Why Did Bill Arnold Kill Himself?

Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Copyright 2021

In 1987, with a couple of years of sobriety, I called up Victoria Arnold, and suggested to her, the reason her brother committed suicide was because her father found out my best friend was having an affair with my mother, Rosemary. Bryan Arnold gave his son an ultimatum, join the army, or he would tell me the truth. Knowing there was a good chance I would commit suicide – because who could survive such a betrayal – Bill took his life. That Sydney Morris and Robert Buck took away my safe place, my program of recovery in AA, and sold it to outsiders who hired ghost writers to tell my families dirty dark secrets – is a fucking outrage! What parasite harpies will swoop down and fly away with this bloody meat, to cash in for money and false fame. If it were not for Vicky and Nancy Hamren, I would not be here. I would not have met my sixteen year old daughter for the first time. She doesn’t know this truth. I begged her and her mother to stay away from my family.

On April 7th. I will have thirty-four years of sobriety. This is a miracle.

I have been working on OUR STORY for many years. The bond of three artists and writers – needs to be told. Only with the the discovery of the bond between Ludwig Wittgenstein and Norbert Davis, and the bond between Ben Maddow and Edward Weston, do I own the Creative Courage to raise us from the dead. Below is a prophetic post putting my mother next to The Thin Man. I call Rosemary ‘The Momster’. She descends from the Rosamond’s who fought alongside the Swamp Fox. The Momster had to flee to LA after a big bust. They had her working in the Beverly Hills Hotel. She later told me that crowd was too kinky for even her. She announced she knows who killed Jack Kennedy. The chances she partied with Marilyn Monroe – re high! She knew, she knew too much.

The Philosopher Detective | Rosamond Press

I mock all those fake patriots who think they got the right stuff because they got a gun – and rushed our Capitol. You fuck with Rosemary, she would not rest until she even the score. No money to buy a stone for your kin’s grave? No problem, just grab that rock over yonder. Here is Yates who killed our great grandfather. You had to be – real bad – to defeat a Rosamond.

The last time I saw Bill alive, was when I was seventeen. I came to Oakland to visit. We slept in his basement studio where he did his writing. He lay in his sleeping bag shaking uncontrollably. I asked him what was wrong, but, he could not speak. The chance that The Momster knew Jack Ruby and his sister. is high. Bill knew he was expendable – and a threat to tell me the truth. Rosemary and Bones would stop this…confession. Bill got Sherry pregnant. She was a neighbor of Nancy in Oakland. They were living together in Ogden Utah. I wonder if they made Bill an offer he could not refuse. Your baby, the mother, and your best friend, live…..you don’t.

When Rosemary saw Jack Ruby shoot Oswald in the stomach, she knew who killed Jack – too! Think Cal-Nevada and Bobby Kennedy as the Attorney General of the United States. Rosemary would blurt out her desire to have our father – offed – about five times a year. I was just treated for my PTSD.

John Presco

Copyright 2021

Elmer ‘Bones’ Remmer: San Francisco’s gambling czar – The San Francisco Examiner (sfexaminer.com)

Anyone who believes that fat people are jolly never met Elmer “Bones” Remmer, San Francisco’s gambling czar. Casino owner Warren Nelson, who worked for Remmer, described Bones as “the meanest, crudest guy who ever lived.” For a man like this, a name like Elmer doesn’t seem to fit. The name Bones, however, seemed oddly appropriate for Remmer, who weighed more than 300 pounds.

In 1929, Remmer was hired to manage Lake Tahoe’s Cal Neva Lodge, one of Nevada’s oldest casinos by owners Bill Graham and Jim McKay. The next year, Remmer made headlines when he tried, unsuccessfully, to collect a $13,000 blackjack debt run up by actress Clara Bow.

Bones was a large, tough man with an appetite for both power and food. As time passed, both his waistline and his ownership in the Lodge increased. In 1937, when Graham and McKay were sent to jail for mail fraud, he took over the club.

