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Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Copyright 2021

There are a thousand Jaw-Droppers in this blog, but that longest-lasting one, is the one I just read at 2:00 P.M. March 19, 2021. I have wondered if dead members of the Black Mask are acting as my Muses. I just read that Ben Maddow authored the biography of Edward Weston who is the model for my character Frank Rosefish, who is a Francis Rosamond name. The legacy of the world famous artist, Christine Rosamond Benton, was destroyed by the law firm of Sydney Morris and Robert Buck. Morris mishandled the estate of Brett Weston the son of Edward according to a woman I talked to. In response to the movie that Morris approved of in a legal document, I began my book-movie idea……

Anatomy of a Rogue Wave

Rosemary told me her father used to camp on the Channel Islands with Dashiell Hammet. Her sister told me she saw Royal in their living room with Erle Stanly Gardener, typing away. Dashiell and Ben were investigated by McCarthy. Royal ran as a Socialist for a seat in Ventura. I was censored and oppressed by at least one member of the Belmont Historical Society, who saw my post on Stackpole, and have yet to say how wonderful this connection is. This leads me to suspect there were plots to steal my family information. These plots have been foiled by Private Investigators From Their Graves. My lawsuit against Robert Buck – is now been stamped by…..The Hard-boiled Detective Death Guild. There is now a great chance I will get my daughter and grandchildren back, they told I was out of my mind. With the Ludwig Wittgenstein connection to Norbert Davis, I need help in making a study of what can be titled

The Greatest Literary Prefiguring In Human History

I will be contacting the History Channel and other shows that are interested. I copyright the California Barrell Company in my story posted December 15, 2015.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Otto was ‘King Barrel’ and owned of the California Barrel Company. It was no secret he supplied Bootleggers with barrels, and thus they loved him near to death. With a hit move, he could put a Pincer move on his hated rival, Wallace Westhaven, who was getting in his face. At the same time, he could give all Germans a better image by being aggressive and competitive like America’s finest families. Wallace and his family were at the epicenter of Connecticut Bluebloods.

The act of prefiguring; antecedent representation; presage; prognostication.

Belmont Bans History & News | Rosamond Press

The Philosopher Detective | Rosamond Press

Am I Stackpole’s Historian? | Rosamond Press

 Ben Maddow, 83, a novelist, biographer, poet and screenwriter whose work included the classic John Huston film “The Asphalt Jungle,” died in a Hollywood hospital Friday of congestive heart failure. He worked as a ghostwriter under assumed names in order to survive blacklisting during the anti-Communist McCarthy era in the early 1950s. The writer was targeted as “unemployable” under his own name because of past left-wing affiliations. His illustrated biography of photographer Edward Weston was nominated for a National Book Award in 1974.

A valuable contribution to this new history has now ap peared in the form of a handsoinely produced volume about one of the “major creative talents” sited by Mr. Millard: Ben MaddoW’s “Edward Weston: Fifty Years” (Aperature, $40), accurately described on its title page as an “illustrated biography.” This publication also claims to be the “definitive volume” of Weston”s photoghaphic Work. Inidar IS .atly single volume can be said to contain a “definitive” representation Of an oeuvre numbering into thousands of items, the claim. is more or less justified. No living person (as Mr. Maddow reminds us) has seen all of the negatives that Weston preserved and carefuly catalogued, so we may be reasonably certain that future publications will offer important supplements to the present volume. What Mr. Maddox has written, however, is nothing less than one of the best books about a great photographer we have ever had, and Aperture has given it an exemplary production.

Sydney Morris ‘The Sizzle Man’ | Rosamond Press


Edward Weston: The Eye of Eternity – The New York Times (

The Asphalt Jungle – Wikipedia

W. R. Burnett – Wikipedia

  1. The Asphalt Jungle ’50- Marilyn Monroe /HD – YouTube

Ben Maddow – Wikipedia

He earned his first feature screenplay credit with Framed (1947). Other screenplays include Clarence Brown‘s Intruder in the Dust (1949, an adaptation of the William Faulkner novel), John Huston‘s The Asphalt Jungle (1950, for which he received an Academy Award nomination), Johnny Guitar (1954, credited to Philip Yordan who wrote it on location), God’s Little Acre (1958, an adaptation of the Erskine Caldwell novel, originally credited to Philip Yordan as a HUAC-era “front” for Maddow, and with title card restored to Maddow, only, during the UCLA Film and Television Archive restoration), and, again with Huston, an Edgar Award for Best Mystery Screenplay) and The Unforgiven (1960).

