Well Trained Capitol Guard

“FBI director Christopher Wray told a House of Representatives Intelligence Committee hearing that his agency considered right-wing militants in the United States to be the domestic extremists with the most extensive international ties and that they had established social media connectivity across borders.”

FBI director says U.S. far-right extremists traveled to network in Europe (msn.com)

Months before the Insurrectionist attack on our elected Congress, and our Capitol, I formed the Marin Shipmates, and suggested the formation of a Prussian style marching core and home guard. Forty million black citizens are wondering where the restraint to use deadly force is in regards to unarmed back people. I posted images of armed Black Panthers that a have upset the Belmont Historic Society, they not wanting to believe that black people have NO DESIRE to overthrow our democracy with the use of weapons, and chose to believe radical blacks incite white people to arm themselves – to do what? Kill Congress people?

Trump and the Republicans gave LOUD MESSAGES to our real enemies that our nation and capitol is divided, weak, and ready to be conquered. Was this a DELBERATE MESSAGE? Why should tax payers pay trillions of dollars in taxes – only to see the evil Culture War started by lunatic evangelical followers of John Darby – render us IMPOTENT! That fake Jesus – castrated the United States of America! I will begin to EXPOSE the false Christian teaching on Saturday.

John Darby Invented Rapture In 1840 | Rosamond Press

I command the spirit of my Puritan ancestor John Wilson, to take away the power of Christian churches in America because they failed to confront that Lunatic Traitor who subverted our Democracy. God hates cowards! Best have one brave Nazarite, then thousand dead logs fueling the dark fear of the Devil in hell. Get out of my families party – and form your own! Let us see the cowering dogs that are already in retreat – for our enemy sees them!

Shame on you! Get out!

John Presco

“What I suggest is the formation of a First Patriot Alert System where eight Congressman are linked to a special message system on their phones and computers. There will be four Republicans, and four Democrats. If four of the eight see a dire emergency, they will sound the alarm, that will launch the New Army of the Potomac into action. And, here they come, marching down Pennsylvania Avenue with United Nations armored vehicles – because the United Nations should play a role in safeguarding our elections that are being conducted along racial, and radical religious, lines. The American Taliban – is real! They present an ever increasing threat to Black People – they target! Let their worse nightmare – come true! We are dealing with dangerous mentally ill paranoids.”

First Black Secretary of Defense | Rosamond Press

“During Thursday’s hearing, Bolton was emphatic that the Capitol Police would have to undertake sweeping procedural changes to be prepared for future threats to the Capitol and Congress. He also called for a “cultural change,” saying that the force must move away from the “traditional posture of a police department” and start acting instead like “a protection agency” focused not on responding to disturbances but on preventing events like the Jan. 6 riot.”

John Wilson Risen From The Dead | Rosamond Press

(45) Chile Military Parade, with Chilean Commentator – YouTube

Evangelical leader and prominent Donald Trump supporter Franklin Graham has been criticized on conservative social media site Gab after urging people to pray for Mike Pence following his heart surgery.

On Wednesday, a redacted investigative U.S. Army report into the incident not only condemned the flights as a misuse of medical aircraft—it also showed Guard troops celebrating their overly aggressive tactics, which witnesses said created a deafening noise and sent shards of glass through the air.

The investigation, reported by The Washington Post, uncovered texts between Brig. Gen. Robert K. Ryan, who oversaw the controversial mission, and an unnamed subordinate on June 1 as videos of the low-flying choppers spread on social media and cable news. It came hours after tear gas was used to break up crowds of protesters near St. John’s Episcopal Church to allow Donald Trump to stage a Bible-clutching photo-op at the site.

Texts Show D.C. National Guard Celebrating as They Intimidated George Floyd Protesters With Helicopters (msn.com)

The Cybersecurity 202: Biden administration launches probe into…U.S. drops plans to send destroyers into the Black Sea due to concerns over Russia

The People’s Liberation Army is capable of “substantially subduing” the U.S. Navy in the waters around China, a Communist Party-owned newspaper boasted this week following a recent encounter in the Western Pacific.

Russia studies ‘reciprocity’ action against U.S. after latest sanctions (msn.com)

Franklin Graham’s Prayer Call for Mike Pence Receives ‘Traitor’ Responses From Followers (msn.com)

From Austria to Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden, Russian diplomats have been expelled from several European countries in the past few months over Moscow’s increasingly aggressive spying tactics.

