the attorneys started dying of old age. The only thing that could stop my wrathful pen, was…………The Ghost of Rosamond! For it was now clear I was her Mentor, and she, was my Little Yellow Bird….. I had captured in a gilded cage.”

Bob’s partner, Sydney Morris, entered his law firm in the Movie Making Business in order to pay off the creditors and give my Genetic Material some cold hard cash. ‘The Caretaker’ was sold all the Bragging Rights – for starters! Stacey Pierrot hired the obscure ghost writer, Tom Snyder, to author HER tell-all book, that lines up one Rosamond Business Handler after another, and rags on her ass. While her ashes still float out to sea, Art Attorney, Daniel I. Simon tells the world how difficult it was to get Christine to produce more women with BIG EYES, and meet her financial obligations. Instead, she turns on all ‘Her Caretakers’ in a savage manner.

I refrain from ragging on my sister, unless I have something redeeming to say. With my last post, I have met my obligation – and fulfilled my own expectations! Here are Rosamond’s last words to me, uttered in 1991.

“I demand you tell me where you live because I am going to have you killed!”

After the failure of Tom’s piece of trash, ‘The Caretaker’ hires to really trash my life – and Christines! But, ‘The Rosamond Handlers’ did not go far enough, or, do their job! If only Sydney Morris had left more detailed instuctions on how to make a Killer Movie & Book.

“The way I see it, is, we got to throw the business folks under the bus – and the attorneys should be made to walk the gang plank. As for Garth, he should be buried in a ant hill and smothered with honey!”

As for the other Male Presco, Mentor Jon Gregory, we got to cut him in on the action – before we demonize him any further. Not that he will ever own any power to hurt us, but, he can make money for the estate, and get Larry Chazen off our back. How about we have Rosmond and Jon engage in a knife-fight in front of the Rosamond Gallerry – if the price is right?”

“You were always jealous of my art!”

“Shut your lying mouth, bitch, or I slash your other cheek!”

The screenwriter and producers of ‘Big Eyes’ go it right. You put the WOMAN ARTIST on a pedestal, and butcher everyone around her. But, THEY just couldn’t do it. Just couldn’t make themselves LOOK BAD – for the money! Instead, they disappear Rosamond’s autobiography, and put shiny armor on THE EX as he stomps Christine into the ground!

Walt Disney turned over in his grave! This is not the formula for a successful and magical movie about Rosamond ‘The Lover of Big Eyed Unicorns’ and her Dark Brother – which can not be Dark Mark! What I am saying, is, When You Close Your Big Eyes – Bitch, is PROOF the business folks and attorneys, were, and are – INEPT!

“Do you think Jon will forsake his principles and agree to be the villain for $800 dollars? How about a thousand bucks?”

“I don’t want my brother in on this deal. He’s a BUM! He’s been a BUM all his life. My life’s work is to prove this!”

You SEE………….it’s not too late to do this story up right!

“What do you mean he’s the new Walt Disney? He told you that? He’s a BUM – and insane! His dumb daughter – agrees! He must FAIL – at all costs!”

For a week I have been considering abandoning this Rosy Genealogical Quest, and finish my Theological Books. This morning I found my Dreamboat! As fate would have it, she is the richest woman in the world. She’s got 47 billion dollars. We share the same interests.  If we could ever be united in our cause, we would be way more than best friends and lovers! We would be Fantastic Fellow Fanatics who are absorbed in the study of the Bible and Genealogies. She would gladly get on board my ROSAMOND STUDY, and even bankroll my Atlantis in Larkspur Dream. but, she would fall victim to the Ancient Curse of the Greek Gods……….

“Don’t give that bastard any money! Keep him away from money!”

“Are you going to come see me so we can work on Jesus ‘The Moabite’ some more?”

“Sure! But, I don’t have plane fare. I think I can sell my food stamps on the black market!”

“How long will that take?”

“About a week.”

“You know, let’s not do this. It is obvious you do not care about me and MY study!”

