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Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Copyright 2021

“Understand, it took me no more than twenty minutes of searching to locate your name and to make contact with you.  Surely Rena would have no trouble doing the same, if it was her desire.”

After posting on Nebraska Bohemians I knew I was being EXAMINED, and ruled…


This is the REAL REASON Rena did not want me to move to Lincoln. She had a lover who was ‘Not one of us’ who she came to California with. Emperor Trump’s gold eagle card – enflames the cult of ‘NOT ONE OF US’ that has ruled the beloved Red States for many years, every since the Treacherous Confederacy – LOST!.

Last night I read an article on the Head Muse Mnemosyne who gives bards the gift of a great memory so they can recite their long epic poems. My friend, Casey Farrell, has ‘The Gift of Mnemosyne. Victoria Rosemond Bond becomes the head of BAD because she is like Wikipedia. She is named after Rena whose middle name is Victoria. I chose Lara Roozemond to play Bond in my movie because she is a poet.

People who own no gifts want to join a group or religion that hands out ‘YOU ARE ONE OF US’ cards that forbids members thinking for themselves, and, exhibiting the ownership of MUCH INFORMATION that is not SANCTIONED. Kim Hafner, and Alley Valkyrie, are experts at weaponizing information.

Victoria Bond – Born April 17th. | Rosamond Press

I suspect Ensley sent Rena a poisoned letter, or, called her and warned her I was bent on making her a goddess of black magic. Five months after he sent me an e-mail, Tom got arrested for owning child-porn. He is good with computers and IDENTIFIES ME as not being


Add to this the great betrayal of my daughter who went over to the side of Pierrot and my family, then, there are very few creative people that have been betrayed as I have. I know my family grilled Heather Hanson about what I was up to, and what my autobiography was going to – be about! I am sure her mother and aunt prepped her. It was decided by people I SHARE BLOOD WITH I was


I have shared many times in this blog I own a Christ-complex. I was – ELECTED!

Deputy Dan used a computer to get my phone number because Rena did not have it. I forgot to include it in my letter. I told Dan I could not be stalking Rena because all I had was her PO-BOX.

“By the way… did you get my number?”

I told the Deputy I was going to give a report to my Congressman because he was saying

“You’re not one of us! Stay out of Montana!”

Above are images of Jane Morris, the wife of William Morris, whose book inspired J.R. Tolkien. This is what it will look like when I bring my Elf army to Montana! On Guard – Deputy Dan. This is the greatest tragedy in the written language. Rena admits she has been afraid most of her life, and, chooses me to go to……HER CROSS OF FEARS! I had to be all – she feared – so she could magnify them…….to you all!


When our Memory becomes

the Temple of all our Fears

In the realm of men

every poet is banished

and all the gods

are made orphans.

John ‘The Nazarite’

The House of the Wolfings – Wikipedia

A Tale of the House of the Wolfings and All the Kindreds of the Mark is a fantasy novel by William Morris, perhaps the first modern fantasy writer to unite an imaginary world with the element of the supernatural, and thus the precursor of much of present-day fantasy literature.[1] It was first published in hardcover by Reeves and Turner in 1889.[2]

The book influenced J. R. R. Tolkien‘s popular The Lord of the Rings.[3]

The House of the Wolfings is a romantically reconstructed portrait of the lives of the Germanic Gothic tribes, written in an archaic style and incorporating a large amount of poetry. Morris combines his own idealistic views with what was actually known at the time of his subjects’ folkways and language. He portrays them as simple and hardworking, galvanized into heroic action to defend their families and liberty by the attacks of imperial Rome.

Now as the two hosts drew near to one another, again came the sound of trumpets afar off, and men knew that this would be succour coming to the Romans from their main-battle, and the Romans thereon shouted for joy, and the host of the kindreds might no longer forbear, but rushed on fiercely against them; and for Thiodolf it was now come to this, that so entangled was he in his dream that he rather went with his men than led them.  Yet had he Throng-plough in his right hand, and he muttered in his beard as he went, “Smite before! smite behind! and smite on the right hand! but never on the left!”

