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I am beginning to believe I am the End Time Elijah as prophesized by Herbert Armstrong. To discover the College of Norte Dame de Namur is closing in a sign other such institutions are going to meet the same fate. The AWOL Loon in the White House has thrown Jesus under the bus and is only concerned about saving himself. It is obvious he knows he is going to prison if he is voted out.

John Presco

The End-Time Elijah

Posted onJune 14, 2015byRoyal Rosamond Press






There are members of my family and ex-friends who choose to believe it is my fault I lost my daughter when she was still a minor, and, I later deserved to lose my grandson six years after he was born out-of-wedlock. Rather then explain to my face why they believe I deserve to be UNBORN from my Family Tree, they haveā€¦

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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