Am I Stackpole’s Historian? | Rosamond Press

The Honorable Fortune Cookie | Rosamond Press

The Joan Crawford Hour 2

Posted on December 14, 2015 by Royal Rosamond Press



‘Anatomy of a Rogue Wave’

Chapter One

In 1948, Suzanne Plachette, the beautiful apprentice to the world famous photographer, Frank Rosefish, lifts the heavy camera of her master, and climbs to the top of the rock. Frank has gotten too old to make this climb. Suzanne understands a gauntlet has been passed. Positioning the legs of the tripod on the jagged rock was no easy task. Her heart racing, she sees her shot. She changes the lens for a close-up and presses the button with her thumb.

“Hurry up!” Frank shouts up to his understudy, he doing his best not to notice the strong wind has blown her skirt up to her thigh. Distracted, and annoyed, the young Parisian climbs down the treacherous rock, carefully. If she stumbles, her chance to be  a famous photographer, would be at and end.

The next day, Suzanne brings the newspaper to her master’s Carmel bungalow. Together they read about the woman who got swept off Rocky Point by a “rouge wave”.

“This doesn’t make any sense!” declares Rosefish. “This is bullshit! Who in their right mind would go tide-pooling here?”

Having photographed every square inch of this coastline, Frank knew this was a very dangerous place. A fisherman was swept off this rock a week prior. There had been an eclipse of the moon. This woman had lived in Carmel most of her life.

“She knew better.” Rosefish uttered slowly as he let out a puff of smoke after taking a long draw from his meerschaum pipe.

Suzanne was distracted, as she took in the handsome man in the Sea Captain’s uniform. He was informing his fans he was sailing back to San Francisco on his famous yacht, the ‘Bohemian Roe’.

“That’s him! That’s the man I took a photograph of. He was standing next to this striking young woman. I got a close up just as you called to me. When I looked up, this woman was gone!

Rosefish took the pipe out of his mouth and lay it down on the oak table. Teacher and student looked at each other for what seemed an eternity. As one they made a beeline for the darkroom to develop what would turn out to be – the shot seen round the world.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2015


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Don ‘The Juan’ Roscoe

Posted on December 15, 2015 by Royal Rosamond Press


‘Anatomy of a Rogue Wave’

Don Roscoe and Humphrey Bogart had many things in common, the foremost being, they owned yachts that were far superior to Jack London’s wreck ‘The Snark’. On the San Francisco Bay, one could see Don’s yacht ‘Bohemian Roe’ racing Bogies Boat ‘Santana’ past Alcatraz Island. Every other boat owner looked on in awe. From the Berkeley Hills you could make out this incredible sight that American Intellectuals titled ‘The Zenith of Western Culture’. This infuriated the Swells in Los Angeles, and other Hollywood Stars who were befuddled. The Kennedy family took note, and shrugged their shoulders.

“Why aren’t we the Capitol of Western Culture?” they asked over and over again, to no avail.

In 1941, San Francisco almost lost the title due to Otto Roscoe producing the worst musical ever made. Otto’s ancestors were Forty-Eighters and founders of the Secular Turnverien, German social clubs that speckled the American landscape. Otto’s father, Wensel Roscoe, fled Bohemia Germany when the German Socialists lost to the Habsburg Monarchy, who had always defended the Pope in Rome, that many Turnverein titled ‘The Anti-Christ’.  With the rise of Hitler, German Americans were getting a bad name, and were looked on suspiciously. There was talk of deporting them en mass, or confining them to a desert in Nevada, behind a high wall. Being a spokesperson for the Bohemian Diaspora, Otto Stutenmeister (the real family name) was pressured to act.

