Joseph Teixeira de Mattos

Here is a artist of the de Mattos family whose history looms large with the letters Van Gogh wrote his sisters, one who sold her brother’s work to live and pay for the treatment of her mental health. Jewish families take care of one another.

Rosamond Press

There is evidence that Samuel Josefa de Mattos, died in 2012. I hereby absolve him of his promise made to me because I know this is important.

The de Mattos family were artists, theologians, and tutors. Teixeira de Mattos imparted knowledge to Vincent van Gough. They were cultured and intelligent people who took part in the rise of Gentiles from the dark ages.

Jon Presco

How do your Jewish values affect you as a leader?

For me, the values of Judaism … the concept of tzedakah, the concept of lashon hara, the concept of repairing the world and of social justice serve me not only in my personal life and in my synagogue life, but also in building a community as a CEO in a major health-care association.

For the past many months, the country has been consumed by the Affordable Care Act. As president of…

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