Sedwick and Elizabeth Freeman

I own the Buck History.

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After the law firm of Robert Brevort Buck sold my families creative legacy to outsider, Stacey Pierrot, she hired a ghost writer who claimed my sister’s house was looted after Christine’s funeral – and gallery employees were powerless to stop the looting! Did they try calling the police? If they did, thy would be guilty of a making a false report.

Yesterday, Elizabeth Freeman came to Christine’s rescue. She was a slave who successfully sued for her freedom. Christine did a painting ‘Lena and Her Sisters’. When Rosemary was forced to go to work in order to feed her four children, she hired a black woman who would take Christine home with her on the weekends to stay with her and her sisters. Rosemary told me they had all been maids in white homes in the South and missed being around white children. Was Lena’s family lured to Marin City…

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