Eight months before Pear Harbor, Otto contacted a Jewish screen writer who some say was pixielated. In three days, Dameon Gallstein wrote HELLZAPOPPIN. starring Ole Olson, and Chic Johnson, These two clowns  shamelessly ripped off the identity of the most hated couple in the world, Martin and Osa Johnson, whose real cannibal footage blew everyone’s mind, even Hitler’s, who sent a German destroyer to destroy these inferior people who kept him up at night in terrible dreams. This movie was pre-Psychedelic. When a young Ronald Reagan saw it, he stood up at the premiere and said it should be banned! Years later he would apply his opinions to the Hippie Movement.

The Fuehrer had a morbid fear of being put in a big pot and eaten by cannibals. As a boy, he had read Louis de Rougemont. As a coincidence, Martin Johnson sailed on ‘The Snark’, but abandoned ship, in disgust;

“This scow won’t sail into the wind!

Don ‘The Juan’ Roscoe, was the author of famous Adventure Novels, that critics said were better than anything London wrote. Don also plagiarised the Johnsons who everyone hated. They were too real. They did really interesting things, and were never bored. On top of that, their love for each other was without equal, and without end. They owned real love, while everyone else in the world were real frauds living a boring life and headed for a divorce. The Johnsons were guilty of – rubbing it everyone’s face! Every week they received a fresh death threat.

“They’re as good as dead!” said Don’s publisher. “Why let all that good adventure go to waste?”

[The Johnson Curse was exploited by Ronald and Nancy Reagan, and the Kennedys. Most folks knew Jack was a cheater, and his marriage was on the rocks. The last place Jack wanted to go, was to Texas. He knew there were real nuts living there.]

Don’s fans knew he never left California, had never seen the world, but, he was born in San Francisco, and thus he was the Acme of  Male Achievement. He was given the title ‘The California Kid’ which made Errol Flynn, green with envy.

When ‘The Bohemian Roe’ beat ‘The Santana’ three times in a row, there could be no doubt, Don was ‘The King of San Francisco’ …….and Oakland! The Godfather of American Literature, who made New York his headquarters, gave Don the nod. Hollywood came calling. They knew a real phony when they saw one. When Otto heard his son was being wooed, he exerted his German authority.

Otto was ‘King Barrel’ and owned of the California Barrel Company. It was no secret he supplied Bootleggers with barrels, and thus they loved him near to death. With a hit move, he could put a Pincer move on his hated rival, Wallace Westhaven, who was getting in his face. At the same time, he could give all Germans a better image by being aggressive and competitive like America’s finest families. Wallace and his family were at the epicenter of Connecticut Bluebloods. The Mafia families refused to fuck with them, because they descend from crazy Highlanders who painted themselves blue. The ancient Irish also painted themselves blue, and having whipped the snot out of the Roman Legions on several occasions, the Italian families of the Big Apple gave these people a wide birth.

“Let them blow on their pigskins!” Said Al Capone. “As long as they don’t muscle in on our turf, what business is it of ours?’

Otto was not happy that his son had become a playboy, who got caught smoking cigarets with Bogie’s dish, Lauren Bacall. Bogie was not a smoker. He only pretended to smoke. He forbade his wife to smoke. Philip Morris had him on their payroll. Just before reporters snapped a picture, he had Lauren light him a cigarette. This is how she got addicted to nicotine. At a luncheon in Pasadena, Don and Lauren met on the veranda, and she took a couple of puffs from his cigarette.

Taking in her Bad Girl Good Looks, Don was laying on her the origin of his surname.

“It means ‘Born of the Roe of the Black Forest’. It’s a German thing, an ancient fairytale full of fawns and naked Pixies.”

Don understood most educated young women wanted to be naked Pisxies in the forest, and, ‘The Juan’ never failed to get young beauties in his bed after his magical tale was told.

“My father imports oak from the Black Forest to make the finest barrels ever made!” Lauren gave Don, the look, and let go a long puff of thoughtful smoke.

“Sounds like a lot of bullshit to me!”

The Juan understood, this woman was ‘Bogie Trained’. The rivalry, was on!

A month before the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor ‘”Pig Foot Pete” the hit tune from Hellzapoppin, was nominated for an academy award. It was put out in the cold by Crosby’s ‘White Christmas’. Overnight, Americans began to hate the Germans. This is when Don began his search for her, The All American Girl. She had to be extremely beautiful, and a Patriot. The Juan spotted Irene Westhaven when she accepted the award for Bing, who was laid up in the hospital after breaking his leg in a skiing accident while a guest of Wally Westhaven, the President of the Westhaven Barrel Company of Greater Connecticut. Wally was very tight with Bing, who had his eye on Irene. Bingo!

