Flight – Lara Roozemond


This is a poem from Lara sent to my e-mail on April 17th. I just found it. Are you getting a message, a cry for “HELP!” ?

No one responds to her poetry, but me. I first sent her a url to this blog when I did. I think she thought it was spam, thought that was all she deserves. It is said life imitates art. The top pic came with the poem. It has occurred to me that if I died, I might be….an angel.


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on Flight

I swim
I swim in a sea of rules
I get stuck in a safety net of fear
Words are shooting through space
Tears are building up
Fires will go flames
Bomb explodes
Hard noise, limited visibility
No oxygen
Run in danger

I run
I run without a final destination
I am hunting but without protection
I get out of breath but I do not stop
I am tired but I ignore that
I’m going on

I’m going on
I do not have to stand still
I need a new adventure
I need confirmation
I have to keep hunting
I have to adrenaline
I have to continue

I flee
and I know why
I’m going to keep the secret
I’m not telling you
You do not know
It does not do anything to you
I’m not hurting you
You do not feel any pain
I hurt myself
I feel pain
I am in pain
I am in pain
Stop at au

I stop
I stop for now
I return
I feel small
I want to be myself
I do not want to be myself
I’m stuck
I’m stuck
I’m stuck
I’m stuck
Back to the sea
I’m going to swim again

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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