Israel Does Not Honor Allied Soldiers

As far as I can tell, Israel has no monument to World War Two Americans? They do have a monument to Jewish Red Soldiers who fought for Stalin. I believe only four Jews died in both Iraq Wars that were fought in response to the 911 Attack that was motivated by the U.S. support of Israel – according to Bin Laden. For Israel to say we need to know how to fight “urban warfare” is a outrageous insult, in that Zionist assassinated Folke Bernadotte who rescued Jews.

John Presco

Israel Defense Forces are defiant in the face of American criticism of the recent airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, with one military official suggesting Western nations including the U.S. should learn from its urban warfare tactics rather than condemning them.

Israel and Russia dedicate Jerusalem memorial to WWII Leningrad siege | The Times of Israel

The leaders of Israel and Russia on Thursday dedicated a monument in Jerusalem honoring the hundreds of thousands who died in the nearly 900-day Nazi siege of Leningrad during World War II.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, President Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attended the event, along with Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion and officials from both countries.

Around 70 veterans of the siege, who are currently living in Israel, were also invited.

Putin, in Israel for a major Holocaust commemoration ceremony marking 75 years since the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp, said both the siege and the slaughter of six million Jews during the Holocaust were unique events in history.

“These are dates that are special to both peoples,” he said in Russian. “The Holocaust and the siege of Leningrad cannot be compared to anything else. No diary of film and convey what the people experienced in that period.”

Putin also ventured into the charged battle over the rival historical narratives of World War II by claiming that 40 percent of Jewish Holocaust victims were Soviet.”

The Israeli airstrikes—particularly the spectacular destruction of high-rise towers—galvanized progressive support for Palestinians in the U.S. and left President Joe Biden facing demands from within his own party to re-evaluate America’s long alliance with Israel.

But IDF officials that spoke with Newsweek defended the service’s extensive recent airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, which aid organizations say have exacerbated the coastal enclave’s dire humanitarian situation and devastated its already crumbling infrastructure.

One IDF official who did not wish to be named said Western countries should learn from what they called a “phenomenal” military success in Gaza. “They should be sending their militaries to us to see and learn,” the official told Newsweek.

In the U.S., lawmakers including Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) have urged the White House to end arms sales to Israel. The progressive grandee said the U.S. was “supplying weapons to kill children in Gaza.”

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) called the IDF strikes “terrorism,” and others such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) pushed to block a $735 million arms package destined for Israel.

The IDF official described international criticism as unfounded and unfair. “Not only should the IDF not be criticized for its choice of targets, and procedures and techniques, the IDF should actually be commended by these people,” the official said.

“If they really care about civilians and the protection of civilians, they should be criticizing Hamas.”

The destruction of Gaza’s high rises became emblematic of Israel’s most recent campaign against Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups.

In particular, the destruction of the al-Jalaa Tower in Gaza City—home to the Gaza offices of the Associated Press and Al Jazeera—remains a point of controversy, even after the ceasefire ended the tit-for-tat rocket barrages and airstrikes that killed 256 Gazans—among them 69 children—and 12 people in Israel, including two children.

The IDF said the Jalaa building was also home to multiple significant Hamas targets, including teams responsible for electronic warfare. This weekend, IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Aviv Kohavi told Channel 12 that “the building was destroyed justly” and he did not have a “gram of regret.”

Channel 12 said Kohavi told “a foreign source” that AP staff had coffee each day in the building’s lobby cafeteria alongside Hamas militants, whether or not they were aware of it. AP said the suggestion was “patently false” and that there was no cafeteria in the Jalaa Tower

The most famous foreign volunteer to serve in Israel’s War of Independence was David “Mickey” Marcus, who became the first brigadier general in the Israeli army and was accidentally killed by his own troops.

Marcus, a Jewish colonel in the United States Army, was summoned to Mandatory Palestine before the declaration of the State of Israel to help shape the Haganah — the Jews’ main paramilitary defense force — into a modern fighting unit. Known by the pseudonym “Stone,” Marcus had never been an active Zionist. Nevertheless, he was delighted when he was asked to use his military expertise for the good of the Jewish people.

Marcus threw himself into the struggle. His experience and initiative made him such an invaluable asset to the war effort that he was named a brigadier general and commander of the Jerusalem front on May 28, 1948.

Less than two weeks after his appointment, and following an exhausting day of battle, Marcus walked outside his camp in the Jerusalem hills to relieve himself. Still unversed in Hebrew, he didn’t reply with the password when challenged by a cautious sentry. Two more calls went unanswered before the guard nervously fired his gun. Marcus died from a bullet wound in the chest, shot by a Jewish guard. Stone, and his contribution to Israel’s victories in the War of Independence, were immortalized in the touching 1966 film “Cast a Giant Shadow,” starring Kirk Douglas.

Mahal (Israel) – Wikipedia Many members of Mahal were World War II veterans from United States and British Armed Forces. Allied armies were reduced considerably after the end of the war and many soldiers were demobilised; moreover, the service experience became mundane and did not suit some servicemen, particularly pilots. In various circumstances they were invited, or heard of the Jewish state’s struggle for independence and volunteered. In some cases those who enlisted had no prior military experience.[3] There were Jews and Christians, both ideological supporters of Zionism and mercenaries.[4]

The Ha’apala movement, also called “Aliyah Bet“, which attempted to evade the 1939 and 1948 British naval blockade restricting Jewish immigration to Palestine, was assisted by 236 Machal former servicemen of the Allied navies as crews of ten clandestine Jewish refugee ships, out of sixty-six participating vessels.

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