“She’s the one for me!”

Today, most insiders know Mel Brooks ripped off Hellzapoppin when her wrote the screenplay for ‘The Producers’.

When Hitler saw Aryan women being grilled on a spit by Jewish Hollywood Devils, he was furious. He made plans to invade Russia – before the last reel!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2015


In 1917, Martin and Osa departed on a nine-month trip through the New Hebrides (Vanuatu) and Solomon Islands. The highlight of the trip was a brief, but harrowing, encounter with a tribe called the Big Nambas of northern Malekula. Once there, the chief was not going to let them leave. The intervention of a British gunboat helped them escape. The footage they got there inspired the feature film Among the Cannibal Isles of the South Seas (1918).

PORTSMOUTH — A 55-foot schooner known affectionately as “Bogie’s Boat” after its former owner, the late movie star Humphrey Bogart, arrived recently in Melville for a complete refit and restoration.

The yacht built in 1935 arrived at Loughborough Marine Interests LLC about three weeks ago after being hauled by truck in a custom-built cradle from San Francisco.

“We will be embarking on a huge refit and restoration of the yacht starting next month,” said Joseph Loughborough, owner of the company. “We basically have to take the boat apart and rebuild it stick by stick.”

Getting the contract for the restoration of the yacht, which Bogart named Santana, is very exciting because it is so historically significant, Loughborough said.

The owners of the boat surveyed it in California to find faults but they missed a lot of things that need replacing, he said.

“We have done a couple of her sister ships so we have a pretty good idea where to look a little harder,” he said.

He estimated the refit and restoration would take 18 months with crew of eight or 10 workers or even 15 experienced workers in some instances. The work is likely to cost about $1.5 million.

“She is going to be gorgeous but there is a lot of work to do,” Loughborough said of the Santana. “I mean really a lot of work.”

Much of the significant history of the yacht is connected to the period from 1945 to 1957 when Bogart owned and sailed it. Although his love affair with Lauren Bacall is legendary, his son Stephen said Santana was really his father’s great love affair.

“Apparently Lauren Bacall wasn’t very fond of the boat,” Loughborough said. “This was the boys’ boat.”

That assessment is confirmed by a quote often attributed to Bogart: “The trouble with having dames on board is you can’t pee over the side.”

He is said to have spent 35 to 45 weekends a year aboard Santana and frequently raced the yacht.

Since Bogart’s death in 1957, the Santana has changed hands many times. It has been featured in articles in Cruising World in 2005 and Sports Illustrated in 1981.

Until last year, it was owned by Paul Kaplan, part owner of one of the largest boatyards in San Francisco Bay.

Kaplan sold it in October to a group with connections to Nantucket, Mass. The group had it hauled to Melville for restoration. Loughborough said the group wants to remain anonymous.

“These guys say they are not going to do much racing, but as soon as it’s done they will be racing,” he predicted.

They are from California and intend to bring the yacht back to the West Coast, he said.

This is not the first time the Santana has been in Rhode Island.

The Santana sailed in the 1938 Newport to Bermuda Race and won the schooner trophy. It returned 30 years later, but had less success.

Loughborough said his previous experience refitting two other yachts built by yacht designer Sparkman & Stephens helped him win the contract for the Santana.

A growing talent pool in the Newport area also helped.

“If someone was going to rebuild a wooden boat 20 or 25 years ago, everyone would say, ‘Go to Maine,’” Loughborough said. “I have been here since 1986 and the whole classic boat movement has kind of generated a talent pool on this island and it’s just getting better and better.”

He cited the graduates of the International Yacht Restoration School in Newport as a factor in the development of that pool.

Loughborough pointed out some of the work that will be needed to restore the Santana. The teak deck and mahogany furniture are worn. Teak stands up better than mahogany, he said, so he might use it to replace the mahogany. Stainless steel pieces on the yacht will be replaced with brass as was originally used. The new owners want it to be as original as possible, he said.

They may even replace the refrigerator on board with an ice box.

“We will remove every other plank so we can see the framing,” he said. “Anything that is preservable on the original boat we will preserve.”

