Beauty and The Trojan Horse

We are in pure prophecy and creativity.

Rosamond Press

Art is Truth. Beauty is Truth. It was my grasp of Beauty that allowed me to be Reborn. Owsley had no understanding of Beauty. He was into his big brain.

Petty and dirty minds have looked for evidence I am insane. Art is not Insanity. Many artists were mentally ill. I chose to be a Surrealist when I was twelve. I just found this search. Beauty is The Connector. Imagine if God was an Ugly Liar.

Beautiful Truth arose to ride the Horse.

Seer Jon

Lara and The Trojan Horse

This is why Lara has refused to respond to my messages, the first one suggesting we are OF THE HORSE BLOOD! Rosamond means “Horse protection”. Hrosmund. Did Cees see my posts, and is furious? What have I stumbled upon – The Priory de Sion – who want to build a GIANT…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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