John Astor Corresponds With Thomas Jefferson

Our historians got to start telling the truth – like it matters. Playing the race card – has got to stop. You got a black man wearing a mask talking to a coalition of Asian leaders. Henry Brevoort was employed by John Astor. Both these men built New York City. Astor brought tons of opium into China that led to the Boxer Rebellion. Jessie and John Fremont were friends of the Astors because Senator Thomas Hart Benton was Astor’s attorney. Thomas Hart was Boone’s business partner in his Transylvania Company. These WHITE MEN were out to make a KILLING. These are not racists, these are businessmen. Why elect any college graduate to anything if they can not recite, or use OUR HISTORY properly, and with LOVE. It’s our history!  It is not an ORPHAN – and a damn toy!

Boxer Rebellion – Wikipedia

America’s First Multimillionaire Got Rich Smuggling Opium – HISTORY

When business legend John Jacob Astor died in 1848, he was hailed as a titan of trade and praised as a sharp salesman with a taste for philanthropy. “There are few men whose biography would prove more instructive or more acceptable for the present age than the life of John Jacob Astor,”gushed one magazine in his obituary.

But today, one facet of the first multi-millionaire’s biography might seem to tarnish his shining legacy: his dabbling in smuggled opium. Astor’s enormous fortune was made in part by sneaking opium into China against imperial orders. The resulting riches made him one of the world’s most powerful merchants—and also helped create the world’s first widespread opioid epidemic.

Biden’s Defense Secretary Meets Asian Allies to Counter China (

Defense secretary to North Korea: US is ready to ‘fight tonight’ (

US to Send Millions of Covid-19 Vaccine Doses to Mexico and Canada (

Here are the highlights from the heated exchange between the U.S. and China in Alaska (

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin warned Thursday that American forces are ready to “fight tonight,” in response to North Korea slamming drills resuming between the US and South Korea. The US and South Korean forces have resumed military drills after pausing the exercises more than a year ago over coronavirus concerns. “Our force remains ready to ‘fight tonight,’ and we continue to make progress toward the eventual transition of wartime Operational Control to a [Republic of Korea]-commanded, future Combined Forces Command,” Austin said. “While meeting all the conditions for this transition will take more time, I’m confident that this process will strengthen our alliance,” the Defense Secretary continued. Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived in Japan Monday for a four day trip aimed at reiterating America’s commitment to allies in the region.

Ed Howard’s Oakland | Rosamond Press

The Rosamond Woolen Mill | Rosamond Press

Renaming Benton Hall | Rosamond Press

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It is 2:15 A.M. January 31, 2020…..a day that will go down in infamy!  Officially, Great Britain left the European Union, and, officially the Republican Party, is dead, and so is the Democracy that Thomas Jefferson helped found. The President of Oregon State, and his crack team of historians, blamed my kindred, Senator Thomas Hard Benton for Manifest Destiny, and thus, the liquidation of Native Americans, that MAYBE should not have happened, but, it did! What would be the alternative – outcome? This question can be applied to Britex, and, the wanton need to destroy the Democratic Party – and the Bohemian Way of Life – that was once titled “The fastest growing religion in America.” This is to say the Evangelical Tea Party Ministers had no choice but to accuse President Obama of things he did not do, and, doing all he could to destroy Jesus and the Republican…

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