Kevin Belle and the Gambit


Kevin was my neighbor for ten years. We lived next door to each other at the Stoner apartment building on 19th. Kevin would invite me to radical events. Here he is in a photo with Ambrose, Belle’s boyfriend. In the top photo we see Belle with Ambrose and his radical friends. When you go after someone you do not know, best see who his, or her, friends are.

Kevin and I had mutual friends going back to 1987. I lived in a quad and my neighbor was the King of the Punkers, many who were homeless. The young women would come knock on my door as I typed away, they wanting me to help them with their woes. I was forty-one. They called me Mr. Green Jeans. When my bank kicked them off the wall they sat on on 13th. I withdrew my money. I went to a late night punk concert, all the time attending Serenity Lane.

Kevin’s girlfriend, Serena, had been my good friend. We use to talk for hours at the café Romero. She was homeless half the time. She was a writer and a poet. She was a street waif and punker. When 60 Minutes did a segment on Eugene’s Anarchists, they wanted her on their show, because she was known as ‘The Queen of the Anarchist’. She lay low. Who was the King?

Kevin, Serena, and I had a mutual friend, Amily. She was my Muse that I saw in café Romero. She was crying. She had lived in a castle in France with her parents. She had a bullet in her leg. Her father was a drug smuggler. I would talk with Nancy about Amily, who had a daughter by the same name. Nancy was aware of my mission, to get sober, but continue to mingle with Bohemian types.

Amily and I worked on a poem together. It was about two people who spot each other through another dimension, like a knothole in a fence. They know each other from the past. They continue their game. Amily and Belle look alike. The poem is called ‘Gambit’. The final curtain has been raised. Now, my dear reader, you see the whole stage.

The word music comes from muse. An angel of music, would be a muse. I was Christine’s teacher whom she loved dearly. She painted for my approval. Belle was my protégé, and Heir. I do not make offers. I fulfill destinies.

When Belle and I met at the Wandering Goat, from the get she is lecturing me on the importance of genealogies. I am reminded of the Swan Knight who marries Elsa under the condition she never inquire about his ancestry. When she does, he disappears from her life. My ancestors were Swan Brethren in Holland. The muse and the artist move in other dimensions. The attack on artists and writers in Paris has rendered a great wound that the Swan Knight returns……… repair!

Do not meddle in things you do not understand. Belle has the neck of a swan.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014

Gambit (1987)


Jon Presco and his Muse, Amily



Remember when it was her turn
to be brave
How she reveled in her chance
to play
in the dance of the sunsets

How wild her eyes
in this juggling act
Full of sea-set waves
of her hand
that withdrew every dove
from your reluctant heart

What she did with your promises
stacking the old moments on edge
Daring you now
to recognize your life without her
Becoming afraid of her.

The new promises made
met with a hush
in the coming night
in the failing light
she came for her victory kiss
No more conjuring ways
all the doves
were asleep in her arms

From the land
a warm breeze
wrapped her long hair
around your embrace
while the new rumor
and web play
refrains of whispering strings
touching the back of your neck
Now afraid for her.

For we have all lost
the best things owned
The longest memories are made
in the dance of the broken sunsets
And perhaps brave?
Who alone would know
Being afraid
with her

kevin9 Broken-Mirror_Evening-Sky6-650x845


Chess. an opening in which a player seeks to obtain some advantage by sacrificing a pawn or piece.
any maneuver by which one seeks to gain an advantage.
a remark made to open or redirect a conversation.

Lohengrin is a character in German Arthurian literature. The son of Parzival (Percival), he is a knight of the Holy Grail sent in a boat pulled by swans to rescue a maiden who can never ask his identity. His story, which first appears in Wolfram von Eschenbach‘s Parzival, is a version of the Knight of the Swan legend known from a variety of medieval sources. Wolfram’s story was expanded in two later romances. Richard Wagner‘s opera Lohengrin of 1848 is based upon the legend.

According to Wagner the Grail imbues the Knight of the Swan with mystical powers that can only be maintained if their nature is kept secret; hence the danger of Elsa’s question. The most famous piece from Lohengrin is the “Bridal Chorus” (“Here Comes the Bride”), still played at many Western weddings.

On Sunday, April 20, 2014 11:51 AM, Belle Burch wrote:

Yes, those are my hands in the RG. That was the first time I had ever appeared in the news as an activist.

Yes, I got a misdemeanor along with 11 other people for trying to talk to a silent and (cowardly) hiding John RUIZ.

I LOVE Crouching Tiger. It’s one of my favorites. The scene where the two young warrior lovers are in the bath together in the desert is my favorite part I think.

Is Bohemian a language as well as a place? Or are you referring to Romani? Was Romani the language that was spoken in Bohemia?

I’d like to hear more of your personal life story. “When I got sober”, “When I was homeless”, “When I was fighting cancer”……. these are words you drop and then let flit by without much detail or explanation or storytelling. I want those details and stories. Please.

Tell me what you thought of my poem. Did it make you feel anything? Did it make you think? If so, what?”


keseysq8 kevin2 kevin5

Come to Rose Mountain.


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