Inspector general says police order to hold back riot-control weapons compromised Capitol on Jan. 6

Karoun Demirjian  1 hr ago

China Capable of ‘Substantially Subduing’ U.S. at Sea, State Media BoastsU.S. drops plans to send destroyers into the Black Sea due to concerns over Russia

An order to hold back heavy riot-control weapons left Capitol Police at a grave disadvantage as front-line officers, vastly outnumbered, fought to protect Congress from a violent mob Jan. 6, the force’s inspector general told lawmakers Thursday, as he urged an overhaul of campus security.https://products.gobankingrates.com/r/e48f149e71a19f66115d5f5c8edaefd8?subid=

Inspector General Michael Bolton told the House Administration Committee that a deputy assistant chief of police instructed officers not to use the weapons — including stingballs and 40mm launchers — out of concern that “they could potentially cause life-altering injury and/or death, if they were misused in any way.” Bolton did not identify the chief, but he said that had officers employed such measures, “it certainly would have helped us that day to enhance our ability to protect the Capitol.”

“The takeaway from that is: Let’s provide the training to our officers so they are used appropriately,” Bolton said, later adding: “Training deficiencies put officers . . . in a position not to succeed.”

More than a half-dozen congressional committees and one task force appointed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) have opened inquiries into how law enforcement missed warning signals and failed to hold back the insurrection, during which hundreds of President Donald Trump’s supporters invaded the Capitol building in a deadly but failed bid to prevent Congress from certifying President Biden’s election win. But Bolton’s investigation, projected to continue for several more months, is expected to produce the most comprehensive analysis of how inadequate training and intelligence-gathering and operational “deficiencies” allowed the Capitol’s first line of defense to be overrun.

To date, the inspector general has produced two interim reports for Congress detailing investigators’ preliminary findings, including that the force lacked the security clearances needed to properly assess warnings that the Capitol might come under attack. He also determined that the Capitol Police had incomplete records of the personnel and equipment on hand to respond to civil disturbances — and that many of the officers did not know how to use the crowd-control weapons at their disposal.[Capitol Police inspector general finds sweeping failures ahead of Jan. 6 riot]

During Thursday’s hearing, Bolton was emphatic that the Capitol Police would have to undertake sweeping procedural changes to be prepared for future threats to the Capitol and Congress. He also called for a “cultural change,” saying that the force must move away from the “traditional posture of a police department” and start acting instead like “a protection agency” focused not on responding to disturbances but on preventing events like the Jan. 6 riot.

The hearing came as lawmakers are readying a supplemental spending package to pay for reforms and enhancements to campus security. Many are based on recommendations from retired Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré, whom Pelosi tasked earlier this year with conducting an evaluation. His team’s draft report, released last month, recommended an expansion of the campus police force and construction of mobile and retractable fencing around the Capitol to be deployed in emergencies.[Capitol security review identifies deficiencies as Congress debates upgrades]

Pelosi told reporters during a Thursday news conference that she had received a draft of the House Appropriations Committee’s proposal to apportion funds for stepped-up security measures, including plans “to harden the windows, the doors and the rest.”

But when the inspector general was asked Thursday where Congress should be spending its money, Bolton focused on a different answer: training.

“If you want to invest dollars, that’s the place to invest it: training,” he said, lamenting that for too long, police training has been treated as an afterthought to other measures.

Bolton specifically raised lapses in the department’s Civil Disturbance Unit, or CDU, to highlight how a lack of training directly affected the Jan. 6 response. The Capitol Police CDU functions as “an ad hoc unit,” he said, instead of a permanent force with specialized skills.

He called for Congress to adopt incentives to attract officers to the high-risk job and to build a force that is prepared to respond to potentially riotous crowds and threats to the Capitol.

“To be truly effective, you have to have that continuous training,” he testified. “They need to have a stand-alone unit, whatever size the department deems appropriate, and that’s their full-time job.”

Bolton also emphasized that improving the Capitol Police’s capacity to gather, analyze and assess intelligence is vital for responding to future threats.

