Grandma Rosamond Survives Terrorist Attack

Here is my great great grandmother taking on the terrifying Wolf at her door. I told a man at Riverbend why I got sober.

“It was like my arm was almost cut off. It is hanging on my vein and a tendon, that I recognized as being my soul. If I lost my soul, I would lose much more than my arm!”

When I read about Grandma’s arm, and her fight to save her man’s and her families life, you can see she was willing to lose her own. Her kindred were most precious. After that, came………..The Law! Her husband was the Sheriff in these here parts. He put Yate’s wife in chains that he nailed to the cabin floor in hope he could lure the Wolf out of the woods.


The women folks were trying to see who it was. Yates could see them through some cracks in the door. When he started shooting, Divina took her baby and hid behind a bed. He shot one shot and killed Grandma Overturf, then he shot two more shots and hit Grandma Rosamond at the elbow leaving just a little piece of skin on both sides holding her arm on. He tried busting down the door, but couldn’t, he wanted in but they wouldn’t let him in. So he tried to set fire to the back of the house, but it wouldn’t burn. Then he tried to set fire to the roof, it was covered with shingles that were real dry and they wouldn’t burn. So he went back and tried busting down the door again, he did bust down the door and went in. Grandpa was lying there with his eyes open, they hadn’t had time to close them yet. Yates drawled up his gun to shot him again. Grandma Rosamond grabbed the gun. He jerked her up and down on her knees out into the yard. He told someone if she would of held on a minute longer she would of taken it away from him. So he left, the law caught up with him and he was sent to prison for possibly 20 years.

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