I talked to my friend Chris in New York last night. She said it is too bad I can not earn money as a genealogist – like Dan Brown? She told me she had physically fought off another woman at the art gallery, who tried to hug her man, Stefan Eins. I am doing their portrait, and want to write a book about their relationship, that is similar to the Keane’s. I suggested Chris come out of the closet, and become an artist herself, so she can have Art Power of her own! She and my sister had the same lover.

Stefan suggest ETs (with big eyes) leave messages in sidewalk cracks. I am going to research how many sidewalks are in Margaret Keane’s work. Did she have a close encounter?

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

Fanny Corey

Posted on August 4, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

    Fanny Corey could have worked for Walt Disney. Were they aware on one another? Fanny and her brother encouraged my grandfather to become a writer. Fanny’s magical illustrations were known all over the world. Her books came out about 1920. The Hobbit was published in 1937. The Chronicles of Nania were published around 1954. I will be putting Fanny in the Liz Taylor Society I am forming.

John Presco

Philip Boileau & Magazine Beauties

Posted on August 20, 2013 by Royal Rosamond Press

Rosamonds 1942 Lilian, Bonnie, June & Rosemary on Step 1

“Christine worked almost exclusively from photographs and
figures she cut from magazines like Vanity Fair and Vogue and
Glamour,” Garth recalls. “That’s why the women in her middle period
were so exquisite – the inspiration for them came from elegant
magazines that set the standard.”

Rena Easton looked for her sister to be on the cover of a famous magazine in July of 1970. Rena has a lot to do with the marriage of my late sister into the Benton family. American magazines held beauty contests for seventy years. Jessie Benton came close to being the Queen of America.

Rena and I were meant to get married. I should have put Robert and James in the back seat, like tramps, and kept them there. I should have taught Rena how to drive, and if James gave me any lip, I would kick him out of the car like his buddy Brian did to me when he kidnapped Rena.

Rena would have been kin to real artists and writers. She should have been the Muse of Muses, painted by many famous artists. Fate had much in store for this beautiful woman.

The artist, Philip Boileau, was the son Susan Taylor Virginia McDowell Benton, the sister of Jessie Benton, the daughter of Thomas Hart Benton, whose grandson was the famous artist of the same name, who was the cousin of Garth Benton, who married Christine Rosamond Presco, who is kin to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, according to Jimmy Rosamond, the Rosamond Family genealogists.

Elizabeth Taylor appeared on the cover of LIFE magazine, and was on the cover of numerous magazines, as were the beautiful women painted by Boileau, that resemble Rosamond Women. No one, but I, knew of these relations after the death of the world famous artist ‘Rosamond’.

Recently two paintings by Andy Warhol of Liz Taylor sold for a hundred million dollars. ‘The Men In Her Life’ sold for $60,000,000 million dollars. Eddie Fisher is in this Warhol work, he the father of the actress , Carrie Fischer, who wrote a screenplay about my later sister, who is the mother of the artists, Drew Benton.

Christine and Drew are kin to John Fremont who was a co-founder of Republican Party, and its firs Presidential Candidate. Three years ago I registered as a Republican in order to stand in the way of the take over my kindred’s party by the Evangelical Cult.

Jon Presco

The artist, Philip Boileau, was the son Susan Taylor Virginia McDowell Benton, the sister of Jessie Benton, the daughter of Thomas Hart Benton, whose grandson was the famous artist of the same name, who was the cousin of Garth Benton, who married Christine Rosamond Presco, who is kin to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, according to Jimmy Rosamond, the Rosamond Family genealogists.

Baron Charles Henri Philip Gauldree De Boilleau was born 1823 in Toulouse, France. He married Susan Taylor Virginia McDowell Benton June 04, 1855 in Washington D.C.. He died in February, 1894. Susan Taylor Virginia McDowell Benton, daughter of Senator Thomas Hart Benton and Elizabeth McDowell , was born 1833 in Cherry Grove, Rockbridge Co., VA. She died March 08, 1874 in Paris, France.

Children of Baron Charles Henri Philip Gauldree De Boilleau and Susan Taylor Virginia McDowell Benton are:

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