Tomas Ensley <mr.muse@To:braskewitz@rosamondpress

Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 4:48 AM

There is no information about Rena on the site.  She’s kept a low profile and we assume she has her reasons.  We all respect that.  We knew her as a lovely, sweet and troubled young woman.  Your words have romanticized her beyond recognition.  I’m happy that I knew her, but Rena was no goddess.  I think she would have laughed to hear you call her that.  There are no goddesses after all.  Only those that we choose to place on a pedestal.  She is just another soul on a wild trip through the Universe, just like the rest of us.  It is likely that she will hear of your inquiries in time.  When that happens, it is her choice whether to respond.  Please allow her that.  I want your promise on this.  Understand, it took me no more than twenty minutes of searching to locate your name and to make contact with you.  Surely Rena would have no trouble doing the same, if it was her desire.


Mnemosyne (Rossetti) – Wikipedia

By KOLNKGIN |Posted: Fri 10:34 AM, Jul 02, 2010  | Updated: Fri 3:33 PM, Jul 02, 2010

Lincoln police arrested a man Thursday after investigators say they found images of child porn on his computers.

Officer Katie Flood says Tomas Ensley, 58, faces charges of Possession of Child Pornography and Generation of Child Pornography. Flood says back in April, a sergeant with LPD’s Electronic Analysis Unit learned Ensley had child porn on his computer.

On April 16th, officers served a search warrant at Ensley’s home at 6601 Colfax. Flood says police seized three computers. Flood says after an analysis of the computers, it was discovered they contained pornographic images of boys clearly under the age of 18.

Tomas Ensley and Rena Easton | Rosamond Press

Fake Victims and Domestic Terrorism | Rosamond Press

To Arms Ye Wolfens | Rosamond Press

Lara Roozemond and Edward Burnes-Jones | Rosamond Press

Joaquin Miller Went To Columbia College | Rosamond Press

Nebraska Sex Offender Registry: Tomas Dale Ensley

Deputy Dan and The Janitor

Posted on May 25, 2017 by Royal Rosamond Press

Deputy Dan……….Mayland, is a hunk. I’m sure Rena noticed.

I’m going to work more on my movie script ‘The Janitor’. It begins late one rainy and dark night. Deputy Sheriff Dan is working the swing shift when he jumps out of his skin. On a bench sits Rena Easton. Not able to speak, Rena breaks the ice,

“I wondered how long it would take you to notice me. I’ve been sitting here for exactly 22 minutes and sixteen seconds.”

“Why didn’t you approach the desk, say something to me!”

“I’m shy. I am the reclusive widow of Sir Ian Easton. Perhaps you have heard of me? I need your help. Someone I knew forty years ago got too close. I need you to back him off. No rough stuff. Just give him a scare. He owns a newspaper and is getting nosy. I hired some goon, who grabbed him by the neck and body-slammed him, but, that just roused his curiosity even more! He wants to see how I’ve aged. As you can see, I haven’t. He must not know. He painted my portrait. I was his muse. You know the drill.

Jon Presco

On January 27, 2014 I got a call from Deputy Sheriff, Dan Mayland, that my Muse, and old girlfriend, Rena Easton – who I had not seen since 1970 – had filed charges in Galliten County Montana – saying I was Stalking her. Rena had written me a four page letter on Christmas Day. She made references to this blog. I do not know how she got my address. I did not know whether she was dead or alive.

After receiving my letter I mailed on January 10th. Rena became alarmed at all or some of the content, and showed it to a un-named person. This person confirmed Rena’s paranoia was spot-on, and she angrily destroyed my letter. In order to own proof I was Stalking her, Rena wrote a copy of my letter, and a copy of the letter she wrote me, and showed it to Dan Mayland. Dan assured me that both letters were written by Rena, and were summoned up by an amazing photographic memory that Ms. Easton owns.

Rena Easton and Fair Rosamond

Posted on February 18, 2014 by Royal Rosamond Press


Unbeknownst to me I rendered Rena as the White Goddess in 1971. It was this painting that bewitched my famous sister ‘Rosamond’. I mention Gwion Bach in a claim I filed against the estate of Christine Rosamond Benton. Too bad Rena has no one to share her poetry with, for I believe she is the embodiment of Cerridwen, the mother of Gwion Bach, or Taliesin of the Arthurian Legends. Rena Easton appears to be stirring the pot as Cerridwen, who is sometimes called ‘The Goddess of Poetry’. Rena is Mnemosyne, the mother of the Muses, because she has committed to memory thousands of poems. That she is now associated with Arthurian Legend, makes her a candidate for Mary Magdalene.

