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I want there to be a course on rhetoric at the Belmont Naval School of Spying.

I just got off the phone with Spooky Noodles (Casey Farrell) who ran his latest string of pearls by me about a couple who broke a code due to their keen interest in who the real Shakespeare is. I told him I found my candidate in my family tree. Mary married Philip von Habsburg who had made this super college so he could make the whole world Spanish speaking. Queen Elizabeth countered with wanting the whole world to be English speaking. China can not push anything interesting on the world, because they got rid of all their riddle makers, and the I-Ching. Philip launched two armadas against Queen Elizabeth, and Sir Francis Drake helped defeat Philip by capturing gold laden ships from America. Harry Windsor is our Sir Francis Drake.

I wanted to establish a Naval College in Marin but I suspect Robert Buck put a black spot next to my name. I am going to seek funding from a Getty foundation.

John Presco

Thanks Casey – For The White Goddess! | Rosamond Press

Philip II (SpanishFelipe II; 21 May 1527 – 13 September 1598) was King of Spain[note 1] (1556–1598), King of Portugal (1580–1598, as Philip IPortugueseFilipe I), King of Naples and Sicily (both from 1554), and jure uxoris King of England and Ireland (during his marriage to Queen Mary I from 1554 to 1558).[1] He was also Duke of Milan from 1540.[2] From 1555 he was Lord of the Seventeen Provinces of the Netherlands.

The son of Emperor Charles V and Isabella of Portugal, Philip inherited his father’s Spanish Empire, including territories on every continent then known to Europeans. The Philippines were named in his honor by Ruy López de Villalobos. During his reign, the Spanish kingdoms reached the height of their influence and power, sometimes called the Spanish Golden Age.

Philip led a highly debt-leveraged regime, seeing state defaults in 1557, 1560, 1569, 1575, and 1596. This policy was partly the cause of the declaration of independence that created the Dutch Republic in 1581.

Deeply devout, Philip saw himself as the defender of Catholic Europe against the Ottoman Empire and the Protestant Reformation. In 1584 Philip signed the Treaty of Joinville funding the French Catholic League over the following decade in its civil war against the French Calvinists. In 1588 he sent an armada to invade Protestant England, with the strategic aim of overthrowing Elizabeth I and re-establishing Catholicism there, but his fleet was defeated in a skirmish at Gravelines (northern France) and then destroyed by storms as it circled the British Isles to return to Spain. The following year Philip’s naval power was able to recover after the failed invasion of the English Armada into Spain.[3][4]

Philip II of Spain – Wikipedia

Rosamond Press

Did Thomas Wilson inspire Shakespeare? I suspect the clergy were steeped in the art of rhetoric that was taught and practiced at court. They might have put on plays as learning tools. Thomas Wilson would be wanting his sons and grandsons to master rhetoric. Rev, John Wilson may have been using rhetoric in his sermons, which put him at loggerheads with the Quakers who were preaching in Plain English. This would explain why the Wilson family was installed at Windsor and Buckingham palace. They represented the English Renaissance, that was the enemy of the Catholic Habsburgs and Mary Queen f Scots who drove the English Renaissance into exile where they came in contact with radical ideas.

The Duchess of Suffolk was close to Thomas Wilson, and the De Vere family who had an acting troupe. It has been suggested De Vere wrote Shakespeare’s plays. But I suspect he was…

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