Lara Roozemond and Edward Burnes-Jones

Lara Roozemond does not have a clue what it means to be my Pre-Raphaelit Muse. To here that there were 80,000 prostitutes in London due to the Industrail Age, is testomony to the truth that Man has put Woman beneath him to cushion his fall, as it was just before Adam and Eve were thrown out of Paradise. And we Old Hippies still take the blake for being into free love, there a million maidens around the world, giving it away for free. Not as much as a farthing or washer and dryer.


The Unattainable Heart of the Rose


I attended Eugene’s Art Walk last night. At the New Zone Gallery, in walked a Bohemian Pre-Raphaelite vision. She looked like the model for Edward Burnes-Jones ‘Briar Rose’.  Around her waist and covering her derriere, was a mantle of sorts, whereon were fashioned roses twisted into the sweater-like material.

“You’re a very heavily textured person. I love everything your wearing, especially the rose shawl.”

I wanted to say ‘Fanny Shawl’.

“Where did you get it?” I asked.

“At the Belly Dancer Convention! she answered brightly.

“No you didn’t. You are lying!”

“Yes I did. I’m a Belly Dancer!”

“Why are you doing this to me? Do you know Caroline Quinn? I came to see her work. She’s a dancer. Do you know her?”

“I have heard of her. I’m a Quinn! My people come from England.” she proudly announced.

“Stop it! You’re a Jinn, come to take me back to the Net of Coincidence! This is too much. You look like an Edward Burne-Jones, the Pre-Raphaelite.

“What are they?”

“Give me your e-mail and I will show you. Can I take your picture?”

“I don’t think I am a hat person. I don’t wear one often.”

I take her photo and show her the top photo.

“Your are a born hat person!” I declared! And Rachel Quinn had to agree. Note the rose on Rachel’s hat and her strong chin. She has awoken from the Bower of the Briar Rose.

Rosamond Press

Love and the Pilgrim 1896-7 Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, Bt 1833-1898 Presented by the Art Fund 1942

I was reminded of the muses of Edward Burnes-Jones when I beheld photographs of Lara Roozemond, especially of the images of his daughter, Margaret. The Sleeping Beauty Princess was named, Rosamond. If there is a movie or series made from my vision, I would like to see the Pre-Raphaelite Brother and Sisterhood become a integral part of our culture. The value of their work is on the increase. Their imagery is the source of all the Tolkien movies and Game of Thrones.

The creative grouping around the author, Virginia Woolf, is astonishing. Her mother was another model for Edward, and looks like his daughter. A study has to be done. Lara has the body of these women floating about in robes, because they do not own Lara’s long legs. She definitely owns…

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