Alcoholic King of Anarchists

Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Copyright 2021

When Tom-Tom came to Eugene to visit his best friend, Ed and Mark Gall brought him over to meet me – a fellow writer. We got to talking about the poet, Robert Graves, and his book ‘The White Goddess’ that my friend Casey turned me on to. Leaving my appartment to go to lunch, Kevin came out of his room and asked…..

“Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friends?”

Tom is around 6’3′. But, his bearing, his aura, gives him unlimited presence. I watched him grow – and tower over ‘The King of the Arachists’ – who shrunk in size!

“Excuse me. You are in our way. We did not to come to visit you!”

Kevin heard Alley Vlakyrie and her gang was after me, doing their best to smear my reputtion because

  1. They saw me as their competition because I have been On The Bus, and. own many years of sobriety.
  2. They understood I was going to destroy their reputation and expose them as a gang of drug addicts and alcoholics hiding behind the homeless – and using the to get their needs met.

At the time, a anonymous person said they wanted to give a homeless group $400,000 dollars. It is being reported that there are many alcoholics amongst the homeless, because many of them have been evicted, and, due to THEIR DISEASE, they have lost their jobs and family. It looked like – I HAD THE ANSWER!

Kevin and I had met in 1987 at Bennett’s who lived in one of the four quads that shared a kitchen on 16th. It was filled with Punk Rockers dressed in black. They sat on the bank wall on 13th. They invited me to a Rave. I went. I typed all day. Some of the kids heard me, and knocked on my door. In no time I am counseling these young girls who were sexually abused in their homes. They ran away.

I fell in love with Amily who was twenty-four in a coffee shop on 13th. I wanted her to be my muse. We almost became lovers. Kevin was aware of this, as was our mutual friend, Serena, the Queen of the Anarchists’. My sober friends thought I was heading for a relapse. I told them I am bringing a message to those who need it. That’s Kevin in green. The next time I see him I am going to ask him to a AA meeting. I am now going to talk about the Disease of Religious Addiction.

Many Christian leaders and Republicans’ politicians who can call themselves Christians, are encouraging their flocks – NOT TO GET VACCINATED – and save their lives from a pandemic, the coronavirus. Imagine a minister attending an AA meeting, opening a Bible, and quoting passages as to why all Christians should ABANDON Alcoholics Anonymous, and, try the cure of being……”washed in the blood of the lamb”!

We have become a divided nation. The Left backs a real sex offender! The Right backs a real sex offender. Half of American voters backed a serial sex offender who THEY KNOW launched a coup and may do so again. Here is the second step in AA….

“Came to believe a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.”

Can you imagine me sitting at a table across from Ken Kesey reading him this from the Big Book – as we clutch a cup of coffee? Then The Two Sober Ones run abound taking turns wearing a Soviet Flag – doing street theatre – and laughing our asses off?

Here is my poem that Amily inspired.

Gambit | Rosamond Press

Kevin Belle and the Gambit | Rosamond Press


Some G.O.P. Leaders Speak Out in Favor of Covid Vaccines (

The Russian Prophecies – Come True

Posted on November 14, 2017 by Royal Rosamond Press

On March 27, 2014, I published ‘The Russian Prophecies’ that have come true! How did this happen? How come no one saw John (Ivan) Trump coming, and his undying love for the ex-head of the KGB.

Well, I saw it coming, and I stuck my neck out – with predictable results! I have been demonized and abused. Senior Prophet Abuse is now a major concern – or should be!

Jon ‘The Seer’

As the Delta variant rips through conservative swaths of the country, some elected Republicans are facing growing pressure from public health advocates to speak out — not only in favor of their constituents being inoculated against the coronavirus but also against media figures and elected officials who are questioning the vaccines.

Republican senators who favor vaccination are still taking pains not to mention the names of colleagues, such as Senators Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Rand Paul of Kentucky, who have given voice to vaccine skepticism, or media personalities like Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson, who expresses such skepticism almost nightly.

Ultimate Enemy – Alcohol | Rosamond Press

Banned From The Mall

Posted on August 1, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

Jeffrey Walton resisted arrest because he sees himself as a downtown Eugene Anarchist that became SLEEPS. He is defended by friends of Alley Valkrie and Belle Burch who concealed the truth she has a MOB to watch her back. When I found this out, I blogged on THIS TRUTH. Belle took my number, and later called me. Trump and Sessions have a MOB to back them, and fight their battles. They will do anything to win, and, avoid Justice. Those women are defending a REAL SEX OFFENDER because he is a member of their MOB. This is where ALL of America is heading. We the People are being egged on by a handful of dangerous lunatics. Get the opposition – and destroy them!

John Presco

The scapegoat is never forgiven, never set free.

Rosamond Press

After blogging all morning I lay on my couch watching the first news. I hear that Roy Moore has been banned from the mall for harassing young girls, but, many women voters in Alabama will stick by him. I consider this title for tomorrow’s blog;


I now consider reposting ‘The Black Doll Revisited’ with news of the killing of drug dealers in the Philipines, but, I might get people in trouble. Then, on CBS News I see this black woman holding a black doll – of herself! WHAT THE?!!!! This headline comes to mind;


Next, I see the angry face of Ron Wyden, he demanding answers about a black basketball player who is being investigated for sexual assault. Here is what Alley’s lover said about me

“His desire to demonstrate his superior masculinity is linked to…

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