Cyber Pearl Harbor

I had bad dreams last night. I spend a lot of time out of my body. I believe Admiral Easton and his daughter Katie, have been communicating with me from the other side. I saw a nuclear winter and a huge attack on our trucking. We are under psychic attack. I will ignore all lesser beings who want to rob my energy – for kicks! I am the Merlin of our time. I am a Seer.


For generations, the U.S. president and his Russian or Soviet counterpart have turned to diplomacy

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Since at least World War II, the President of the United States and his Russian or Soviet counterpart have turned to direct diplomacy to try to bridge divides between the two countries. Even during the most tense moments of the Cold War, conversations between the U.S. and Russia continued. On the eve of the first meeting between Presidents Biden and Putin, Ed O’Keefe looks back at some of the historic moments.Biden to Putin: If you don’t cooperate, ‘we will respond’ (

Why Vladimir Putin Wants A Deal to Prevent ‘Cyber Pearl Harbor’ From Pulling Joe Biden Into War ( Russian President 

Vladimir Putin is seeking an agreement from his U.S. counterpart 

Joe Biden in order to rein in global cyberwarfare. Moscow sees the effort as critical in stemming an already raging 21st-century digital arms race and avoiding a miscalculation that could spark a conflict between the two top military powers.

Putin made note of this latent threat in September, asserting that “one of today’s major strategic challenges is the risk of a large-scale confrontation in the digital field,” and in later remarks referred to Newsweek by the Russian embassy in Washington.

The comment came alongside a four-point plan to establish high-level communication between Washington and Moscow on what Russia refers to as “international information security,” including through existing bodies dealing with nuclear and computer readiness, as well as through the establishment of new rules of the road mirroring U.S.-Soviet agreements on avoiding maritime incidents, and mutual “guarantees of non-intervention into internal affairs of each other.”

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