Identifying Starfish

I own a vision of peace.

The Royal Janitor begins with the death of Miriam Starfish Christling whose father came to America to run track at the University of Oregon. At this hour, I plead with Putin to change the world by changing his mind. You can present the world – peace! It is yours to give.

With this last song, dig deep, and go to the place where you truly have something to give to Russia, and, the world. Be…a man.



“She was – right here, right there. And now she is somewhere else. But, not for me. My chance, our chance, is gone -so completely. How utterly unbearable, my being. So alone, all alone. Without her. I am left on the living side of death. Here, I must make my way.

I walk alone along the road. But I will never be alone. For thou art with me my love, on that road that runs on the dark side of the moon. You will go with me, her Lord, when I am in most need of her to be by my side. For she is with you, now. She knows the way.”

Rosamond Press

The Royal Janitor

After their prolonged meeting with Zachary, he not wanting them to go, Starfish hovered over Victoria gazing deep into her blue-grey eyes. They were supposed to be sleeping, but, they hated their hotel by the airport. There was so much sound and activity. The vibrations of millions of people trying to leave their bodies and go astro-traveling, was….confusing! There was a heavy pall in the air, a thick fog that hindered take-off.

“I am going to teach you Yiddish. This is the only way your third-eye can be opened. You need to see – more clearly. I suspect you are a Kohen, like Zach. His DNA is full of Yiddish words. The Jews used to control the trade on the Silk Road by inventing a Trader Talk. That whole speal was expanding lawyer trade-speak. You may be of Scythian descent like me. I can see my Tocharian…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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