Jon Presco

Rena Easton’s Christmas Letter

Posted on December 25, 2015 by Royal Rosamond Press


Two years ago before I recieved a letter from Rena, I learned she was a widow living on the Isle of Wight. I called to her in a blog, with this song.

Rena begins her letter, thus;

“Here I am!”

She is responding to another post. She had not read this one posted on July 26 2012

I thought she was dead. I grieved. Her ghost came to console me, be by my side. As fate would have it Rena’s daughter died in a car accident when she was twenty..


 Former Bozeman High School state debate champion Kathleen Anne
“Katie” Easton, passed away as a result of an automobile accident early
Sunday, Jan. 10, 1999.  She was born April 20, 1979, to Irene (Rena) and
Admiral Sir Ian Easton, K.C.B. D.S.C. on the Isle of Wight, England.

Goddess of Poetry

Posted on February 23, 2014 by Royal Rosamond Press


Sixteen years ago I met a gentleman who taught a course in Robert Graves ‘The White Goddess’ at the University of Oregon. He was amazed at the extent of my Biblical knowledge and my ability to see what others don’t. Casey Farrell could hold much information in his brain the same way Rena Easton can in regards to memorizing poetry.

Unbeknownst to me I rendered Rena as the White Goddess in 1971. It was this painting that bewitched my famous sister ‘Rosamond’. I mention Gwion Bach in a claim I filed against the estate of Christine Rosamond Benton. Too bad Rena has no one to share her poetry with, for I believe she is the embodiment of Cerridwen, the mother of Gwion Bach, or Taliesin of the Arthurian Legends. Rena Easton appears to be stirring the pot as Cerridwen, who is sometimes called ‘The Goddess of Poetry’. Rena is Mnemosyne, the mother of the Muses, because she has committed to memory thousands of poems. That she is now associated with Arthurian Legend, makes her a candidate for Mary Magdalene.

Jon Presco

Graves described The White Goddess as “a historical grammar of the language of poetic myth.” The book draws from the mythology and poetry of Wales and Ireland especially, as well as that of most of Western Europe and the ancient Middle East. Relying on arguments from etymology and the use of forensic techniques to uncover what he calls ‘iconotropic’ redaction of original myths, Graves argues for the worship of a single goddess under many names, an idea that came to be known as “Matriarchal religion” in feminist theology of the 1970s.

Rena of Little Bohemia

Posted on December 5, 2015 by Royal Rosamond Press


When I went to visit Rena in Lincoln Nebraska she gave me a poster advertising the Oktoberfest the University was holding. Her naked in the woods image filled most of the poster. It was very Teutonic. I wish I had not cut away the words. It would have been a collectors item.

When Rena came out of her dorm, she was wearing a large velvet green cape and tall boots. Again I had trouble breathing as she came at me, her head slightly down, her eyes fixed on me like her prey. The greatest tragecy of my life, is, we were not done playing. I told her I wanted to move to Lincoln, find an old farm, and paint large canvases of her.


Above is a poster advertising a concert at Sokol Hall where the Hell’s Angels were in attendance. The poet, Michael McClure wrote a biography of Freewheelin Frank and invited the Angels to the first Human Be-In. McClure was a good friend of my good friend, who helped me investigate the death of my late sister who was inspired to take up art when she saw my large canvas of Rena – wearing a blue cape. I had Gloria make me a blue cape in 1975. I saw myself as Strider.

The Sokol was inspired by the Turnverien that my ancestors brought to the Bay Area, and later merged with them. The founder was a Art Historian.

Jon Presco

‘King of the Bohemians’

Copyright 2015

The name “Sokol” means falcon, a bird known for its strength, swiftness and energy, symbolizing the active, vigorous, strenuous, and independent life, which is the ideal of Sokol programs.


Miroslav Tyrš (17 August 1832 – 8 August 1884) was a Czech art historian, sports organizer and founder of the Sokol movement.