The Cal Neva Lodge had a profitable sideline laundering money for racketeers and bank robbers. Remmer cleaned “hot” bank robbery money for desperados like Alvin Karpis and “Baby Face” Nelson. Remmer let Nelson hide out in cabins near the lodge and introduced him to California bootleggers, who the hired Baby Face to protect their liquor shipments. Nelson returned the favor by getting rid of an important witness against Graham and McKay.

By this time, Remmer had a well-earned reputation for collecting gambling debts. “Listen,” he told a reluctant debtor at his Tahoe casino, “it’s a big lake and it ain’t full yet, if you know what I mean. You’re going to pay this off, and I mean now!”
He got his money.about:blank

In the 1940s, Remmer expanded his operations into Northern California, running the 21 Club in El Cerrito, the Oaks Club in Emeryville, the 110 Eddy and the Menlo clubs in San Francisco. He had numerous fronts for his gambling operations. You couldn’t get a cigar at Remmer’s B&R Smokeshop at 50 Mason St., but you could always make a bet on the horses.

An oversized man with a personality to match, Bones became a well-known San Francisco character. Legendary gamblers like Nick the Greek and Ty Thompson — the inspiration for Damon Runyon’s Sky Masterson — played for high stakes at the Menlo Club. Jack Ruby, Lee Harvey Oswald’s assassin, also worked at the club in the 1940s along with his sisters Eva and Ruby, who were card dealers.

We’ve all heard the stories about Frank Sinatra, the Mafia, the secret tunnels, JFK and Marilyn Monroe, as well as the glamour and glitz of the Cal-Neva Casino on the north shore of Lake Tahoe.  It all sounds like fantasy and legend, but many of the stories are true.  Tahoe was a place for the rich, famous, and infamous in those days and they flocked to North Lake Tahoe’s Cal-Neva Lodge, “The Lady of the Lake”, from all over the world in droves.

The Rat Pack at Cal Neva
The Rat Pack at Cal Neva

The Cal-Neva Lodge was built in 1926 by a rich San Francisco businessman who simply used it to entertain friends and guests.  In the 1930s, the lodge was sold to new owners who were able to obtain a Nevada gaming permit.  The lodge instantly became a hit with the rich and famous of the 1930s right until the place burned down in 1937.  Somehow, they rebuilt the lodge using 500 workers in only 30 days.

The Incredible History of the Cal-Neva Lodge on Lake Tahoe: – SnowBrains

Grandma Rosamond Survives Terrorist Attack

Posted on October 28, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

Here is my great great grandmother taking on the terrifying Wolf at her door. I told a man at Riverbend why I got sober.

“It was like my arm was almost cut off. It is hanging on my vein and a tendon, that I recognized as being my soul. If I lost my soul, I would lose much more than my arm!”

When I read about Grandma’s arm, and her fight to save her man’s and her families life, you can see she was willing to lose her own. Her kindred were most precious. After that, came………..The Law! Her husband was the Sheriff in these here parts. He put Yate’s wife in chains that he nailed to the cabin floor in hope he could lure the Wolf out of the woods.


The women folks were trying to see who it was. Yates could see them through some cracks in the door. When he started shooting, Divina took her baby and hid behind a bed. He shot one shot and killed Grandma Overturf, then he shot two more shots and hit Grandma Rosamond at the elbow leaving just a little piece of skin on both sides holding her arm on.

Rosamond of The Hot Asphalt Jungle | Rosamond Press

“Big Bones” of Scowtown | Rosamond Press

Sydney Morris and Brett Weston | Rosamond Press

Sydney Morris Destroys Bill and I | Rosamond Press

Pynchon Wittgenstein and Cornell Grouping | Rosamond Press

The Thin Man Meets Rosemary

Posted on December 19, 2012 by Royal Rosamond Press


Yesterday I saw the movie ‘The Shaddow of the Thin Man’. At the beggining of the movie Nick and Nora Charles take a drive across the Bay Bridge to a race track that has a ficticious name, but then later in the movie the words “Golden Gate” are spoken. The sexy Charles family goes past Emeryville and arrives at the Golden Gate racetrack. There is an ambulence that looks like the truck I owned. Peter Shapiro of the Loading Zone and Marbles took the picture of me in front of my truck.

