My Daughter And Her Mother Are Witches

I was just attacked by my own offspring who is a dark witch.

My Daughter The Narcissistic Witch

Posted on November 25, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

Bonds With Angels


John Presco

Copyright 2020

“When I found myself pregnant, I felt the father could have been
either John’s or my husband’s, but I had to convince the husband
that it was his baby or life would have been unbearable and the
chances of my baby’s survival would have been slim.

Woman’s Magazine and Alcohol Justice | Rosamond Press

I went to the store after my last post, and coming back I sat on a bench and thought deeply about Bryan. He died alone in New York. His sister appears to still be pushing him away. I wondered if he tried to call Maria, and she did not pick up for him, or, she did and told him to stop calling her. If he got drunk after three or four years sober, he could have gone into toxic shock which puts a great strain on one’s heart. Bryan may have died of the disease of alcoholism that takes a million lives each year.

My sister – died sober! I told my sixteen year old daughter this was very important, and is the focal point of OUR STORY. What I did not understand, is, all of Patricia’s family hated the word alcoholism, and alcoholic, because this disease devastated the Hansons. This is why Patrice wanted Bob Weir to notice her – and marry her. Bob was the epitome of sanity and success. He had no problems, plenty of money, and thus Patrice would have no problems. She would be healed. When she heard about my famous sister…. Christine was now The Whole and Sane One. She wanted to meet her, get near her, have a close bond so she would BE ESTEEMED THE WAY SHE DESERVED since she was a little girl. To this end Rosamond’s Niece was employed. Heather is a Esteem Vacuum Cleaner who goes about and sucks up all the High Self-Esteem, and feeds it to Patrice from the imbiblical chord this mentally ill mother attached to MY DAUGHTER – who was raised to never esteem her father because I believe Patrice told MY daughter that I abandoned her in the womb after Randall Delpiano threated to beat me to death with a baseball bat. I had to be a thoughtless coward. Patrice told me they were Sicilian Mobsters. I had save who two children from a alleged mob family.

Here is a photograph of me taken three years after my daughter was kidnapped and disappeared. I am trying to forgive everyone so I can have a child – and grandchild. Here is a pic of a very crazy Boston Hit Man for the Mafia. Sitting on the bench I was trying to recall if Bryan saw the two goons that came into The New Balladeer, and threw Sky against the wall….or was he told about this incident. They told Sky to get out of town, or he would be murdered. He refused. They found him with his face and genitalia burned off with a blow torch. Bryan was deeply upset. Today, I wondered if he suffered from PTSD. I was utterly alarmed to see Melinda holding on the edge of the desk at the motel, while a river of blood poured into her eyes.

“I’m not going with you unless Greg goes with us!”

Melinda knew if we were separated, her father would tell his goons where I was. This motel was in back of my home. We had gone there to call her grandmother who said she would send money so Melinda could take the Greyhound to New Mexico. Sitting on that bench I got a very clear picture….I am a survivor. Bryan died twenty-five years ago, three years after Christine. I did not feel the presence of the family I sired…anywhere! I was looking at The Death that comes at the end of your life. If you played your cards right, one is surrounded by weeping kin, who can not bare the idea you are leaving.

Not once did Heather congratulate me for my years of sobriety, for saving my life. It never occurred to her to celebrate my sober birthday. Esteeming me in any fashion was out of the question, because……I got be with Rosamond, the object of her mother’s desire…to be like her. To even be in her place – was a crime. This is a Human History Their. Her husband went to prison for impersonating Bob Weir. Heather was raise to believe I got esteem that meant for her sick mother, so many years ago. Was Randy going to get some? This is….STALKING! Randall Delpiano stalked his victims – and Patrice knew it. Patrice is a Co-Criminal guilty of Conspiracy. The Sleeping Beauty Princess is named……….ROSAMOND!

Here is my Genesis for my Bond novel ‘The Royal Janitor’. Fleming wanted Sir Rischard Burton to star in the first Bond movie. I am connecting Bryan to Mel Lyman.  He will be an honorary member of my family – that I am the head of.

Mel | Rosamond Press 

John Presco

On March 22 this year, my 16 year old daughter and her
father met each other for the time. The story of their separation
and how they came to be united is truly a miracle of healing and a
story that is an inspiration to others. I’ve noticed that when I
share this story, people are so moved that they experience chills in
their bodies and often tears come to their eyes.

17 years ago, I was married to an abusive man who was a con
artist, psychopathic antisocial personality who spent one year in
prison while we were together. Later I realized that my response to
this husband was typical of “women who love too much” and I had to
work hard on myself to change my situation. That in itself is a long
story, but suffice it to say, it was very confusing and difficult
marriage that was damaging to myself and my two sons who were 10 and
17 at the time. During that time I met John who lived around the
corner and who showed me kindness and love. We were involved with
each other for about 2 months and I actually moved in with him
attempting to leave behind the craziness of life with my husband.
This was not a very good plan because the husband became even more
aggressive and angry waiting outside threatening John with a
baseball bat. Consequently, I returned home realizing that I had to
find a safer way to release myself from this relationship. I didn’t
see John again until recently, almost 17 years later.

When I found myself pregnant, I felt the father could have been
either John’s or my husband’s, but I had to convince the husband
that it was his baby or life would have been unbearable and the
chances of my baby’s survival would have been slim. I knew this baby
was meant to be, and be with me, and that was important. From there
moment she was born, I could see that she looked like John, but it
was the husband’s name that went on the birth certificate.”

(3) Disney’s Maleficent – Official Trailer 3 – YouTube 

Castel del Piano, Town in Tuscany, Italy (

“In the foothills below Mount Amiata, Castel del Piano rests above the plains in a hillside position. It is surrounded by wooded mountains that give way to fertile valleys, a setting so natural and undeveloped that it will leave you breathless. Here you’ll find olive groves, beech forests, staked-out vineyards, and fruit orchards. The stone town gleams golden in the sun, a well-kept historic center that beckons to be visited.”

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    Here is Patice saying if her husband knew heather was my baby, he probably would have murdered her. He knew, because he could not conceiver a child and that’s why he abused Patrice’s sons.

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