Gunboat Diplomacy & War Against White Slavery

Royal Rosamond wrote in one of his books Captain Isaac Hull is his great, great grandfather. We are on the brink of war. Our enemies know the Republican party destroyed itself and our Democracy. We got a College Alumni Club in Belmont pretending they got a two party system while they sell my family history out the side door. History is their enemy – when it does not put money in their pocket.

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For a week now ‘The Masked Rose of Paris’ has been attacking Turkey and the old Ottoman Empire for seizing Cypress.

“The UN should focus on matters concerning Turkeys occupation of EU member Cyprus since 1974 , and must launch UN wide economic sanctions of Turkey, for its continued British State Sponsored Turkish military occupation of EU member Cyprus since 1974 Expel Britain from the European Union and Dissolve the Rogue Turkish ISIS State. Britain and Turkey are attacking the Euro Currency , via all the Turkish military violations on Greece and Cyprus since 1974.”

Today I took the time to see what she was upset about. As it turns out, fate has taken a seat at this table of high-stakes energy piracy.  And, who is in the middle of it, Nobel Oil, and my arch enemy, Lawrence Chazen, a CEO of Noble, and ex-partner of the late sister, Rosamond…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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