The Gideon Computer Atop Beacon Hill

I had to push these New York Jokers out of my aura. These are not Artist Warriors but ghoulish parasites.

Rosamond Press

After I talked to my friend, Casey Farrell, I realized I had employed my science fiction novel, The Gideon Computer, to return to Beacon Hill – in the future! It was not safe for me to do so in 1987, or 1986, because I should have died at the hands of very bad men stabbing me to death with knives – back in 1972! Being a Futurian can be confusing. Memory loss – works both ways! I suspect Casey is a Futurian, too, because he came up with a antidote for the creative condition, and not writing it down – he forgot it! This indicates it is a common antidote – of the future – that we both got a glimpse of, and, may return again in one of our hour long discussions. We are going to do a radio show, the name of, will remain a mystery – for…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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