Little Bohemia, or Bohemian Town, is a historic neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska. Starting in the 1880s, Czech immigrants settled in this highly concentrated area, also called “Praha” (Prague) or “Bohemian Town”, bounded by South 10th Street on the east, South 16th Street on the west, Pierce Street on the north, and Martha Street on the south, with a commercial area went along South 13th and South 14th Streets, centered on William Street.[1] It was located south of downtown, and directly west of Little Italy.

The Bohemian Cafe, South 13th Street

Early Czech immigrants from Austria-Hungary found work in Omaha’s meatpacking industry, at the American Smelting and Refining Company lead smelter north of downtown, or at the Union Pacific shops.[2] Institutions in the community included the Prague Hotel, built by Gottlieb Storz in 1898; Sokol Auditorium, built in 1926 by one of Omaha’s four sokols, and St. Wenceslaus Church, a Czech Catholic Church. By 1919 the community also had a general store, grocery, dry goods store, a bakery, a shoemaker, saloon, milliner, and doctor.[3]

As South Omaha‘s meatpacking industry grew, many Czechs moved from Bohemia Town to South Omaha, closer to their employment. Later concentrations of Czechs developed on the east side of South Omaha.[3] The Immigration Act of 1924 was largely responsible for ending large-scale immigration of Czechs to Omaha.

Wensel Braskewitz

Born in Bohemia on 1851. Wensel married Christine Marie Roth and had 3 children. He passed away on 1921.

Family Members


  • Unavailable
  • Unavailable



Freewheelin Frank Reynolds died at 1:00 in the morning on January 30th, 2003, at sixty years of age. He maintained his humor and enjoyment of living in his cabin in the redwoods by his beloved waterfall, in company with his cat, the deer, the foxes, and a passing bear. Those who have seen Frank recently, found him in clearness of mind, Zen expectancy of death, and manly resolution. Frank was the Secretary of the San Francisco Hells Angels in the 60’s, in his middle years he began practicing Zen meditation. He has been a Zen hermit for many years.

San Francisco 1966

Hell’s Angel Freewheelin Frank, Michael McClure and George Montana are rehearsing at Michael’s place for a local performance. They would put music to McClure’s poetry and play and sing their hearts out. It was in sessions like this that McClure’s “Oh lord, please buy me a Mercedes Benz” was developed as a political song, which Janis Joplin then turned into a pop song.

Tyrš did not study art or art history but he received proper education from Robert von Zimmermann, visiting art galleries in Germany, France, Italy and England and reading art history books (Johann Joachim WinckelmannGotthold Ephraim LessingFriedrich SchillerArthur SchopenhauerHippolyte TaineHerbert SpencerHenry Thomas BuckleKarl SchnaaseGustav Friedrich WaagenFranz Theodor KuglerAnton Heinrich SpringerJohannes Overbeck and Giovanni Morelli).[2]

His first book on aesthetics was Hod olympický (Olympic Feast, 1868), an ode to Greek arts and sports. In his next book O zákonech kompozice v umění výtvarném (The Law of Composition in Art, 1873) he distinguishes three kinds of art work: 1. more content than form, 2. balanced, 3. more form than content. His study O zákonu konvergence při tvoření uměleckém (The Law of Convergence in Creating Art, 1880) he argues that both form and content should be submitted to the artist’s idea. The idea is influenced by external conditions which he described in his other important books O slohu gotickém (Gothic Style, 1881), Láokoón, dílo z doby římské (Laocoön, Masterpiece from the Roman Times, 1873), PhidiasMyronPolyklet (1879) and the unfinished Raffael Santi a díla jeho (Raffael Santi and his work, 1873, published 1933). Tyrš saw an ideal type of Czechslavic men and women in the paintings of Josef Mánes but on the other side he did not think highly of Mikoláš Aleš.[2] His life interest and greatest monograph was focused on the life and work of Jaroslav Čermák (1879). Among the world painters he appreciated mainly Eugène Delacroix.[2]

In 1887 the Habsburg authorities finally allowed, after over twenty years worth of proposals, the formation of a union of Sokol clubs – Czech Sokol Community (Česká obec sokolská, ČOS). The union centralized all the Sokols in the Czech lands and sent Sokol trainers to the rest of the Slavic world to found Sokol institutions in KrakówLjubljanaZagreb, and even the Russian Empire (mostly the Ukrainian lands).