The Weston Rose Line

Posted on December 28, 2015 by Royal Rosamond Press


silver Gelatin Print


I don”t think of it in terms of money. I do it just for the love and excitement.”

-Brett Weston

Here is what Sydney Morris said about the creative estate of Brett Weston;

““We had considered trying to manage the estate and running it as a business, but in view of what we had to deal with, in our opinion to run it as a business entity would have been long and arduous and maybe not successful,” says Morris. “Erica”s lawyers and my lawyers felt it would be in the best interests of the estate to dispose of substantially all of the collection.”

Basically what Morris did was give the bad business people that helped Christine achieve failure and bankruptcy – along with the recently divorced husband – a second chance at making it all work. They failed like the first time which was blamed on Rosamond’s dysfunctionality in Snyder’s book, along with choice dysfunctional family members. The more family members out of the picture, the better, was Morris’s remedy for making money, and nothing but money! If there was any adventure and love to be had by my family that was once titled ‘The Greatest Soap Opera Ever Made’ it was put in suspense while Morris did his thing.

“According to Morris and former estate co-executor and Weston friend Bob Byers, there were 29 versions of estate plans for Weston during his lifetime, “the common theme being gifts to lady friends and family members and to ultimately take care of [Weston”s daughter and sole heir] Erica,” according to Morris.”

“In looking back at Brett Weston”s life and career as an artist, one is struck by the degree to which his art is inextricably linked to his relationships with women. Married and divorced four times, Weston engaged in countless personal relationships with women, many of whom assisted Weston professionally.”

Easton! Weston! What are the odds! The Bentons and the Westons should have joined forces with the Eastwoods to make the ultimate Carmel Reality Show. Now bring in Rena and her Glamazon sisters.

Last Coy Fish Standing

Posted on December 18, 2015 by Royal Rosamond Press


‘Anatomy of a Rogue Wave’

Chapter Five

Willy ‘The Weasel’ Watson, was a star reporter for ‘The Sundial’ the worst rag in LA that had made yellow journalism an art form. A day after LIFE came out with its story on the Coy Fish Atrocity, Willy got a call from a biologist informing him something truly atrocious had occurred, that was worse than anything anyone can imagine.

“Those fish turned on each other.They became cannibals. There is probably a last fish standing in that tank. I would go and check. Be careful.”

Willy took two strong delivery guys with him. Sure enough, they saw a fin cutting the surface of the water.

“Holy cow! That must be one big fish. Get in their and grab him, boys, while I go get the tank ready!”

No sooner did Willy back the truck up, then he saw a gold streak coning up behind Bobby who was up to his bellybutton in the tank..

“Look out Bobby! Behind you!”

All fish go for the soft spot, and after the giant Coy had one of Bobby’s balls in its mouth, it shook its head back and forth. Bobby was trying to walk on water as he let go a loud wail! His buddy Pat ran to save his friend, and with one blow, knocked the Coy senseless. Lifting all ninety pound out of it out of the water, ‘Toothless Pat’ O Dundon announced

“Hey boss. I think we need a bigger tank!”

A bigger tank was found. Back at the plant Willy studied his catch looking for an angle. He thought about naming it ‘Kong’ but, that was already done.

“Hey boss!” says Pat. This fish has got a mustache like Hitler!”

‘The Hitler Fish’ went on a tour of America three days later as the star of a War Bond Drive. Irene Westhaven’s attorneys threw down their briefcases, and kicked them across the floor. They had almost worked out a deal with the Government. But, now it looked like beautiful Irene was going to be the star of a show trial. She had to be taught a lesson. It was going to be a crucifixion, and this is what most Americans wanted. Hitler had Stalin on the run. Children were traumatized for life after hearing a very scientific account of what went on in that tank in the last thirty days. Parents tried to shield their children from the truth, but they got a complete report on the playground. Some children did not want to go back to school. The American Dream, seemed……dead in the water.

Willy and Pat were awarded a Presidential Citation for raising &456,566,333 million dollars in their three year War Bond Drive with ‘The Hitler Fish’. In the same period of time, millionaires only paid $345,887 dollars in taxes. They reaped $2,445,657,402 trillion dollars in war profits.


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