“We need an intelligence bureau, . . . a full-service, comprehensive bureau,” he said. Bolton has also called for ensuring that civilians and officers tasked with intelligence-gathering operations obtain top-secret clearances, which not all employees currently have.

Bolton is not the first official to call for an overhaul of training, staffing, communications and intelligence operations. In recent weeks, Congress has heard about law enforcement failures and errors from the Capitol Police’s former chief, Steven A. Sund; the current acting chief, Yogananda D. Pittman; and the former Senate and House sergeants-at-arms who resigned after the riot, Michael Stenger and Paul Irving, respectively.

None of those officials have yet spoken with the House Administration Committee — a fact Republicans criticized in their remarks Thursday.

“This is the first hearing that the chair has called on January 6th, more than three months after the attack,” said Rep. Rodney Davis (Ill.), the panel’s ranking Republican, complaining that they had “skipped a step” by not having first called in officials who made the decisions leading up to Jan. 6.

Sund, the former police chief, has accused the two sergeants-at-arms of refusing his requests to call in the National Guard as a backup force before the riot. Under current rules, the police chief must seek permission from the Capitol Police Board, composed of the sergeants-at-arms and the Architect of the Capitol, before deploying additional resources in response to emergencies.

Davis said that any review of the Capitol Police that sidestepped scrutiny of the board would be incomplete. Bolton answers to the Capitol Police Board and does not have jurisdiction over it.[Momentum of Capitol riot inquiries stalls amid partisan flare-ups]

“I’ve said for a long time that an overhaul of the board is needed,” Davis said, complaining that the committee’s probe was not satisfactorily bipartisan. He promised to release “a series of short reports” of his own.

The Administration Committee, made up of six Democrats and three Republicans, is one of at least five House panels that have launched probes into aspects of the Capitol riot, with still others examining questions surrounding forms of domestic extremism that were highlighted by the attack. But most of those inquiries have been slow to get underway.

Many lawmakers expected that such committee-level inquiries would quickly be overshadowed by an independent commission like the one that investigated the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, a concept that had seemed to have strong bipartisan support in the attack’s immediate aftermath but now has stalled in the face of political disputes over the scope of its authority.

In the Senate, a joint investigation between the committees on rules and homeland security and governmental affairs has made more headway, with a report documenting the failures that led to the mayhem on Jan. 6 expected to be completed next month, according to aides familiar with its progress.

The New Army of the Potomac

Posted on January 8, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

This morning I awoke at 5:A.M. determined to BORN AGAIN the Army of the Potomac so that never again will our elected leaders cower on their knees in the Sacred Chamber of The United States Senate. I turn on my T.V, to see the news about the death of a Capitol policeman. I am then hearing about the special jurisdiction of the District of Columbia has, that prevented the calling of the National Guard to come to the rescue of The People’s Choice – that most Republican’s claim were not legally elected to office. Their President LIED AGAIN saying he called the National Guard – right away – at the first sign of trouble! Why should the majority of Real American Voters have to SWALLOW ONE MORE LIE from a mortal being, who thinks he is a god. Trump – IS INSANE!

Mr. Insane wanted to send OUR Army into Portland to restore law and order. Donald Trump watched the mob violence – very carefully – looking for a good excuse to be a BIG MAN to his rabid base. He wanted them to see real troops battling rioters in the street. He wanted to hear their praise and read their CONGRADULATIONS on twitter and facebook. Trump gave the VIOLENT INSTECTIONISTS a guarantee that he would back them with the Army, the Navy, and the Marines! In hours, this MANIAC will be – IMPEACHED! This is – TREASON!

After President Joe Biden, and Vice President, Kamala Harris, are sworn in, I would like to see them give birth to THE NEW ARMY OF THE POTOMIC that was created when Republican President Abrahm Lincoln passed the Thriteenth Ammendment, and FREED me and women who were taken hostage and made slaves. The Abolitionist Repubican Party RIGHTED THE WRONG our founding Father’s made, when they did not free the slaves – NOR GIVE WOMEN – the right to vote. Our FLAWED Constitution was signed by men who debated about freeing the slaves. Did they consider giving the vote to half of our young Nation?