In 1889, though officially forbidden by the authorities, members of the Prague Sokol went to the World’s Fair in Paris. There they won several medals and established strong connections with French gymnasts and the French public. The Sokols have been credited with establishing the beginning of the strong French sympathy for the Czechs and their subsequent political alliances on this trip[citation needed].

Members of Sokol who emigrated from Czechoslovakia set up small Sokol groups abroad. This Sokol migration, for a variety of reasons, began even before Czechoslovakia became a nation in 1918, intensified as a result of the World Wars and the Communist suppression, and continues to this day. Bohemian, Moravian, and Slovak immigrants and Czech-American citizens started the American Sokol Organization in St. Louis Missouri in 1865, only three years after the first Prague Sokol. Units quickly formed and by 1878, the United States had 13 Sokol chapters. By 1937, American Sokol membership rolls counted nearly 20,000 adults in areas as far-flung as New York CityNew JerseyPittsburghChicagoDetroitClevelandOaklandIowaMinnesotaNebraskaOklahomaSt. LouisTexas, Nyack and parts of Canada. Senator Roman Hruska of Nebraska, who was of Czech heritage, was a lifelong member of Sokol Omaha.

Hruska was born in David City, Nebraska. His ancestors were Czech immigrants, and he was proud of his Czech heritage. He was a lifelong member of Sokol Omaha, American Sokol Organization, celebrating his Czech heritage.

Even after Nixon resigned, Hruska defended him and claimed Watergate only became a scandal as part of a partisan effort to attack Nixon.[1]

History of Sokol San Francisco Unit

Sokol San Francisco was founded in 1904 as part of American Sokol. The founding members of the San Francisco Sokol were: J.J. Justice, Frank Lastufka, Bohumil Kantner, Antonin Matlach, Frank Budinsky, Karel Kotal, Josef Fousek, Josef Widerman, Jan Zak and Vaclav Storek. They met on August 22nd 1904 and formulated the preliminary steps for instituting the Sokol organization in Bay Area.

In January 1910, Czech women organized a new branch of Sokol called “Sokolice” San Francisco Unit, an independent unit of Sokol SF and held classes with gymnastics the German Turner Hall at the Mission Street. One year later, on January 31, 1911 the two units were combined, creating one unified – Gymnastic Association Sokol – San Francisco Inc.

  • By 1912 the Sokol Hall was built at 739 [Page Street in San Francisco. For many years it was the seat of the Pacific District of Sokol and many other Slavic organizations enjoyed the use of the building.
  • After the beginning of World War I in 1914, many of the young Sokol gymnasts were drafted and a large number of them never returned.
  • In 1918 Sokol SF raised $10,000 to help then Professor Thomas Garrigue Masaryk to create an independent new country, the Czechoslovak Republic.
  • Sokol SF was very active organization during World War II. $25,000 was raised to support the Red Cross during that difficult time.
  • In 1960, Sokol SF was proud to unveil a bust of the first Czechoslovak President Thomas G. Masaryk in the Rose Garden of the Golden Gate Park.
  • In 1968 the first Sokol Hall on Page Street was sold, and a Sokol SF purchased a new building in San Mateo.

The Little Bohemia neighborhood has had several important landmarks.[4]

  • Prague Hotel on the SW corner of South 13th and William Streets.
  • Bohemian Presbyterian Church at 1474 Hickory Street. There is a stained glass chalice above door, which is a symbol of the Hussite movement. Czech language services ended in 1980, and today it is home to Templo Victoria and Spanish language services.
  • Bohemian Cafe on the SW corner of South 13th and William Streets.
  • Famous Disney animator Art Babbitt lived at 1436 S. 13th as a child.
  • Tourek Engraving and Printing on South 13th Street.
  • Milacek and Sons Monument Company across from the Bohemian National Cemetery on Center Street.
  • Bohemian National Cemetery on Center Street.
  • Donut Stop on South 13th Street.
  • Tomasek Machine Shop, Inc. on South 13th Street.
  • Sokol Auditorium and Gymnastics Hall on the northwest corner of South 13th and Martha Streets.
  • Huser Printing, a Czech family printing business on South 13th Street.
  • Former Bohemian-American National Committee headquarters at 1211 South 13th Street.
  • St. Wenceslaus Church

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