The Return of The Janitor

“No ovations! I failed to become the Count of Monte Christo. I’ll have to retrain as an apartment manager”.[1] (the 1932 English translation reads: “I shall have to qualify as a janitor”)

Around 8:30 A.M. on June 15,2021, I took a break for breakfast, but glanced at ‘The Little Golden Calf’ that Putin mentioned. I gasped when I read the words above. I told my friend, Spooky Noodles I was placing my chess pieces on the board, in preparation for the first moves of BOTH our enemies. Putin moved – THE GOLDEN CALF – and…..THE GOLDEN FLEECE – as THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO, or, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA.

When I read Rena worked as a JANITOR, tears welled in my eyes. I must now go to a HIGHER LEVEL. In 1970….my Guardian Angel fell in love with this beautiful seventeen year old child, and left me to be with her. But, my angel was not gone! My angel left me to be with my un-born daughter, and her half-brothers, but, my angel is not gone! I am something else.

CHINA played THE DEATH CARD. This is to say, their population will keep replacing itself like sand on the shore. They believe in this, and….NOTHING MORE!

Who can fight a war on TWO FRONTS? What kind of chessboard is this – with three opponents on the checker-pattern and once? What does China fear the most?

I may make youtubes videos to go with my posts.

Rena wrote;

“I have worked as a janitor for about thirteen years, now.”

She says she has been married for fourteen years. I could not see a proud cowboy type allowing his wife to go to town and work as a janitor. The government gave Bruce a hundred thousands dollars a year – to raise cattle!

I do believe Rena danced in the Royal Ballet – which is an amazing contrast, the stuff books and movies are made of. This is the problem with Chinese Culture, it has no pathos, no human feelings. Their ballets look like renditions of Rice Planters forever out in the fields, sewing a infinite amount of rice for un-feeling people. Russia has soul – and a great ballet!

I challenge China to a International Poetry and Violin Contest! If they do not accept, then the West, and the World, should got back to IGNORING THEM! Just – IGNORE!

Seer John

(63) IL CIGNO NERO: Il cigno nero – YouTube

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There are two alternative endings to The Golden Calf. One was written at the time the novel was originally submitted for publication to the magazine Thirty Days. The other appeared later, probably due to the objections to the writers for lionizing their main character. According to the first, Ostap Bender, after obtaining his “million”, gets to know the sorrow of a lonely man who has fulfilled his purpose, renounces the fortune, and marries his beloved, Zoya Sinitskaya. In the second, he is torn. At first, he returns his “million” to the Commissariat of Finance, but then changes his mind. Determined to travel to Rio de Janeiro, he is caught crossing the Romanian border and sent back home, after being deprived of his fortune by Romanian border guards.

“No ovations! I failed to become the Count of Monte Christo. I’ll have to retrain as an apartment manager”.[1] (the 1932 English translation reads: “I shall have to qualify as a janitor”)

China, Its Military Might Expanding, Accuses NATO of Hypocrisy (

China’s former leader, Deng Xiaoping, famously used an old proverb to describe the country’s foreign policy after the end of the Cold War: “Hide our strength, bide our time.” Those days are long gone.

China now faces a world that increasingly views its economic and military might as a threat that must be confronted, as NATO’s leaders made clear in their summit in Brussels.

While China poses virtually no direct military threat to Europe, which is NATO’s home field, it can now flex its military power in ways that were unimaginable only a few years ago — not only in Asia, but also globally.

Chinese officials reacted to NATO’s declaration with anger and scorn, accusing the alliance of recycling outdated Cold War strategies. A spokesman for China’s foreign ministry warned on Tuesday that forming cliques and forcing countries to choose sides were strategies doomed to fail.

Even as NATO leaders met in Brussels, the American aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan and several other warships moved into the disputed waters of the South China Sea, with the group’s commander, Rear Adm. Will Pennington, vowing to protect “international law and rules-based order,” wording that echoed NATO’s communiqué. Hours later, 28 Chinese fighter jets and other aircraft — the largest fleet in years — conducted their own show of force over waters south of Taiwan, the island democracy that China claims as its own.

The Little Golden Calf – Wikipedia

Suddenly rich, Bender faces the problem of how to spend his money in a Communist country where there are no legal millionaires. Nothing of the life of the rich that Bender dreamt of seems possible in the Soviet Union. Frustrated, Bender even decides to anonymously donate the money to the Ministry of Finance, but changes his mind. He turns the money into jewels and gold, and tries to cross the Romanian border, only to be robbed by the Romanian border guards, leaving him only with a medal, the Order of the Golden Fleece.

The Distinguished Order of the Golden Fleece (SpanishInsigne Orden del Toisón de Oro,[1] GermanOrden vom Goldenen Vlies) is a Catholic order of chivalry founded in Bruges by Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy, in 1430,[2] to celebrate his marriage to Isabella of Portugal. Today, two branches of the order exist, namely the Spanish and the Austrian Fleece; the current grand masters are Felipe VIKing of Spain and Karl von Habsburg, head of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine, respectively. The Grand Chaplain of the Austrian branch is Cardinal Christoph SchönbornArchbishop of Vienna.

Order of the Golden Fleece – Wikipedia

Philip was born into the French royal family as Philippe, Duke of Anjou. He was the second son of Louis, Grand Dauphin, who was the son and heir of King Louis XIV. The Grand Dauphin had the strongest genealogical claim to the Spanish throne held by his maternal uncle, King Charles II. However, since neither the Grand Dauphin nor his eldest son, Louis, Duke of Burgundy, could be displaced from the succession to the French throne, King Charles named the Duke of Anjou as his heir in his will. He ascended the Spanish throne in 1700 as King Philip V.

Current knights of the order include Queen Elizabeth IIEmperor Akihito of Japan, former Tsar Simeon of Bulgaria, and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, amongst 13 others. Knights of the Austrian branch include 33 noblemen and princes of small territories in Central Europe, most of them of German or Austrian origin.

During this time, the Burgundian court was culturally leading in Europe and so the new order, with its festivals, ceremonies, rituals and constitution, was seen by many as a role model in the sense of a princely order based on the ideals of Christian chivalry. Aid to the Byzantine Empire or the pushing back of the Ottomans was repeatedly promoted by the Burgundian dukes in connection with their order. The Burgundian fleet actually crossed Rhodes and the Black Sea, but all of the ideas came from an extended planning phase that was not yet complete.[18][19] After the death of Charles the Bold in an attempt to conquer the Duchy of Lorraine caused the extinction of the House of Burgundy in 1477, the order passed to the House of Habsburg.[20] A few months after his marriage to the heiress Mary of BurgundyEmperor Maximilian of Habsburg was knighted in Bruges on April 30, 1478 and then appointed sovereign (grand master) of the order. All renegade or disloyal knights of the order in the course of the subsequent War of the Burgundian Succession were expelled from the order by Maximilian. The memory of the dead was erased and their coats of arms were broken.[21]

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