Honoring The Queen and Admiral Easton

When I first learned Admiral Easton married my Muse, Rena Easton, I knew there was a important message – from the the future! I missed our President’s visit to Queen Elizabeth as I looked at the death of Sean and Kathleen.

I belong to two James Bond’s facegroup groups that discuss the work of my kindred, Ian Fleming, and the Bond movies. Fleming served in the Royal Navy. My kindred are being talked about. I have started two Bond books, in order to defeat the enemy at our gate. I am attacked by my vain daughter and her family, as well as all aspects of the Buck foundation. People want me to fail. They want me to be – A FAILURE! I contacted two attorneys yesterday. I will trying to contact two producers – today!

This talk of Putin’s dueling swagger, is my ‘High Noon Prophecy’ come true. Things can go very wrong. This kind of military posturing – HAS LED TO WAR!

Last night I looked at some land I might buy – when I strike it rich! It’s about five miles outside Bozeman, where Rena did not want me to live, because, I would cramp her reclusive style. She might feel obligated to be sociable. I really wanted to hear how she handled the social life of Admiral Easton. I still do.

“And….this is my Cowgirl wife from Nebraska! Like John Wayne and Cooper, she uses the English language, sparingly, and, will not be dining with us.”

Seer John

Pres Biden meets The Queen – YouTube

(1) James bond 007 fan group | Facebook

(1) James Bond 007 | Facebook

Putin swaggers toward summit with Biden as an old hand at dueling with the West (msn.com)

The Russian president’s one-on-one with NBC has been widely aired and much discussed across state media platforms. In it, Putin dropped a Russian schoolyard rhyme in response to one question and alluded to the satirical Soviet novel “The Little Golden Calf” in another — references for a Russian audience rather than an American one.

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  • June 12, 2021

President Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, are scheduled to meet again with Queen Elizabeth II on Sunday at Windsor Castle as part of the U.S. leader’s first foreign trip as president.

The president and first lady will visit with the queen before traveling to Brussels for meetings with NATO and European Union leaders.

The world’s longest-reigning monarch, Elizabeth has met with every American president since Harry S. Truman, except Lyndon B. Johnson.

The British monarch last hosted an American president in June 2019, when Donald J. Trump came to the country on a lavish state visit. The event stirred some debate because only a handful of American presidents have received the honor of an official state visit.


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