The Queen’s Romeo and Juliet

I conclude Queen Elizabeth and Meghan ‘The Thespian’ are conducting a Grand Charade, a Royal Hoax. This is a move on all the America’s via the Aviz, and House of Rougemont!

I have a thorough image of Elizabeth and Meghan sniggering together over the script, where she agrees to play Juliet to her favorite grandson, Harry, who is Her Trojan Horse!

“Now, tell me once more – who drinks the poison?”

Harry has the red hair and beard of King Henry 11, the father of the Plantagenet. I can see the sprig of Scot broom – in both of their hair! That’s what you look for – not the color of the skin!

Of course they pricked Meghan’s finger again. Her father was on it, when he took his DNA at

John Presco

‘Nazarite King Maker’

Copyright 2021

(1) “Come Vial” Juliet song from Romeo and Juliet the Musical – Juliet sings to her bottle of poison – YouTube

The Point of No Return – YouTube

Rougemont Templars Kin To Queen | Rosamond Press

Rougemont Templars of Orange, Baux, and Chalon | Rosamond Press

Black Baltazar and Knights Templar | Rosamond Press

Rougemont Templars of Orange, Baux, and Chalon

Posted on June 23, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

The Knights Templar of Rougemont lived in castles in the provence of Chalon, where the House of Orange prospered. Jean de Rougemont married Margarita de Castro Sousa who is said to be a negro. The Lords of Baux are said to have descended from Baltazar a black Magi. The de Sousa women have been titled the Black Magi. The Rougemonts were of the House of Chalon. Were they part black? Did they go to the Holy Land to retake it as descendants of The Magi. This lineage brings the House of Orange into the House of Windsor. The Prince and Princess of Orange is a title that belongs to the Children and grandchildren of Princess Diana Spencer who descends from the bastard son of King Charles who was the brother of Mary of Baux-Orange. Is it possible Prince Charles married Diana in order to grasp the title Prince of Orange from Holland. But, the Queen Charlotte connection was found to be more direct.

I suggest Harry and Meghen hold the title of Prince and Princess of Orange and create a dynastic bond with Holland, Canada, and New York City.

Rougemont is the source of the name Rosamond. I would not have found these connection if I had not done a Family Tree. Sargent Rougemont was a officer in the army of William of Orange, and was offered land in Ireland. The House of Windsor may not be aware of this connection I found. I will let them know. This is the real James Bond. I am kin to Ian Fleming via Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2018

Mary of Baux-Orange (died 1417) was suo jure Princess of Orange. She was the last holder of this title from the House of Baux.

The restoration of Charles II in England and Scotland greatly enhanced the position of the Princess of Orange and her son in Holland. In September 1660, she returned to England. She died of smallpox on 24 December 1660,[1] at Whitehall Palace, London and was buried in Westminster Abbey.

KING: What a great pleasure to have Elizabeth Taylor guest with us for the full hour tonight. She has been on twice before. And it’s always great to see her. It’s been five years since she has been with us. Thank you very much, Dame Elizabeth.

TAYLOR: Why thank you.

KING: What is it like to be a dame?

TAYLOR: Well, I have been a broad all my life. (Laughter) … And dame just automatically came next.

KING: Is the dame the female version of sir?

TAYLOR: Yes, exactly.

KING: Do they dub you dame? Do they do it in the court?

TAYLOR: Oh, yes, in Buckingham Palace. But [the Queen] doesn’t do it with the sword to women. She only does that with men.

KING: What an honor, huh?

TAYLOR: Oh, God, I have never been so excited in my life.

On this day, Father’s Day, I declare the Race of d’Aigon – resurrected from the dead! This race will be carried forth in the marriage of Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Harry will hold the title ‘Prince of Orange’. The House of Hohenzollern will be a cadet branch to the House of Baux, and the House of Orange.

So be it!

I will give sermons on the Revelations of the Magi.

“Suffer unto me the little children.”

John ‘The Nazarite’

“In this version, Landau said the most startling, and controversial, difference is what happened next in the story, when the “star child” spoke to the Magi.

“Christ tells them, ‘This is one of many occasions on which I have appeared to the peoples of the world,’” Landau said. “So this text may even be saying that there are no non-Christian religions because Christ is the revelation behind everything.”

I was saving this for my book and my proposal to Amazon, but because of the cruelty shown children refugees, God bids me to set many things strait.

The House of Baux is a French noble family from the south of France. It was one of the richest and most powerful families of Medieval Provence, known as the ‘Race d’Aiglon’. They were independent Lords as castellan of Les Baux and Arles and wielded very considerable authority at local level. They held important fiefs and vast lands, including the principality of Orange.[1]

There is a race of beings called ‘Race d’Aiglons’. It descends from Baltazar, on of the Magi who is described, and depicted, as a Black King, who ruled the province of Baux that the House of Orange descends. This line became extant several time, and was somehow, resurrected. Consider THIS resurrection – Ordained by God, and The Holy Spirit. William of Orange married Mary Stuart. Their child, died. Princess Diana was kin to the Stuarts.

There is talk about why Duchess of Sussex will not be the Godmother of Charlotte. I have not posted any images of Markle since her marriage, because, on this day God bids me to Meghan’s Godfather. She and Harry are ordained by God to carry on the Race d’Aigon.

I came by this great Spiritual Permission, when I alone discovered that John the Baptist spoke and wrote as an infant, and it was he who was visited by the Three Magi, after being born in a Sukkot Booth which is built to celebrate Moses and the Jews being in the Wilderness for forty years after being released from Servitude. The plight of the Jews is being replicated in the flight of Indigenous Americas to the United States.

A ancient manuscript has surfaced, called ‘The Revelation of the Magi’. It speaks of a Star Child. The flag of Baux depicts a Star. In the Koran, Jesus speaks just after he is born.

Jon Presco

Queen Charlotte, wife of the English King George III (1738-1820), was directly descended from Margarita de Castro y Sousa, a black branch of the Portuguese Royal House. The riddle of Queen Charlotte’s African ancestry was solved as a result of an earlier investigation into the black magi featured in 15th century Flemish paintings. Two art historians had suggested that the black magi must have been portraits of actual contemporary people (since the artist, without seeing them, would not have been aware of the subtleties in colouring and facial bone structure of quadroons or octoroons which these figures invariably represented) Enough evidence was accumulated to propose that the models for the black magi were, in all probability, members of the Portuguese de Sousa family. (Several de Sousas had in fact traveled to the Netherlands when their cousin, the Princess Isabella went there to marry the Grand Duke, Philip the Good of Burgundy in the year 1429.)

More about Research into the Black Magi:
In the Flemish masterpieces depicting the Adoration of the Magi, the imagery of the black de Sousas had been utilized as both religious and political propaganda to support Portugal’s expansion into Africa. In addition, the Flemish artists had drawn from a vocabulary of blackness which, probably due to the Reformation and the Enlightenment, has long since been forgotten. There was a wealth of positive symbolism that had been attributed to the black African figure during the Middle Ages. Incredible as it would seem to us today, such images had been used to represent not only Our Lady – evidence of which can be found in the cult of the Black Madonna that once proliferated in Europe – but in heraldic traditions, the Saviour and God the Father, Himself.

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