Rosemary told me her father, Royal Rosamnond, was a friend of Dashel Hammett who authored the Thin Man series. They sailed to the Channel Islands
together where they camped. Nick and Nora are fictional characters. Rosemary made porno movies for Elmer ‘Big Bones’ Remmer who was a Made Man connected to the Syndicate, a word that is applied to gamblers that Nick is trying to bust.

In 1965 I drove the 1957 Ford Fairlane my aunt June Rice gave, across the Baby Bridge to visit my childhood friend, Nancy Hamren who dated Stanly Augustus Owlsley who I met on several occasions. Later, Christine Rosamond would go on a double date with Stanley, Nancy, and Nick Sand, a LSD chemist and member of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love that can be discribed as a Syndicate.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2012

Meet Elmer ‘Big Bones’ Remmer! I did, when I was fifteen. My mother Rosemary
brought him over to the house with his wife, who may be in this photo, too.


Rosemary would later ask me if I recalled meeting this couple.

“These people were members of the Mafia who I made porno movies for.”

The greatest kept secret in the world, is, men an women lie to sin. Sinning is big business. Vicki was adopted by Kay Coakley whose father was the District Attorney of Oakland. Frank Coakley allegedly looked the other way when the Mafia moved into the Bay Area. Did he know Rosemary was a one woman crime spree? We called her Ma Barker. We were her boys. She loved the title.

Above are photos of Rosemary at the Rucker Company office party. Rucker had a plant in emeryville, and helped put men on the moon. Rosemary forever sought the limelight, and was not willing to share it with any of her children – especially her to gifted, artistic children! She attacked, or threatened the life of our lovers. She owned the momopoly on sinning in our house. We were fobidden to be sinners and competer with he in her area of expertise.

After a hard day at the office, Rosemary would stop in at the Key Club in
Emeryville and have herself a drink. It was here she met that nice elderly
Italian couple who were members of a Mafia Family who had long ago founded the
city of Emeryville and made it a wide-open town, it famous for its Cat Houses
and Gambling Joints. Though several crack-downs had taken place, there were two
Card Rooms in Emeryville and the Key Club was once of them.

This gray-haired couple asked the Mighty Momster if she wanted to be a Movie
Star. Already owning a veracious sexual appetite, and laying guys at work for
free, or a shit wage – why not!From that moment on, whenever the movie `East of
Eden’ was on T.V. Rosemary would call her family together for a Family Cuddle
around the warm glowing T.V. and you could hear a pin drop when Cal brought
Aaron to meet their mother, the dirty whore.I am often amused by these tales
that suggest Jesus married a whore and begat royal folks, like the Habsburgs. I
have been banned from many yahoo-groups owned and moderated by woman, who
conduct a sacred religious service as they declare Mary Magdalene was a Gnostic
Wizard, who knew way more then Jesus, knew, and, indeed taught him everything he

During the reign of D.A. J. Frank Coakley, he was wittingly deaf, dumb and blind
to organized crime in Alameda County. He was a silent partner to an unholy
alliance with the La Costa Nosta, the Mafia.

In East of Eden, Steinbeck’s depiction of the family Scapegoat equals anything
the Bible has to offer, for not only is Cal the cause of everything going wrong,
he is the last person in the world his older brother and father would look to
make things right. In this way he is doubly condemned, he made a goat after
being un-made a man.Like the scene of all that lettuce rotting in those box
cars, my brother and I were witness to my father’s red truck broke down on the
Nimitz freeway with a broken axle because he overloaded it with hundred bags of
potatoes his whole family spent the weekend grading in a big warehouse in
Hayward. When my mother had to come to our rescue in her little blue Ford
Anglia, she grabbed the reigns from Vic in front to his sons, his fellow
workers. We cringed at the sight of his humiliation.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2011

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