Renter’s Jubilee

God is using me. Why fight this fact?

Read the Court History of David that suggests Solomon used David to wear his crown. It appears Jesus did the same thing, and was crowned as king by descendants of Ruth and Boaz, that might have been a ongoing tradition. Thus, Jesus was not arrested and crucified, but went on the START the rebellion that BURNED THE DEBT ARCHIVES which bid Rome to send in a army. The War of the Jews began in 68 A.D. The followers of the Jubilee Jesus -LOST! Paul salvaged this rebellion and turned it into a profitable church.

Court History of David – Wikipedia

German theologian Leonhard Rost [de] described the history of David’s family in 2 Samuel 9–20 and 1 Kings 1–2 as a Succession Document aiming to justify Solomon‘s succession to the throne of the United Monarchy after the death of David.[1] American theologian James Flanagan later argued that behind this Succession Document lay an earlier work, a Court History, which sought to legitimate David’s rule over the kingdoms of Judah and Israel.[2]

Rosamond Press

We need a Renter’s Jubilee. I wrote the following in 2005, and reposted it in 2011. This could have been authored by Saint Francis.

A Christmas Tax Gift was given unto the wealthiest landlords in America – and the world – hours ago, after some Republicans said they would not vote for this tax cut. This is very Biblical because it is a covert attack on the core of Judaism and Christianity. The rich and their church, have employed propaganda to get poor evangelicals to be on their side. They talk about how Jesus will return them to the way things used to be in America, when 99% of the land was not owned by any white man. Where is that FREE LAND that tens of thousand of Europe’s Homeless made their home? Most of it is owned by 1% of the wealthiest traitors that ever walked the earth…

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