I declare the republican Party – DEAD! Let the remnants of this party co-founded by my kindred, John Fremont be born this day in the District of Columbia. Let the citizen who live in this district be allowed TO VOTE so that they can own the power to come to the aid of ALL citizens who come under attack. Donald Trump invited people to the DC to commit acts of violent insurrection. If the citizens of DC knew the sacred building in their district would be left UNGUARDED, they might have marched to this Symbol of Freedom – and surrounded it!

The Marin Shipmates | Rosamond Press

I see the New Army of the Pontomac holding an anuel parade down Pennsylvania. I presented the video of the Native Americans in Chile doing the goosetep to Prussian band music. I told the startled members of this Black Panther group, that no black American should be denied access to any empowerment any white man enjoys anywhere in this world. To quote President Biden…

“Enough is enough!”

Let’s have the parade that King Donald wanted – only for himself! Let us hold a annual parade of the People’s Army – FOR ALL THE PEOPLE!


John Presco

Chile Military Parade, with Chilean Commentator – YouTube

Prussian Colony In California | Rosamond Press

District of Columbia home rule is District of Columbia residents’ ability to govern their local affairs. As the federal capital, the Constitution grants the United States Congress exclusive jurisdiction over the District in “all cases whatsoever”.

At certain times, and presently since 1973, Congress has allowed certain powers of government to be carried out by locally elected officials. However, Congress maintains the power to overturn local laws and exercises greater oversight of the city than exists for any U.S. state. Furthermore, the District’s elected government exists at the pleasure of Congress and could theoretically be revoked at any time.

A separate yet related controversy is the District’s lack of voting representation in Congress. The city’s unique status creates a situation where D.C. residents do not have full control over their local government nor do they have voting representation in the body that has full control.

In 2015, D.C. became a member of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization.[1]

Potomac Staff.jpg

Commanders of the Army of the Potomac at Culpeper, Virginia, 1863. From the left: Gouverneur K. WarrenWilliam H. FrenchGeorge G. MeadeHenry J. HuntAndrew A. HumphreysGeorge Sykes

Black Panther Party Gallery and Museum | Rosamond Press

District of Columbia home rule – Wikipedia

Army of the Potomac – Wikipedia

Schumer calls for 25th Amendment to be invoked after Capitol riots | TheHill

Saving Dottie Witherspoon | Rosamond Press

Radical Democracy Party

Posted on July 16, 2020by Royal Rosamond Press

I belong to a Black Panther group, and in response to a gentleman who said no white man would put down the KKK, I googled the Radical Republicans who specifically targeted the KKK, as did President Grant. Then I found the missing link I have been looking for for twelve years, or more. My kin, John Fremont, became a second Presidential Candidate when the Radical Democracy Party was formed – with the sole purpose of getting Lincoln to drop out of the race!

Janke and Turner Abolitionists

Posted on February 24, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

I had a psychic hit that there was trouble coming. Add to this posts on facebook I read where Trump supporters declared they will fight to the death, one did not need to be – that much of a Seer! Why then didn’t any of our spendy Intelligence agencies SEE what was coming? How about foreign spies? Do Russia and Israel keep a close score which way the wind is blowing in our Un-United States? How about black leaders and journalists? Did they sound a warning – that went unheeded. AFTA was being blamed – before hand! Did the FBI get fooled by this right-wing smokescreen? I don’t like the Capitol Insurrection Hearing, so far, because THE MAIN TARGET of these white militias – is black people.

Stuttmeister ‘The Wonder Man’ | Rosamond Press

February is Black History Month. In July of last year I founded the Black Turners and the Marin Shipmates, a all Black Navy. I posted this video of the Chilean army doing the goosestep – on a Black Panther group! I was banned. I formed the New Army of the Potomac, so there will forever be s standing force of Black Soldiers prepared for the next attack of neo-Confederate Racists – who will never give up! Never!

What I suggest is the formation of a First Patriot Alert System where eight Congressman are linked to a special message system on their phones and computers. There will be four Republicans, and four Democrats. If four of the eight see a dire emergency, they will sound the alarm, that will launch the New Army of the Potomac into action. And, here they come, marching down Pennsylvania Avenue with United Nations armored vehicles – because the United Nations should play a role in safeguarding our elections that are being conducted along racial, and radical religious, lines. The American Taliban – is real! They present an ever increasing threat to Black People – they target! Let their worse nightmare – come true! We are dealing with dangerous mentally ill paranoids.

