Quibi – The First and Worst!

Spooky Noodles and I have been saying for years we should be Madison Avenue Guys and sell our ideas for a pretty penny. We have noted a phenonium that I titled ‘The Merry-go-Round Affect’. If you keep your eye on the Unicorn, it will come before you again and again. In trying to sell the idea Whitman was offering something completely unique, and new, this ex-ceo of Disney, did not put a Unicorn in her ads. Instead, we see a old hippie dude that looks like me and Meher Baba – even a Comet King! But, the team she paid millions to, do not know what a CK is!  They have a limited pallet to begin with. There’s only three animals on their go-round, and they hit on The Dog over an over. They later complained it was like selling a new dogfood brand. QUIBI. This is a billion dollar blunder. The Brinks trucks lined up and dumped all this dirty money in the Bay. They should be fined.

When I threatened the Mayor of Belmont on his facebook, that I would turn my close encounters with his Grays at the BHS – into a musical – he unfriended me. Rod Sterling is – aghast! Everyone is good to go to The Zone. People do notice when you take out the Unicorn (and put in Sloppy Puppy) but not consciously. Folks love going into the Twilight Zone, but, not that they would notice. Call this ‘The Feel of Money’. No one wants to be reminded – they have no fucking money! Study Irish Immigration in America. The Mayor should have said;

“Sounds good! Belmont can use all the publicity it can get!”

“O.K. ‘Plan Eight From Outer-space’ is about the survivors of a flying saucer CRASH taking over the Belmont Historical Society because humans are beginning to talk about how things have changed, and are not what they used to be. Old Timers have tried to leave a record of these weird changes, but all their memoirs are erased. Belmont seems to be stuck in 1964, the year of the crash landing. One un-named citizen, hires a Private Detective who used to be the band leader for the United States Marine Corps. His cover is his desire to form a marching band in Belmont and teach folks how to play a tuba and beat on a drum!”

“Catchy. It has a ring to it. You got my backing!”

This is the Unicorn again. A whole generation has not seen The Music Man. When they see big eyed beings with giant heads, goose-stepping in the cemetery, their interest is peeked. Let us redo the Quibi Superbowl commercial.

Four Grays are robbing a bank wearing black Robin masks. One Gray takes off his mask in the bank;

“Why do we got to wear these stupid masks. They know we are aliens.”

“Put that mask back on – now! Everyone knows you can’t rob a bank without a mask. It’s a tradition!”

Running out of the bank they are forced to zap and disintegrate some earthlings that got in the way. The complainer says;


“You got it!”

As the van peels rubber down the road a hand comes out the window holding a ray-gun. A beam of neon-light vaporizes a pedestrian


A puff of smoke rises up to the skyscrapers.

“Knock it off!”

(2) The Music Man Official Trailer (1962) – YouTube

The California Barrel Company – Site Title

Rosamond Press

The first Super Bowl commercial was for Quibi. What the? They had to put in “Bank Heist” after this terrible ad was made. Off the bat, I have no empathy for dudes wearing masks in any downtown. Were they armed? Did they carry knives? Shoot their ass! Are those kangaroo masks? Consider  the billion animals that have died in the infernal in Australia.

Then we see a hippie in a parked van with Pest Control on it. Does Meg Whitman hate hippies, especially the homeless kind who dirty her streets of San Francisco.  We get a glimpse of what amuses the Hippie Pest. Some Jive-ass black man is rapping up a storm. Who wrote this crap – Thomas Pynchon?

I have the hippie watching another episode of Senior Sorcerer. Jack Outback got caught by Wanda Whoopee checking out her eighteen year old granddaughter’s ass as she was walking by.


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