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Dear President Biden and Governor Newsom;

Alcohol Justice has launched a campaign against you both. Where do they get the authority to do this? I am a member of Alcoholic’s Anonymous, and have thirty-four years of sobriety. We in recovery did not elect this aspect of the Buck Institute and Foundation to be our collective voice and bid them to launch a crusade of any kind. Read the twelve traditions of AA, that forbids this kind of structure. There is no such thing as “Justice”. We do not seek justice, but a sober way of life.

A week ago I discovered Alcohol Justice, and Wells Fargo bank, held a Recovery Film Festival. This was 2014. In 2019, Wells Fargo founds a Beverage and Agribusiness that brags about having five billions dollars to loan to wineries and breweries. This is a Conflict of Interest that may be fraud, as in a video I saw this recovery is titled a “industry”. The business of recovery rakes in billions of dollars. Is Alcohol Justice going after HEADS into order to increase its reputaion? To see my bank taking part in this – is very disturbing. I am up against BIG RECOVERY!

Google: “REEL Recovery Film Festival – San Francisco 2014 – Highlights

(58) REEL Recovery Film Festival – San Francisco 2014 – Highlights – YouTube

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