I Am A Nazarite

I took the Vow of the Nazarite in 1988. I began to study the Bible and have made some profound discoveries. For twenty years I have been wondering about Jesus overturning the Money Lender’s Tables, that one can say is what I just did. My father owned a small produce company Acme Produce. I titled Victor ‘The Spud King’. I wondered where Jesus got A WHIP. Then I read about the phylactery. Was Jesus a Pharisee, and, he unwrapped the leather thong on his arm – and used it as a whip? Was this account taken from another source that occurred at a different time? Did a famous Jewish Sage do this? How old was this sage? Thirteen? Were the elders amazed at the advanced lessons he gave about the Tefillin? Did they consider this young an a candidate for Messiah? I have brought you to the edge of the divine. Where is my Go-el Redeemer? Where is my brother?

PHYLACTERIES – JewishEncyclopedia.com

The Booth of David | Rosamond Press

Renter’s Jubilee | Rosamond Press

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God made me a Nazarite. He led me to the Shembe Zulu Nazarites. I wrote them a four page letter in 1988. After spending two years in isolation reading both books of the Bible, I concluded what other scholars suspect, that SAMUEL and SAUL are the same person. Hannah took the Vow of the Nazarite and born Samuel who would be A HORN OF SALVATION for the Children of God – who did NOT WANT A KING TO RULE OVER THEM – because kings TAX their subjects. The Jews were taxed in Egypt. Moses came up with Theocratic Democracy while in the wilderness after he caught the elders JUDGING the multitude – for a fee! This is a RELIGIOUS TAX that has made all the Popes richer than kings. As a Nazarite, I bless all gay unions.

I suspect the Philistines made an alliance with the Moabites, and they went…

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