I am for Washington D.C. becoming a State, and, Sovereign Democratic Nation that will represent all the Democracies of the World…..The United Democratic Nations. UDN. There are forty million black citizens in America. Native Americans can be more represented in the UDN Washington. I got on facbook while the Insurection was gong on and read this post from a woman;

“Can we get another nation to intervene?”

William Stuttmeister married Augustus Janke at Ralston Hall. His father sailed from Germany to New York, and then Chile, where the Forty-Eighters had made a colony. They are Prussians. Is this why the Chilean Government adopted the Prussian style parade.

Two nights ago, I saw black tombstones stuck in the mud along a river fifty miles from our Capitol. A black cemetery was closed, and the markers with names were used to shore up the river. The desecration of graves and statures has to stop. The TEARING DOWN stage – is over! I am going to apply for a grant so that I can hire other researchers into the role the Turners and Forty-Eigters played in freeing the slaves. I suspect the Turner history of Belmont was deliberately erased during World War One when there was ant-German sentiment. The Jessie Benton Scouts waged a covert war with the Emperor of Mexico and France. Drew Benton is kin to Emperor Napoleon the third.

The children in the tree at Belmont Park may be the cherished offspring of the Oddfellow’s. Eight thousand came to Belmont on the train, and, by ship.

“Yesterday I received information from Shirley Schwoerer of the Redwood City Library, that said my ancestor, Carl August Janke, was instrumental in establishing a Turnverien in Belmont, and the Bay Area. Was it the first?”

I suspect the Janke-Stuttmeister family waa targeted – along with the Oddfellows – when our graves were dug open, and our bodies evicted from our graves. The Oddfellows had a special bond and vow they made with their dead. We never recovered – till now! In Berlin the Stuttmeisters were very wealthy merchants and owned much property. They gave it all up. There had to be a reason. I believe they were leaders of the Turnverein Forty-Eighters, many who became military leaders for the Union, and personal bodyguards to Jessie and John Fremont, a co-founder of the Abolitionist Republican Party.

Alice Stuttmeister is the woman at the base of the tree, to the right of the portly gentleman, who may be Carl Janke, her grandfather. She married William Broderick, who is seated next to her. This was taken in the Oakland Hills.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

(45) Chile Military Parade, with Chilean Commentator – YouTube

Militia groups believed Trump was on their side, says terrorism expertAwkward moment as House Republican leaders clash over Trump speaking at…

Democratic fury over the mob attack on the Capitol and its aftermath is spilling into nearly every aspect of life in the House, squashing hopes for comity and threatening even mundane legislative tasks like the naming of a local post office.

He points out that the state has been a longtime home to right-wing militia activity, spurred years ago by the reduction in federal timber payments as well as increasingly limited government services in some rural areas.

“Militias moved in to take up some of that work, to act as first responders,” he says.

Oregon leads U.S. in armed militia interest, is breeding ground for ‘FEMA concentration camps’ conspiracy theory: report (msn.com)

General Grant and the Fight to Remove Emperor Maximilian from Mexico (U.S. National Park Service) (nps.gov)

Black History Month : Charity Navigator

Radical Democracy Party | Rosamond Press

“No entity, including the FBI, provided any intelligence indicating that there would be a coordinated violent attack on the United States Capitol by thousands of well-equipped armed insurrectionists,” he testified in written remarks about a conference call the day before the attack.

The Democratic chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Sen. Gary Peters of Michigan, said, “There was a failure to take this threat more seriously.”


As hundreds of rioters stormed the Capitol, breaking into the iconic building’s windows and doors, sometimes in hand-to-hand combat with police, there are conflicting accounts from the security officials over what happened next.

Sund, who had raised the idea of calling on the National Guard for backup days earlier, specifically recounted a 1:09 p.m. phone call he made to the then-sergeant-at-arms of the House, Paul Irving, his superior, requesting National Guard troops.

Sund said he was told they would run it up the chain of command .

Irving said he has no recollection of the conversation at that time and instead recalls a conversation nearly 20 minutes later. He said the 1:09 p.m. call does not show up on his cellphone log.

Takeaways from Congress’ first hearing on Capitol riot | The Seattle Times

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