Banned From The Mall

Jeffrey Walton resisted arrest because he sees himself as a downtown Eugene Anarchist that became SLEEPS. He is defended by friends of Alley Valkrie and Belle Burch who concealed the truth she has a MOB to watch her back. When I found this out, I blogged on THIS TRUTH. Belle took my number, and later called me. Trump and Sessions have a MOB to back them, and fight their battles. They will do anything to win, and, avoid Justice. Those women are defending a REAL SEX OFFENDER because he is a member of their MOB. This is where ALL of America is heading. We the People are being egged on by a handful of dangerous lunatics. Get the opposition – and destroy them!

John Presco

The scapegoat is never forgiven, never set free.

Rosamond Press

After blogging all morning I lay on my couch watching the first news. I hear that Roy Moore has been banned from the mall for harassing young girls, but, many women voters in Alabama will stick by him. I consider this title for tomorrow’s blog;


I now consider reposting ‘The Black Doll Revisited’ with news of the killing of drug dealers in the Philipines, but, I might get people in trouble. Then, on CBS News I see this black woman holding a black doll – of herself! WHAT THE?!!!! This headline comes to mind;


Next, I see the angry face of Ron Wyden, he demanding answers about a black basketball player who is being investigated for sexual assault. Here is what Alley’s lover said about me

“His desire to demonstrate his superior masculinity is linked to…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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